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When Home and Away Meets the Sydney Roosters

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Title of story: When Home and Away Meets the Sydney Roosters

Type of Fic: Long Fic/ medium fic

BTTB Rating: G/T

Main Characters: Whole home and away cast, ash and the Roosters players.

Genre: Tragedy, Drama, family and love

Does it contains spoilers: None that I know of.

Warnings: Violence, Language and Sexual Content

Summary: I don't go for the roosters but I know that tessa james and jodi gordon are dating Braith anaster and Nate Myles so I thought it would make a great fanfiction. Not only that you will see some new love, heart ache, families destroyed and see what some peole will do for love. I think it will be quiet emotion more to the end but the start will probably seem nice. And I made a character up called ash that my short name and there will be romance for that character I actually think that one of the guys in that team is quite cute so I made my character have a romance with him but you are gonna have to read this to find out how is it.

Chapter 1.

'Here we are boys summer bay'. Brait announced.

All the boys groaned.

'Common guy it be great'. Braith said in a qiet enthasiastic voice.

'Yeah it'll be great guys just give it a chance'. Nate said.

'Well not all of us has girlfriends that live her don't we'. Mitchelle pointed out.

'Ok it was abit self motivated our move to summer bay but were here now so why don't you start unpacking your stuff at your homes and look around and just have fun'. Nate told them.

'Yeah not to much fun Jake and Todd'. Braith teased.

Then all the boys started to whistle like school boys.

'Can't two friends live together because they are mates and don't want to live alone because it get lonely were mates nothing else'. Jake replied.

'Yeah me and Jake should be able to live together with each other with out any harrasment and were not sharing a room or a bed so why say something so stupid'. Todd added.

'Ok sorry you two ok now everyone do what you want to do and we'll all meet up in the dinner at 8pm for dinner and we can all talk on what we are doing ok. Braith said.

'Yes Braith'. All the guys replied.

'Cya at 8'. Then braith walked away.


Braith knocked on marthas door.

'Who is it'. Martha calls out then opens the door.

'Surprise it's me'. Braith introduce.

Then Martha swings her arms around him and kisses him passionately. 'What are you doing here'.

'Well I wanted to spend more time with you so I moved all the guys here so we could be together'.

'Well i'm glad you did do u want to come in'.

'Sure'. As he walked in/

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Thnx red ranger for commenting tit's great to hear you like it and I guess my fan fic is teaching some thin thnx.

Chapter 2

Nicole was walking on the beach with ruby when she saw a man how she reconized and stopped on the spot and ruby did too.

'Nicole whats wrong is something wrong with you and your baby because you know we can sit down you are pregnant you know". Rub said and put her hand on nicoles shoulder.

Than nicole started running up to the man who opened his arms and caught her in his arms.

Ruby walked up and started screaming 'oh my gosh your nate myles from the sydney rooster' she slapped nicole.'Why didn't you tell me you knew him and more importantly why didn't you tell me he was coming here I would of done my self up for him'.

'Ruby breathe I didn't tell you he was coming because I didn't even know he was coming but ruby if I tell you something you have to promice you won't tell anyone.

'Yeah yeah'. Ruby said as quickly as she could so she could her bestie answere.

'Me and nate are dating were been dating for 2 months'. know ruby was about to squeal.

Ruby started to squeal like nicole knew she would and started jumping up and down. 'Congratulations you two'.

Nate smiled.'Thanks'.

'So is any other rooster players in town'. Ruby said mistcheviously.

'Yes the whole team' nate began but ruby quickly said.

'Mitchelle pearce is mine'.

'If you want I can tell you were our team is going be tonight but have to promice you wont tell anyone'.

'I promice I promice'. SHe squilled like a little kid opening her christmas presents.

'Where gonna be at the dinner at 8pm tonight'.

'I got to get ready i have to be perfect i'm gonna get myself a rooster'. Ruby said.'I got to go cya nicole and nate and tanks again nate'. Ruby hugged him tightly then nicole.

'Ok behave ruby'. Nicole told ruby.

'Yes mum'. Ruby batchatted then ruby ran back to her place.

'She seems like a nice girl'. Nate stated.

'That's because she is'. Nicole replied.' I just hope she doesn't get hurt again'. Nicole paused.'She's been hurt to many times that if I see her hurt again I don't know what i'll do I just can't see her hurt she such a nice girl and I don't understand why anyboy could hurt her'. A tear rolled down nicoles face.

'She'll be ok they all nice guys'. Nate said and kissed her on the head and they looked out to the ocean.


Jake and Todd was unpacking.

'Todd why is your dirty undies in my suit case'. Jake yelled.

'Because my suitcase was full'. Todd screamed back.

'What ever so when are the removilist coming'. Jake asked.

'At 5 why'.

'Wonna go for a swim perve on some girls and come back home'.

'Thats what you always want to do'. Todd moaned.

'So it's fun and I don't want to be board at home waiting for the removalist to come'.

'Fine be ready in 10 minutes'.

'Already done'.

'Your not going to the beach in your birthday suit jake'.

Then i'll se you in ten'.

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Thnx red ranger for commenting:)

Chapter 3...

It was 3pm and todd and jake just walked into their apartment.

'So what do you think about the beach'.Jake asked.

'It's good'. Todd said in a casual tone.

'Just good it better than bondi todd how can you just say it good'. Jake asked confussingly.

'Jake do you rate beaches on the beach or the women'.

'Women ofcource is the any other way'.

'Yeah the women there are hotter than the ones than at bondi but bondi is a way better beach'.

'Some times I wonder if you are a guy I just can't help realise that you don't care for the women any more'.

'We jake not everyone like to do every girl that walk past'.

'Well sorry todd that not every one is a safisticated and persist as you you know we all cant be perfect like oh I wish I was you'. Jake sarcastically commented back.

'Sorry jake i'm just in a bad mood ever since emm...'. Than jake quickly cut him of.

'Oh i'm so sorry mate I totally forgot'.

'Don't worry it's dome and dusted'.

'So hat do you want to do'.

'Watch a movie'.

'What movie'.

'Batman'. He said upfrontally.

Jake gasped sarcastically.'Not bat man'. He sarcastically added.

'I'm afraid so man it's for the good'.

'Ok'. Then jake put on the television.


Braith and martha was laying on the couch kissing passionately till the phone rang and martha quickly broke free of their kiss and braith kissed her again.

'Braith I got to answer the phone'. Martha complained.

'I'm sure the will call back'. Once again kissing her again and then martha pulled back again.

'What if it's important'.

'Then they'll leave a message if it's so important'. He said getting quite annoyed.

'What if it work'.

'Than i'm doing you a favour'. The he got the phone and unplugged it.


'That was weird Martha just hanged up she never does that'. Angelo complained and tried again.

'Yeah that is defently like martha'. Alf repied.'Did you get a answer.

'It says it's disconnected'. Angelo said worringly.

'But she just paid her phone bill yesterday I should know I was with her when she did it'.

'Do you want to come with me to marthas farm and she if ok'.

'Ok'. And they walked out the surf club.

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Thnx Red ranger for the comment:)

Chapter 4...

Alf and angelo pulled up in Marthas drive way adn go out the car and headed for marthas door when they heard screaming.

'Martha don't walk away from me when i'm talking to you'. Braith yelled.

'I'm not walking away from you when your talking to me i'm walking away when you are screaming at me'. Martha yelled back.

Braith grabbed her.'Why don't you just be normal'. Braith raised his voice even louder.

'Braith i'm scared'. Martha begin crying.

Then angelo had enough martha was upset and braith was making her scared so he decided barge right in grab braith and push him on the couch.'Who are you and wat are you doing here'.

'I'm braith i'm marthas boyfriend I play for the sydney roosters and I moved here with my team so I could be close with martha'. Braith explained.

'Well I don't care who you are I want you out know your making martha cry'. Angelo raised his voice and pointed to marthat who was still in tears and alf hugging into her.

'Who are you to tell me to get out of my girlfriend house'. He spat back.

'Can you please just go braith'. Martha sobbed.

'But babe'.

'But nothing get out'. Angelo pointed to the door.

Braith gave a giving up face and walked up to martha and tried to give her a kiss on a cheek but she move her cheek out of the way so he just walked out of the house.'I'll see you soon babe'. Braith told and walked away.

Just as braith was gone martha began bawling.

'Martha what happened'.Angelo asked her in a concerned voice.

'He better no of hurt you'. Alf said in a grumpy old mans voice.

'No no he didn't hurt me it's just we had a argument because somebody rang me when we was making out and I wanted to answer the phone and he didn't want me to answer it'. She sobbed out.

'Sorry martha that was me I just wanted to say hey'. Angelo apologised and wrapped his hands around her.

'It wasn't your fault'. Martha excepted the hug.


It was 8pm and all the boys were at the dinner so the couch ordered what every one wanted.

'Can I please 20 hamburgers and 20 pepsi please young lady'. The couch flirted with coleen while the boys watched smirkingly.

'Well when you say it like that well you can have anything you want for some one as handsome and strong as you'. Coleen blushed while leah and irene watched mortifed on what they just heard and all the boys still had smile ear to ear.

Than coleen walked into the kitchen to make their meals.

'Just one question matt'. Irene asked.

'Fire away'. Matt answered.

'Was you actually flirting with coleen or was you just trying to get good service because you knew it was a large order and you want it to be a good meal you can tell me I wont tell her i'm just curious'.

'I flirted with her because I actually like her I wasn't trying to use her'.

'Ok thats fine what ever floats your boat'. Irene said and walked away.

35 minutes later.'Here you are boys here your meals for growing boys'. Coleen said.

'Thank you coleen'. Matt said and put his hand on coleen hand.

'I'm gonna be sick'. Mitchelle said nearly vomintting up his mouthfull of his burger.

But just than ruby walked into the dinnerand she looked stunning and it caught all the guys eye.'Who that hottie'. Mitchelle asked.

'Well thats ruby bucton she such a sweety but I don't know why she so dressed up for'. Collen answered.

'Ruby you look gorgious'. Leah exclaimed.

'Thank you'. Ruby said than with a small giggle.

'Hi ruby'. Nate screamed out.

'Hi nate'. Ruby waved back.

'How do you know ruby'. Jake asked.

'She's my girlfriend best friend'. Nate replied.

'And you told her we was here'. Braith asked.

'Yes but she has a mega crush on mitchelle and nicole said she was in a bad spot she just got her heart broken and I was thinking if one of you dated her than I can make sure her heart broken again aparently she gets her heart broken alot of time'.

'Ok I will date but your luck she's hot'. Mitchelle told.

'Thanks'. Nate replied.

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Thanks Bobby Forever Missed and Red Ranger:-)

Chapter 5.

Mitchelle pearce walked over to ruby.

'Hi i'm mitchelle'. Mitchelle introduced and shook her hand.

'Yeah I know'. Ruby let out a neirdy gigle.

'So do you want to go on a date some time'. He ask nervously.

'Yes'. Ruby squeal. 'I mean yes'. She finally said in a calm voice.

'Ok can I have your number'.

'Ofcource'. And ruby gives him her number and gives her his.

'Thanks'. And walks back to his team.


But just than Jake calls out 'Have any sisters'.

'No i'm just an only child I use to have a sister'. Ruby blabs.

'What do you mean'. Mitchelle abussion ask.

'She ended up being my mum'. Ruby once again blabs and puts her hand over her mouth.

'How old is she'. Jake ask.

'Only 30'. Ruby replies."I really have to learn to shut my big mouth'.

'What does she do'. Todd carney ask.

'She a senior conterable'.

Than all the boys let out a sigh.

'It looks like hit the jack pot mitch'. Jake says sarcastically.

'Yeah getting arrested by your girlfriends mum good one'. Mitchelle abbusion said and thumbs up him.


Nicole was at home tapping her pen on the table nervously than miles came in.

'You know you can stop tapping your pen and help me'. Miles asked.

'Can't worried about ruby'. Nicole walked to the lounge.

'Is this another girl thing that I will need to get marilyn to answer'.

'I don't think so'.Nicole looked up at miles.

'Ok then'. Mile over the arm of the chair and sat down.'How can I help'.

'You know how ruby always get her heart broken'.

'Yeah who can't go on'.

'Well I have a boyfrend Nate myles and he plays for the sydney rooster and his whole team is in town and he told ruby that they was going to be at the diner know and she has a big crush'.

'Oh boy'. Miles interupted.

'Mitchelle pearson and I just don't wont her to get hurt'.

'And you was going to ask me how to stop that from happening'.

'Yeah so can you give me advice'.

'One question'.


'Why didn't I know you have a boyfriend and does he know you are carrying penns baby'.

'Thats 2 questions'.

'Just answer them'.

'Because no one know except ruby because we wanted to keep it secret and yes he does know and he still wants to be with me either way'.

'Thats good'.

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