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When Home and Away Meets the Sydney Roosters

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Sorry 4 not writing in so long hope u enjoy this post...

Chapter 13

It was the day of the big game all the guys and the cheerleaders was all nervous of the await of the game. For about 30 mine it was silen even australia didn't say a word to her father surprise till willie broke the silence." So team how we all feeling today".

"Nervous". Everyone said.

'Well theirs nothing to be nervous about yeah sonnybill is a very great player but remember he hasn't played rugby league in 5 years and he's not going to purposely hurt anyone here". Willie exclaimed.

"Yeah he won't purposely hurt you because your his bestfriend but none of us mean anything to him". Jared replied.

"Sonny is a good guy he won't hurt anybody here".

"And he's hot". Australia squealed.

"I second that". Ash agreed.

Than jake got abit jealous of ash saying that of sonnybill williams was hot and abit protective of australia saying that sonnybill williams was hot and he blurts out." He's not even that hot and he's one of the game biggest trators I don't know how the bulldogs could even take him back after all he has done he bloody walked out on the club just after he signed a 5 year contract and got to keep the money so he could get even more money over in france than done the same thing to them and went to play union in new zealand and you's are going to call him hot for being a trator he really should be called $0nny Bill William$". To the shock of ash and australia and the rest of the team.

"Hey mate don't you think thats just abit harsh". Willie said calmly and put his arm softly on jake shoulder.

"No I know i'm perfectly in the rights and if your going to be on $onny's side just don't talk to me and join their team".

"Don't worry jake I still think your the hottest guy around and sonny is ugly". Amber said.

"Ewww my daddy isn't hot sonny bill is hot". Australia said really grossed out on what amber just said about her dad.

"It's not about that it's just I hate him for all what he has done and he can get away with it because he knows he can".

"Well it's game time we better get out there". Braith glanced."Who are we".

"ROOSTERS". Everyone cheered.

"Who are we".


"Roosters roosters roosters".

"Oi oi oi".


" And the man of the match goes to Jake friend of the roosters he will be taking home 1,000 this week he played marvously he actually looked like he really hated sonny bill how also played a great game of footy". One of the commentators announced.

" Yeah Jake friend was the main reason for their win and did you see his cute little daughter cheering all the roosters players on from the side line but she also cheered on sonny bill on as well I think she has a crush on him how cute Jakes going to have some problems with the guys when she grows up".

They all walked into the locker room jake was fumming.

"Daddy daddy you played really good". Australia squealed and ran up to him just to find him moving away.

"Daddy daddy whats wrong". Australia asked on the verge to tears everyone was watching them.

"Don't pretend to care australia I saw you cheering sonny bill along".

"I'm so sorry daddy I won't cheer for him ever again I promise". Australia burst out into tears and tried to to hug her dad but he just moved away.

"Don't bother australia i'm going to ring your mother to take you and if she doen't want to I'll give you away to some one else". Jake screamed.

"Nooo daddy please don't I don't want to leave you daddy I loveeeeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuu daddddddddddyyyyyyyyy please don't give me away I promise i'll be good i'll listen to everything you say daddy please don't leave me". Australia begged while the tears was pouring down he face in a desperate plea to keep her and put her body around jake so he couldn't leave her.

Jake just shook his leg."Let go of me Australia just leave me". Jake warned.

"No daddy I will never leave you". Australia protested.

"Just leave me alone alrigth". Jake screamed.

Than braith quickly came over and grabbed her of him and jake stormed of everyone was shocked by what they just witnessed. Than ash quickly went after jake.

"How could you do that to your own daughter". Ash screamed.

"Just leave me". Jake whispered.

"No how could you do that to her". Ash demanded.

"Please just leave me alone". Jake whimpered.

Just than ash just realised jake was crying and asked."Have you been crying".

"No". Jake replied and looked to the other direction.

"You have haven't you". Ash grabbing his face turning around and stroking his face with her her thumb, jake let her stroke his face for abit then stopped her but he didn't want her to stop but knew he had too.

'Just leave me alone".

"I'm not going to leave you alone jake I just don't get it jake you seem so nice and a loving father how could you do that to her I thought you loved her". Ash put her arm around.

"Just leave me alone ash". He screamed once again.

"No i'..." She tried to protest but jake slapped her there was a slap mark on her face she tried to rub it better but it hurt so much she went to walk away but jake grabbed her arm abd he tried to apologise but ash wouldn't hear it and run away but jake just went after her.

Hope you enjoyed sorry if it's too short.

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Chapter 14

Jake just laid on the beach not believing what he just did, he hated himself for what he had just done.


It was already 11:24pm and jake still hadn't came home and Australia had refused to go to sleep she just wanted to see her daddy.

'Australia you look tired you better go to bed it's way past your bed time'. Braith said.

'No I want my daddy he has to put me to bed because he reads me bed time stories'. Australia replied.

'Sweety what about I read you a bed time story'. Martha offered.

'No I want my daddy to read me a story it's not the same because your not my mummy or daddy'. Australia bursted out into tears.

Just than martha's heart broke who could jake be so cold to his own daughter.'Sweety I don't think your daddy is coming home tonight'.

Australia gave up.'Alright you can read me a bet time story'.

Martha smiled.'Ok sweety lets go'. Martha held out her arm and australia grabbed it and they walked up the stairs.


Martha came right done after she put australia to bed.'She's asleep'.

'Is she alright'. Todd asked.

'Ofcourse she isn't what a stupid question'. Martha yelled.

'Sorry'. Todd whispered.

'No i'm sorry I shouldn't of snapped it's just it breaks my heart seeing that girl devastated like that'. Martha relpied.

'Yeah I just wanted to give her a big heart it broke my heart to too see her bawling her pretty little eyes out'. Braith said.

Just than at 1:58am jake walk in the house.

'Weres Australia'. Jake asked.

'Why do you care after what you did to her'. Martha spat.

'Were my daughter i need to see my daughter'. Jake demand.

'She's in her room asleep'. Todd replied.

'Thanks mate'. Jake walking upstairs.

Both Martha and braith looked at him with a dissapproving look on their face.

'What she's his daughter'. Todd replied.

Just than jake came running down screaming.'Weres my daughter'.

'She's in he room asleep'. Martha responded.

'No I was just in their she is not their'. Jake said in the verge of tears.

Jake, Todd, Braith and Martha looked at each other and ran up to her room she was no where to be seen.

'The window is open it can't be I made sure it was close'. Martha cried.

Jake bursted into tears and curled up into a ball what has he just done how could he done this to Australia he loved her with all his heart and now she's gone all he wanted was his little girl back. Than jake felled someone hugging him it was martha he accepted it while he cried and cried where could his baby be.

Sorry for the short chapter.

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Chapter 15

"Ok so do we know where we are going and who's in our group'. Jake said.

'Yeah'. Everyone said.

'Ok lets go'.

Everyone lead out the entrance while jake still standing there and crying until Mitchell Pearce noticed him and walked up to him.

'What wrong mate'. Mitch patted jakes back.

'I don't deserve her'. Jake sobbed.

'Mate you do she loves you with all her heart and you love her with allyour heart I just don't get why you acted like that it isn't like you to behave like that jake whats wrong please tell me'.

'It's just..'. Just as jake going to tell mitch martha interupts.

'Jake are you coming'. Martha yelled out.

'Yeah I be there in a sec'. Jake replied.

'You can tell me sooner now we have to go'. Mitch said sympthetically.

'Cya soon mate'. Jake said while walking to the car when met by todd, braith and martha waiting for him.

'Are you sure you don't want the cops involved'. Martha asked again.

'I'm positive'. Jake answered and hopped in the car.


Mrs Palmer walked down the corridoor with a new girl that nobody new.

'Ruby ruby'. Mrs palmer screamed out.

'Yes Mrs palmer'. Ruby turned around to the principal.

'This is ash the new girl'. Mrs palmer pointed to her.

'Hi i'm ruby'. Ruby took out her hand and shake ash hand.

'Ash'. Ash replied.

'SO ash is in every class of yours do you mind showing her around and befriending her'. Mrs palmer asked.

'Ok mrs palmer ash were in english first with Mr Copeland he's really nice I'll take you to class to meet him ok'. Ruby smiled and grabbed ash hand and took her to english.


'Ok so this is the diner were I go every recess and lunch to'. Ruby introduced.

'Yeah it's really beautiful it's really differant here than the city it's nice'. Ash said.

'Yeah it is so ash were do you come from the city'. Ruby asked.

'I come from'. Than Ash phone rang again it was jake again but ash ignored it.

'So who is that who keeps ringing you the person must really want to talk to you the person has been ringing all day'.

'It's no one'.

'It doesn't sound like no one'.

'Well it is'. Ash said rudely.

'Sorry'. Ruby said scolded.

'So I come from'. Than ruby interupted her.

'And this is leah she owns this place leah this is ash'. Ruby introduced.

'Have I met you befor'. Leah asked.

'No I don't think so'. Ash replied.

'Ok'. Leah shrugged.

'SO cam me and ash have two chips and two chocolate milkshake thanks'. Ruby asked.

'Yeah sure it's on the house'. Leah said.

'ARe you sure'. Ash asked.

'I'm sure your new'. Leah smiled.

'Thanks leah'. Ruby said and pulled ash to their table.


ring ring ring ring. Jake answered his phone.' Hi whats the news'.

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Chapter 16

Jake ran into the police station to be awaited by charlie and Constable watson waiting for him.

'Were is she where is she'. Jake panted obviously out of breath he did just ran from summer bay to yabbie creek it was soo far away.

'She's with docs now in the interview room'. Watson said calmly.

'WHAT WHY ON EARTH IS SHE WITH DOC'. Jake bursted out.

Jake outburst wasn't to watson surprise most parents she's seen had a bad reaction that there child id with doc.' Don't worry jake it's only routine when a child runs away from home do you mind me asking why she ran away'.

Jake had a guilty face.' I sorta didn't come home until late last night'.

'You know usually kids don't run away from home for that reason jake'.

'Yeah befor that I sorta had a massive go at her and I sorta said I didn't want her I was just mad I didn't mean it'.

'Well that doesn't surprise me'. Charlie said while rolling her eyes.

'Just but out of this charlie it's none of your buisness'. Jake roared.

Just than the docs women came out.

'Are you jake friend the dad of Australia Friend'. The docs women asked.

'Yes were is she'. Jake asked and looked around.

'She's in the interview room waiting for you your free to take her back home but first you will have to sign some papers and you need to know that we might come to your place in the next two weeks'.

'Ok thanks'. Than jake signed the papers.' Can I have her know'.

'Yeah you may i'll just get her now'. The lady went to the room and open the door with Australia running out the room screaming.

'Daddy'. She ran in his arms and he picked her up in his arms and spun her around and kissed her on the head.

'I missed you alot baby never run away from me again it nearly killed me'. Jake cried but Australia wiped away his tears he just smiled at her.

'I'm sorry daddy I will never leave you again I love you'.

'I love you more'.

'I love you like te universe'.

'God dammit'. Jake screwed up his face while Australia laughed at him.


Ash sat on her lounge while she picked up her phone she at the number and contiplated on whether or not to ring him she decidided to call him.

Ring ring ring ring jake finally picked up.' I'm surprised you rang why didn't you answer my calls'. Jake asked.

'Sorry I just didn't want to talk you at that moment'. Ash said.

'Do you know what kind of day I had'.

'No i'm sorry jake I just didn't want to talk to you after what you did to me last night'. Ash spat.

'Well sorry the next time my daughter runs away i'll make sure I don't call you'. He spat back.

'SHe what'.

'She ran away ash and I was trying to call you so you could help find her'.

'I'm so sorry jake what happened'.

'I don't want to talk over the phone can you come over'.

Ash resisted for a moment.' I'll be there right away'.


Ash knocked on the door it opened her heart skipped a beat. 'Can i come in'. Ash asked.

Jake smiled."come in'.

Ash walked in. 'Is australia alright'.

'Yeah she is she just sleeping at the moment'. Jake moved closer to ash.

'SO why did she ran away'.

'I think she ran away because of last night but I didn't want to put pressure on her to tell me it's been a big day for both of us'. Jake moved even closer.

Ash tried to move backwards she could feel the electricity between them but jake just moved even closer to her.'Please jake don't we can't i'm sorry'. Ash tried to move but she couldn't move.

'Do what'. Jake said and moved his lips towards her oh she wanted him to kiss her.

'Do that please just'. Ash turned her head around.

'Is it because of last night because you now I'm sorry'. Wrapping his arms around her waste.

'No it's not because of last night'. Ash looked down.

'Jake lifted her chin up.'Than what is it than'. Jake looked in her eyes.

God he's so hot and he like me so much aswell why do I have to be so chicken. Ash thought to herself.

'It's nothing'. Trying to look away but she couldn't she was drawn to his eyes she couldn't stop staring why couldn't she stop staring.

He pulled a strain of her hair of her face and again stared in her eyes but this time he leaned forward and he connected his lips to hers at first the kiss was soft and gental and than the kiss got way more passionate and it was like wave overlapping each others he poked out his tounge out and put it on top of her tounge just the tip of it so they just slightly touch each other. He grabbed her and picked her up in his arms he walked them up the stares but he pinned her to the wall while they was making out and their hands touching every part of each other. He began again up the stairs sucessfully got her in his bed he threw her on the bed and stared to pull down her pants while she did the same to him he inserted his penus in her vagina and started humping they took of the rest of their clothes and still kissing passionately until the night.

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