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  1. Glad romeo and xave is alright:))) Hopefully nic and her baby is alright:))) And i'm wondering who is the guy and how did rabbit contacted him:))) Great fan fic Red Ranger 1:)))
  2. Hope everyone ok, and lets hope to god rabbit and miles find them in time hopefully nics baby alright ))
  3. Hope charlie finds love that doesn't break her heart. Hope everything will be alright with ruby toby and hannah. Really well written. Update soon please.
  4. I loved dex and the adrian part i really enjoyed it. My heart sunk when charlie shot ruby and angelo hope ruby will be ok. Update soon please.
  5. glad that xave came Glad the baby ok. I sorta thought she would pick a unusual name. Update soon.
  6. I cant wait to see what happens. I hope xaves comes. Update soon:)
  7. I'm glad that xaves ok I loved how april was good with mink update soon it's really gettin interesting
  8. Hope xaves alright. I liked how you made a love intrest in April and Dex. Update soon pleeeeaseeeee.
  9. I wonder whats minks problem cause it seems like she really does like xavier. Hope thing turn up well.
  10. lol xavier punched out dex. Mink in a school uniform unexpected. hopes everything turns up well. Update soon please/ XOXO Ashleyjane...
  11. Title of story: When Home and Away Meets the Sydney Roosters Type of Fic: Long Fic/ medium fic BTTB Rating: G/T Main Characters: Whole home and away cast, ash and the Roosters players. Genre: Tragedy, Drama, family and love Does it contains spoilers: None that I know of. Warnings: Violence, Language and Sexual Content Summary: I don't go for the roosters but I know that tessa james and jodi gordon are dating Braith anaster and Nate Myles so I thought it would make a great fanfiction. Not only that you will see some new love, heart ache, families destroyed and see what some peole will
  12. Hope charlie can get use to having a changelo kid. XOXO Love from Ashleyjane...
  13. I like this just started reading this and I actually liked it. Update soon please.. XOXO Love from Ashleyjane
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