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Hope, Peace, Love.

Guest KirstyEkua

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Story Title: Hope, Peace, Love.

Type of Story: Medium Fic

Main Characters: Jack, Martha, Rachel, Tony, Belle, Aden, Jazz and others as supporting.

BTTB rating: T/A

Genre: Drama, Angst, Family

Spoilers: None

Is this story being proof read: No

Warnings: None so far but will warn for future chapters if necessary.

Rachel and Tony are married and so are Jack and Martha. Aden and Belle are together and she's working as a reporter. The whole Martha/Roman thing never happened. What happens when the one thing we want the most is the one thing that tears us apart? Jack and Martha are blissfully happy with their marriage - but what happens when baby makes 3? Jazz returns to the bay with a shocking secret that devastates one Summer Bay member.

And can love really conquer all? Pretty rubbish description; sorry but if you read you'll see what it's all about :)

There was so much blood. It gathered wet and sticky in-between her legs as she sat slumped against the toilet. Tears streamed down her face as she desperately tried to stand up, her fingers gripping the rim of the toilet. She couldn’t muster the strength. Wrapping her arms around her stomach she leaned forward and sobbed loudly, her shoulders shaking. Struggling to fathom how life could be so cruel, she lifted her head up and called out his name, praying he’d come to her. Five times now; six if you included the one during the disaster that was Lewis. What made matters worse is that there was no explanation. Every test possible had revealed the same thing – there was nothing physically wrong with her. It made no sense. Getting pregnant was easy, carrying the baby for longer than 12 weeks seemed impossible.

‘Rach,’ Tony cried out as he rushed into the bathroom, the colour draining from his face as he locked eyes on his wife. His heart broke. He’d know as soon as he felt the empty space beside him and heard her whimpers from the bathroom. ‘Oh sweetheart,’ he whispered as he knelt down beside her and pulled her too him.

‘I’m so sorry,’ she blubbed, burying her face in his shoulder and gripping his back with her fingers. ‘I’m so sorry,’ she repeated, her tears soaking through his t shirt.

‘Shh,’ he ran his fingers through her hair. ‘It’s not your fault, you must never think that.’ He gently pulled her face towards him; wincing at the pain in her eyes. He never knew what to say. Nothing could ever make it better or change the fact she’d just suffered another loss, each one more soul destroying than the previous. It killed him too; there was nothing he wanted more than to have a child with the woman he loved. But with each dead baby he lost a part of Rachel too, and that was what hurt the most.

‘Come on let me run you a bath and I’ll clean up here,’ he whispered, interrupting the silence that had fallen before them. He tried to avert his gaze from the bloodied mess surrounding his wife.

‘Ok, thank you,’ she managed a timid smile. She was too exhausted too argue.


Martha groaned as she opened her eyes a crack and reluctantly poked her head out from under the duvet.

‘Jack,’ she hissed as she kicked his shin. He didn’t move. She reached out with her leg and kicked him harder, calling out his name as she did so. It equally amazed and angered her he could sleep through so much noise and physical abuse, apparently.

‘What,’ he mumbled into his pillow. ‘Quit kicking me woman,’ he moaned without bothering to move an inch.’

‘You’re daughter is screaming her head off and I think she’s asking for her daddy,’ Martha grabbed his arm and tried to pull him off the pillow.

‘Jack this is not funny nor is this fair,’ she cried, not realising how close to tears she was. ‘I need my sleep. I was up with her all last night and a few hours ago tonight, please just go to her.’

‘Okay, I’m up, I’m up,’ Jack quickly rolled out of bed, scared at how fragile Martha sounded. ‘Sorry,’ he leaned over and kissed her quickly on the lips. ‘Seems we have a little party girl, huh,’ he laughed as he picked Laura out of the crib and kissed her tiny pink forehead. He rocked her gently in his arms as he sang a terrible rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Despite her best efforts, Martha found herself laughing. ‘I’m surprised she’s still not screaming at you to stop,’ she joked, relief filling her as she heard her daughters gently snoring her in her husbands arms.

‘Hey, that hurt,’ he grinned as he placed the baby down and covered her with a little pink blanket covered in butterflies – a gift from Rachel and Tony. ‘I think she appreciates my singing more than you think,’ he mused as he looked up. But Martha was already asleep.


‘Belle come to bed,’ Aden demanded as he stood behind her and rested his hands on her shoulders. ‘It’s 3 am and we both have work in the morning. You can do this tomorrow.’ He yawned and glanced at the kitchen table which was scattered with newspaper cuttings and notebooks filled with ineligible scribbles.

‘No I can’t,’ she insisted as she stared at the screen in front of her, her fingers flying over the keyboard of her laptop. ‘I need to get this filed by the morning or my life will not be worth living.’

‘Don’t you think you’re being a little dramatic,’ he rolled his eyes and rubbed his face tiredly before tuggling at his dirty blonde hair.

‘Aden this is my job and if it’s all just a joke to you I suggest you grow up and start living in the real word,’ she retorted without looking up, her fingers coming down harder on the keys with every word she typed.

‘You know what,’ he muttered, you’re not the only one, oh for get it,’ he replied angrily, his blue eyes flashing. He noticed she hadn’t heard a word he’d said. He stormed to the bedroom, slamming the door behind him.

Belle didn’t even flinch.


Rachel closed her eyes as the water lapped around her, her hands resting delicately on her stomach. Every few minutes she’d find herself dozing and she’d forgot that she was no longer pregnant. It would hit her suddenly when she remembered why she was lying in the bath at 3am while her husband changed their bed sheets. It was a deep gut wrenching pain that made her whole body shudder. Breath, she instructed as she attempted to calm herself down. She didn’t think it was possible to cry any more tears. Other people’s pity was the worst thing. Rachel couldn’t stand it. The flowers, the cards, the well meant sympathy that wouldn’t make the slightest bit of difference or make her feel any better – it made her want to vomit. How the f**k were flowers going to make things better.

‘Rach,’ Tony whispered as he stepped into the bathroom.

‘Hey I’m coming,’ she smiled weakly as she hauled herself out of the water, reaching out for the towel Tony held out for her.

‘Try and get some sleep love,’ he stroked her face and helped her clamber out of he bath, his arm wrapped protectively around her waist. ‘We should probably go to the hospital in the morning, you know just to check,’ he trailed off awkwardly.

‘Yep,’ she replied quickly, preventing him from saying anymore. She smiled up at him, instantly noticing the sadness in his eyes.

Her heart ached.


Jack and Martha struggle with baby Laura

Belle is faced with a life changing decision.

Rachel and Tony try to cope with their loss.

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That was an amazing start. :D I like how you started with the heavy stuff. :)

Poor Rachel! :( She had quite a few miscarriages. I really hope someday she'll give birth to a healthy baby.

Jack is so cute with little Laura. He mustn't be such a bad singer after all. :P

Please update soon.

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Aww I'm so happy you're writing a new fic but this is so sad :( I love the way you started off really dramatically, it got me drawn in straight away. It's really devastating for Rachel and Tony the fact that it's happened so many times :( Tony is just the perfect husband, so supportive even though he must be devastated himself and I loved Rachel's thoughts about how she hated people's sympathy. That's so realistic to someone going through it. It must be awful for them to see Jack and Martha have a baby to.

Like the name of little Laura :wink: Jack was so sweet with her and I loved how you added in subtle hints of Martha's state of mind at being a new Mum and Jack being the typical Dad who sleeps through her cries :lol:

So excited for the next chapter, I really hope things can work out for Tony and Rachel.

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Thank you everyone :) Your comments are very much apperciated and keep me going with writing this. Any suggestions are most welcome.

I'm glad your enjoying this. This is my first fic involving Jack/Martha and Aden/Belle so please if i'm not writing them well tell me :wink: I hope it's not confusing with a few different stories going on. If it is please tell me :)

‘Come on little one, its ok,’ Martha whispered, her voice filled with desperation as she rubbed her daughters back, her screams echoing around the living room. Closing her eyes in frustration she paced the room, juggling Laura on her shoulder. She’d only managed a couple of hours of sleep before waking up again, her cries getting louder by the second. Martha had stumbled to the cot, shocked by her tiny daughter’s apparent fury. And nothing worked. She wasn’t hungry or needing changing. Her temperature was normal. It drove Martha crazy sometimes. There was no doubt she was madly in love with her child; but she understood how some people just snapped and lost it.

‘No luck huh?’ Jack wandered out of the bedroom, rubbing his eyes in tiredness. ‘I can’t believe it’s time to get up for work, feels like we only went to bed an hour again,’ he joked as he went into the kitchen.

‘Yea she’s sleeping peacefully in my arms right now,’ Martha muttered sarcastically, glaring at her husband.

‘Did you try and feed her? Maybe she’s hungry?’ he suggested as he turned the kettle on. ‘Coffee?’ he inquired, failing to notice the anger on his wife’s face.

‘No Jack she’s not hungry, she doesn’t need changing. She doesn’t have a fever or a rash. She’s not too hot or too cold. All she wants to do is scream.’ Martha cried out. ‘I just don’t know what to do anymore.’

‘Hey sweetheart it’s okay,’ Jack rushed off and gently took Laura from her arms, smiling as she immediately relaxed and buried her head into his shoulder. ‘See,’ he smiled at his wife. ‘She just wanted a hug from daddy. Silly girl,’ he laughed softly as he kissed his baby’s head, ‘crying for poor mummy.’

‘Thanks,’ she smiled gratefully and pulled her dressing gown tight around her middle. ‘Hopefully that’ll be her for at least 30 minutes,’ she yawned and leaned her head in Jack’s shoulder, gently rubbing Laura’s head.

‘Why don’t you go get some sleep,’ he suggested, turning to kiss her temple.

‘I’d love to but you have to be at work in like 20.’

‘I’ll just go in a couple of hours later,’ he shrugged. ‘It’s no biggie.’

‘You’re amazing,’ Martha beamed. ‘I love you.’

‘And I love you too – oh crap,’ he winced as the phone rung and Laura started to whimper in his arms. He grabbed it quickly, sighing with relief at the sounds of Laura’s soft snores. ‘Hold on dad just a sec,’ he quickly passed the now sleeping baby to Martha and quickly went into the bedroom.

‘Hey darling, promise me you’ll sleep for at least 2 hours,’ Martha cooed at her baby as she placed her in bassinette. She smiled as she gazed at her, sometimes she found it hard to believe her and Jack had made something so perfect, so beautiful.

‘Finally,’ Jack whispered as he appeared behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist.

‘Everything okay?’ Martha turned to face him. ‘You look upset. What’s happened?’ she asked, confusion littering her voice.

‘Rach lost the baby,’ he whispered. ‘In the middle of the night,’ he shook his head, wondering why he’d felt the need to give such useless information.

‘Oh God no,’ Martha buried her head in his chest. ‘Not again.’


‘Boss wants to see you in his office,’ the trainee announced as he walked by Belle’s desk.

‘Oh, thanks,’ she muttered. Her heart sank. Somehow she’d made it into work that morning and handed in the article. Thank God for coffee she thought as she quickly gulped down another cup in her desperation to stay awake.

‘You wanted me see me?’ she asked cautiously as she stood in the door way, praying he couldn’t see how anxious she was.

‘Belle,’ he greeted her warmly. ‘Please take a seat,’ he indicated to the chair opposite him. ‘And don’t look so worried,’ he smiled as she sat down and nervously tucked her dark hair behind her ears.

‘I have a proposition for you.’ He cleared his throat and shuffled some papers on the desk.

‘Yes?’ she replied apprehensively.

‘I realise this is going to sound a little sudden, but there’s no point beating around the bush,’ he grinned.

‘Right,’ Belle nodded.

‘A good friend of mine has just launched a new magazine in London. It’s a kind of quirky off beat publication which I think will really be a huge hit. He’s looking for young, edgy reporters to get things off the ground. It’s going to cover everything, news, travel, human interest – you know what I mean.’

‘Sounds really interesting,’ Belle answered politely, unsure what all of this had to do with her.

‘The point is Belle, I’ve recommended you. I think you have the talent, and you certainly have the dedication and commitment he’s looking for. He’s willing to hire you for an initial six month trial, then after that see how things go.’

‘What?’ Belle gawped at him, unable to comprehend what he was telling her. ‘I have a job in London?’

‘If you want it, it’s yours.’ He grinned at her. ‘It’s an amazing opportunity for a young girl like you. And don’t worry about visas and everything, we’ll get that all sorted out for you. And you shouldn’t have a problem finding a flat.’

‘Oh my God, I’m sorry. This is just too much to take in right now. I can’t believe it,’ she shook her head and laughed. ‘It’s just so overwhelming.’

He nodded. ‘Think about it over the next few days and let me know what you decide. But you know you’d be crazy not to take it.’

‘I know, thank you so much, wow.’ Belle stood up in a daze, unable to think straight. London, she mused as she walked back to her desk, her heart beating wildly.


‘Are we nearly there yet? Mummy I’m bored.’ Taylor sighed and kicked the backseat in frustration.

‘Don’t do that,’ Jazz yelled crossly at her daughter. ‘And get the frown off your face,’ she demanded as she glanced at her in the car mirror. ‘I told you it’s not long now.’ Jazz smiled as the Welcome to Summer Bay sign came into view. Her heart fluttered with excitement.

‘Look Taylor,’ she announced happily. ‘This is where we’re going to be living. See the beach out of the window.’

The little girl scrambled to the other side of the car and looked out in amazement. She’d spent all of her four years in a high rise flat and could count the number of times she’d been to the beach on one hand. ‘Oh,’ she breathed. ‘It’s so pretty mummy! Can I go swimming? And make sandcastles and eat ice cream?’ she asked, her voice filled with wonderment.

‘Of course you can,’ Jazz beamed. ‘But we’re going to go and see daddy first, remember?’

Taylor nodded. ‘New Daddy will take me?’ she asked. ‘Not Daddy Paul?’

‘No, honey, remember I told you daddy Paul had to go away. And how he was only a pretend daddy. Now we’re going to see you’re real daddy.’

‘Okay,’ she smiled and continued to gaze out of the window, fascinated. She hoped her real daddy had a swimming pool.


Aden picked up the picnic basket and shoved it into the back of the car, excited at the prospect of surprising Belle with lunch. They hadn’t left on the best of terms that morning and he was hoping this would make it up to her. He was incredibly proud of how well she was doing at work; he just didn’t want her to push herself too much. He grinned to himself as he started the engine. More than anything he couldn’t wait to tell Belle he’d been accepted into University.


‘Rachel what are you doing?’ Tony glanced up in amazement as she came out of their bedroom, dressed in a grey pencil skirt and a red wrap top.

‘I have a shift,’ she reached down for her bag and brushed her hands over her shirt.

‘You’re not serious,’ he stared at her incredulously. They’d only arrived home from the hospital a couple of hours ago and she’d gone straight to bed. He’d assumed she was resting. As he thought she should be.

‘And why shouldn’t I go to work?’ she asked as she stood up and placed her hands on her hips, staring at him as he sat on the couch.

‘Because Rach,’ he paused, unable to say the words.

‘Because I’ve lost a baby,’ she challenged. ‘You think I should stay home and feel sorry for myself.’ She shook her head angrily. ‘Well I’m not going to do that.’

‘No, no Rach,’ he protested. ‘That’s not it at all. I just think you should take some time to come to terms with things, that’s all.’

‘I’m fine,’ she insisted. ‘I’m not sick. And I have dealt with it. I’m getting used to it by now,’ she shouted the last few words, her hands gripping the back of the couch.

‘Rach sweetheart,’ he gently placed his hand over hers.

A knock at the door startled both of them. Rachel brushed his hand off and slung her back over her shoulder.

‘Great,’ Tony muttered as he jumped up and opened the door. He intended to get rid of whoever it was as quickly as he could. No matter what Rachel said he knew she was just pretending everything was okay, just trying to be brave when inside she was ready to fall apart.

He gasped in shock when he saw who was standing before him.

‘Surprise Tony.’

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Jazz is definitely going to cause trouble but I love her and I'm glad you brought her into this fic. ^_^

If it turns out Tony is Taylor's dad,

it's going to be really hard for Rachel. :(

I'm loving Jack and Martha's relationship. :wub: Looks like they're the only ones who don't have relationship issues so far but I'm assuming that'll change unfortunately as the genre of this fic is drama. Laura surely has powerful lungs. :lol:

Belle and Aden both got good news but I'm thinking with her job being in London, it could cause trouble in their relationship. They were already fighting about her job earlier.

Please update soon.

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Have a feeling its Jazz at Tachel's door. And also thinking the same as Barbara in regards to Taylor.

I think Belle should take the job in London it will be a amazing opportunity for her. Not sure how well Aden will take the offer though.

Update soon :)

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