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We Belong Together (by Jacksthehottest) - comments


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Why leave it there!?! Lol. Grrrr...

Great chapter though! I don't blame Jack yelling down the phone at her - I thought for what she was doing he was being quite nice! Lol. She deserves a good old slap, that'll knock some sense into her! :D

Please update soon!

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For god's sake Martha shut up for two seconds..........two seconds, seriously that's all it would have taken!

Yes!!! That's exactly what I want to say to her!! But I also want to have a go at jackthehottest...How could you leave it there??? That was so not fair!!! And for that you have to update like...now! :P lol Great chapter, as jackandmarthaluver said, maybe now she's there Jack can get through to her!! You better update...or else I'll be after you! :P:D

Edited by jackandmartha!!!
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That was excellent! But goddamit Martha why are you so stubborn??

i was actually hoping Jack would have more of a go at her cause she really deserves to be shouted at!

If that is Martha at the door then Jack should yell at her some more before he explains so that she feels extra guilty. But somehow its not going to be that straight forward; it is a J&M fic after all lol.

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evil lauren this could be interesting, but oh am i happy that martha now knows so they can be 1 big happy familily, - PLEASE -

yippeee dippeee doooooo

and please update so i can see them get back together and my mind can be at rest

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