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Martha why did you leave? You should have gone in there and given that Lauren girl a good slap! Tell Jack in front of her how much you love him! Great chapter, i can't wait for the update.

To linzie: Yeah your are so right, i love it when they make up:P Pure bliss...

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JAck it is EASY - just say "I forgive you Martha" and you can live happily ever after,,,

Is that to hard to ask?

well i guess it is so i will leave and please update soon because then they can forgive each other and live happily ever after

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Hang on a second, I had to get my head around the whole role reversal thing. Normally it is Martha who has second thoughts about their relationship and i was so not expecting Jack to turn around and say "I don't know". For gods sake just something like "we can work it out" but not "i don't know". Pft Jack you are so stupid. i think he needs his head examined lol

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