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    home and away (addicted, ahhh Jack) and hollyoaks (ahh jez) the bill (ahhhhh will aka Gary Lucy)

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    london town and the sunny beaches of Florida!!!
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    as you can see from this list i love alot<br />where to start <br />- jack holden<br />- me friends <br />- holidaying esp. my yearly trips to florida (ahhhh sun)<br />- jack holden<br />- talking (cant get enough of it)<br />- going out<br />- jack holden<br />- laughing (constantly)<br />- i dont know if ive mentioned it but JACK HOLDEN<br />dresses, <br />office heels, <br />ballet pumps, <br />having cocktails( apple martinis all the way), <br />in the country, <br />going shooting,<br />shopping on slone street or in knightsbridge, <br />d and g sundglasses, <br />cristian louboutin shoes, <br />being in the hair dressers, <br />drinking coffee and juice, <br />pearls and diamonds,<br /> my best friends (chlo bla and of course the honourable honor,<br /> gucci bags, <br />tatler, <br />my birthday, <br />any time when people by me presents, <br />seeing family if they give me presents, <br />ralph lauren polo shirts and jumpers, <br />holidaying in America and France and other places i go...<br /> i love pretty much everything<br />my pod<br />and of course how could i forget:<br />Adam (wow hot)<br />Rich (buff)<br />Hen (blonde hair, blue eyes...)<br />paul obrien and gary lucy ( whats not to like?)

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  1. im back from holiday for today then going to morrow again and want to chat cause im board...anyone here?
  2. hello im good hows you both
  3. its dark so its not sunny and i dunno how hot it is cause im inside
  4. ^ dads are easy to get around, though he does wonder why i spend so much time on it/watching tv rather then other things
  5. the school said i can go but they need a report from my school to comfim that im a good person and my school hates my guts (i hate theres to) so there not going to give me a good report so then i have to stay there, ahh im so annoyed
  6. i like it, when is martha going to tell? hmmmm i wonder please update
  7. oh me likes please update cause i really want to know where this is going
  8. dunno what to say i said i would stop harrassing you if you spilt the beans... and you have but im not happy so huh might have to harrass you some more.
  9. i dont get a prom - i want a prom! wow i want a conditional place for my school (if i get one i need 5 b's 1 c which i hope ill get) but havent got a place cause i had the interview today and dont think it went that well, it such a cool school i wanta go but dont want to get my hopes up cause they might not accept me like another school didnt accept my sister last year.......oh well fingers crossed, ive got to have another interview for another school on thurs...ahhh
  10. i promise to end my violant streak and im sure nicole would to if you updated
  11. evil pure evil leaving them and us in this waiting in suspence please update soon
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