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What on earth?!?! Jack don't be so stupid! Of course Lauren is up to something, you should of kicked her out on her backside the minute you opened the door! Lauren did you ever stop to think that the reason you don't have any freinds is because you went around trying to break up a happy couple......... dumbass! And now for this James character......... seems pretty shady to me, don't like the look of this. Great chapter, please update soon!

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I"m sure Martha will have no problem falling for you, as she already knows you Lauren replied.

Next Time: - Will Martha do something she will regret for her whole life?

When I read the first line i thought Lauren your an idiot! There is absolutley no way, Martha wouldn't do that, plus who would want to when you have Jack?!?!

Then i read the last line :o!!! Please update soon, although i'm not sure i want to read what happens next:( Great chapter as usual!

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omg martha plz dont anything stupid...plz dont fall for james' charms...no matter how good looking he is...u cant cheat on jack...prove to lauren that u and jack are unbreakable

oh god im tlkn to a fictional character...these fan fics are sooo good...its driving me crazy...

keep up the good work..and plz continue

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