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  1. im back from holiday for today then going to morrow again and want to chat cause im board...anyone here?
  2. hello im good hows you both
  3. its dark so its not sunny and i dunno how hot it is cause im inside
  4. ^ dads are easy to get around, though he does wonder why i spend so much time on it/watching tv rather then other things
  5. the school said i can go but they need a report from my school to comfim that im a good person and my school hates my guts (i hate theres to) so there not going to give me a good report so then i have to stay there, ahh im so annoyed
  6. i like it, when is martha going to tell? hmmmm i wonder please update
  7. oh me likes please update cause i really want to know where this is going
  8. dunno what to say i said i would stop harrassing you if you spilt the beans... and you have but im not happy so huh might have to harrass you some more.
  9. i dont get a prom - i want a prom! wow i want a conditional place for my school (if i get one i need 5 b's 1 c which i hope ill get) but havent got a place cause i had the interview today and dont think it went that well, it such a cool school i wanta go but dont want to get my hopes up cause they might not accept me like another school didnt accept my sister last year.......oh well fingers crossed, ive got to have another interview for another school on thurs...ahhh
  10. i promise to end my violant streak and im sure nicole would to if you updated
  11. evil pure evil leaving them and us in this waiting in suspence please update soon
  12. evil pure evil leaving them and us in this waiting in suspence please update soon
  13. aww i really like it and hope the babies will be ok.please update soon
  14. its dark so i cant tell, today it was sunny :_) we were sunbating on the roof! bliss
  15. oh me likes, me likes alot apart from 1 insy wincy problem... a tad annoying... you and your "marthas secret" you wont let slip and the fact that jack wont wake up maybe if martha tells him the secret he will wake up? by the way Nicole, even if somebody thinks your plan is nutty, im all with it and have 'resorces' to help track down houses belonging to certain rather annoying people and then you can poke... poke your life away. please update soon
  16. oh ive just re read it in one go and love it, now there are going to be 2 baby j and m's CUTE!!!, wheter it be a boy or girl the kid is going to be georgeus! please update soon ps and Jack why do you always put yourself in danger?
  17. oh my god what is happening? i dont like this James me thinks but its intreging... ... so please update sooon
  18. hey im hear but not for long cause im meant to be revising but not doing much what everyones doing.?
  19. i am really loving this.... ahhh j and m love and corey behind bars - just my kindof thing. and it had mushy bits which are my fav. jack wouldnt be jack with out his ego. ahhh im lost in a daydream,,, please update soon
  20. yeh why do you doubt her? aww tonys nice. please update soon
  21. in one way callan reminds me of you - pure pure evil. i mean how could you end it there? how could you? so now you really do have to update it else ill find someone even worse to compare you too... lol. you infuriate me...
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