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Summer Bay's Shock

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Chapter Twenty-One

Roman knocked on Nicole's door. There were no answer.

"We need to talk."

"Is he there?" was the reply.

"Miles? No, he's gone."


Roman knocked again.

"Come on..." Roman said, getting worried.

Finally after about 15 minutes, Nicole opened the door. "What?"

Roman was shocked to see red eyes. It looked like she has been crying.

"What's wrong? Have you been crying?" Roman put his arms out to hug Nicole, but Nicole stepped back, pushing him away.


"Why what?" Roman was confused.

"All of sudden, you are gay?" Nicole asked, raising an eyebrow, with one hand on her left hip. "You are my Dad!"

"Eh?" Roman frowned. "Didn't your mother tell you?"

Now, Nicole was confused. Roman gave a heavy sigh. Typical of Natalie to not tell Nicole.

"Come downstairs so that we can talk."

Nicole shook her head, and gestured for Roman to come in. They sat on Nicole's bed.

Roman tried to put an arm around Nicole but Nicole pulled away.

"Your mother and I didn't love each other, but we did love you very much." Roman began to say and Nicole interrupted, "Oh, that's why you left!"

Roman put a hand up, and asked Nicole to not interrupt. Nicole pouted but agreed, nevertheless.

"Thank you." Roman said. "I remember the day when you were born, you were so beautiful. It was hard to leave you, believe me but I had to go. I already joined the SAS, and your mother didn't want me around."

Roman smiled as he remembered something else.

"When you were about three or four, I came to see you. You took my breath away. You just were so innocent and beautiful, like a princess."

Nicole sniffled and looked at Roman. "But it doesn't make any sense. Why didn't you love Mum?"

"I cared for your mother, but I couldn't love her. Remember we were young and well, being openly gay in these days were frowned upon and it would have made things difficult for me. So I left." Roman said quietly.

Nicole looked down to the ground, thinking about what Roman said, and suddenly it dawned on her.

"Y-you always have been gay?" Nicole asked.

Roman nodded. "Yeah. Your mother was hurt. I was stupid enough to think that I could love her but found that I couldn't."

Nicole sighed and rested her head on Roman's shoulder.

"She didn't tell me. All Mum said was that you left us because you didn't love us."

Roman turned to Nicole and stared at her. "I loved you, still do, Nicole. I'm proud to have you as my daughter."

Nicole beamed just then. It was the first time since coming to the Bay that Roman had seen her smile.

"You have a lovely smile." Roman smiled.

Nicole blushed, and made a gesture to shrug it off.

Roman and Nicole embraced each other in a hug. It was the first hug as a father and daughter.

Eventually, Nicole pulled away. "Is it serious between you and Miles?"

"I hope so." Roman grinned. "I know you probably don't want to hear this, but I love him - very much."

Nicole looked at Roman, thinking that Roman looked real happy, like he was in love. She wanted that...

"Well, he better not hurt you..." Nicole said and then paused before continuing, "Dad."

Roman could only look at Nicole in shock. "Oh...my lovely daughter."

Roman and Nicole laughed.

* * * *

Next day

Miles was walking along the beach, when he bumped into Nicole.

"Er...hi" Miles said nervously.

"Well, Miles, how nice to see you here." Nicole flashed a smile.

Miles stepped back, surprised. He stared at Nicole.

"It's a good thing that I got you alone..." Nicole said and got closer into Miles' personal space. She held a finger up in front of Miles' face.

"If you hurt him...I will come looking for you and make you suffer."

Miles nodded furiously. "I-I won't hurt him...I love your father. I promise..."

Nicole stepped back and smiled again.

"Good, good. Now, I better go." Nicole was about turn and leave when Miles called out to her. "Wait!"

"I-I wondered if you would like to come to dinner with us at the caravan park house?" Miles asked.

"Oh, Dad said he was going...do you want me there, too?" Nicole sounded surprised.

"Yeah, of course. I want to get to know you. You are Roman's daughter." Miles shrugged, running a hand through his hair.

"Then I would love to." Nicole smiled.

"See you later then..."

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Chapter Twenty-Two

Miles and Sally were in the kitchen, when they heard a knock on the door.

Miles came to the door, and saw Roman and Nicole.

"Hey..." Miles said, motioning for them to come in.

Miles and Roman smiled at each other, rather shy, almost like teenagers in love. They were unsure whether to kiss or not, when Nicole glared at her Dad, a glare that told Roman to not do anything embarrassing.

Roman sighed and put a hand out to shake Miles'. Obviously, they held the handshake a little longer than usual, all while staring in each other's eyes.

They pulled apart, when Leah came up to the door. Leah grinned at Roman and Miles.

Nicole rolled her eyes and walked past them into the house.

Miles turned and apologised.

"Sit down, everyone. Dinner should be ready soon." Miles told them.

Nicole stood, with her hands on her hips, and asked, "Isn't there anyone who's my age coming to the dinner?"

Miles put a hand on his heart. "I'm hurt." Miles said in a mock tone. "Don't you want to be seen with us oldies?"

Nicole started at Miles. "That's even not funny!" Behind her, Roman and Leah held back a giggle. Nicole turned and glared at Roman, who shut up quickly.

"Don't even try to be nice to me." Nicole snapped and then sat down at the table.

Roman gasped in shock. "Nicole! Apologise to Miles at once." Nicole crossed her arms and tilted her head to one side.

"Why should I?"

Miles shook his head and waved it off. "It's okay, Roman." Miles went into the kitchen, sighing heavily.

"That didn't last long then." Miles muttered.

"Ouch." Sally said. "Looks like Nicole's taking it hard."

"Yeah..." Miles said. "Hopefully, Nicole will be sweet and nice when she sees Geoff and Annie."

"They're coming with Irene, yeah?" Sally asked. Miles nodded.

Just then, Irene, Geoff and Annie arrived.

Miles heard Roman introducing Nicole to Irene and the kids. He smiled as he heard Irene gasping in surprise.

He walked out with the food and saw Nicole staring after Geoff, and smiled. 'It worked.' He thought to himself. He hoped now that Nicole had something else to keep her attention, she would leave him and Roman alone.

Sally bought the plates out. Everyone took a plate and started to take some food, and chatted.

Out of the corner of his eye, Miles saw Nicole sitting close to Geoff and fluttering her eyelashes at Geoff. He turned to Roman who was glaring at Geoff. He had to laugh quietly.

Under the table, he squeezed Roman's knee, and Roman turned to Miles, and frowned.

"It's going to be okay." Miles whispered quietly.

* * * * *

After the dinner, Nicole, Geoff and Annie were out the back. It seemed that they got on pretty well. Annie seemed to be in awe of Nicole, although. Miles was sure that he heard Annie asking Nicole for advice about fashion, and things about that. He hoped that Nicole won't stray Annie too far.

Miles and Leah sat on the sofa with Irene on the armchair, while Roman and Sally were to the far side of the living room. He was sure that Sally was pesting Roman about his intentions for him.

"It'll be fine. Stop looking over at them." Leah whispered quietly, so that Irene didn't hear her.

Miles turned to Leah and smiled. "Thanks."

He asked the girls if they wanted a fill-up. They nodded and handed their glasses to Miles. Orange juice for Irene, white wine for Leah.

Miles went to the kitchen to sort the drinks out when Nicole came in. She glared at Miles coldy.

"Can I ask you something?" Nicole said, rather loudly.

"Yeah, sure." Miles was a bit taken aback.

"I don't understand." Nicole said, rather sweet and innocently.

"What is it you don't understand about?" Miles was getting worried. He hoped that Nicole won't say anything about him and Roman. He could feel Roman making his way towards the kitchen, calling out to Nicole.

"How could Roman go for someone like you?" Nicole said, in a high pitch. "You're not sexy, you have a belly and you have awful and messy curly hair. Roman could've done better than you." Nicole smiled, sweetly and then walked out of the house.

Everyone stood still, in shock.

Miles blinked furiously. Sally came to his side, placing a hand on his shoulder.

Roman went over to Miles and whispered in his ear, "Don't listen to her. She's trying to make trouble."

Then Roman lifted Miles' chin and kissed him right there and now. He told Miles that he loved him. Miles beamed and closed his eyes.

Roman apologised to everyone else and went after Nicole.

Irene was the first one to break the silence.

"Strewth, Roman and Miles?"

Leah turned to Irene and asked if she had a problem with that. Irene shook her head, smiling.

"I do." Geoff suddenly spoke up.

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Chapter Twenty-Two

All eyes were on Geoff. He fidgeted uncomfortably, and looked down to the floor.

"It's not normal." Geoff muttered. "It's unholy. Not right."

Miles stared at Geoff's blonde hair as his head was bent down. He had forgotten that Geoff and Annie were Christians.

"Geoff, it's none of your business." Irene called out to Geoff from the living room. "Come on, let's go home."

Irene started to walk towards Geoff and Annie, going to lead them out of the house, when suddenly Geoff looked up and glared at Irene.

"You accept all this?" Geoff said, in disgust.

"Don't you tell me what I should accept or not." Irene said in a stern tone, wagging a finger in front of Geoff.

"But-but..." Geoff started to protest, when Miles interrupted.

"Look, Geoff. I have respect for your religion and understand how you feel about it." Miles said quietly. "Why don't we sit down and talk about it?"

Geoff shook his head and ran out of the house. Annie looked to Miles and then into the direction where Geoff had gone.

"I'm sorry..." Annie said and then ran after Geoff.

Irene sighed and turned to Miles. "I'm sorry about that. I'll talk to them."

Miles can only nod as Irene left.

Sally and Leah came up to Miles. Sally put an arm around Miles' neck and pulled him close in a hug.

"You okay?" Leah asked as she patted Miles' arm gently.

"Dunno." Miles shrugged. He looked sad, and his eyes were not sparkling like they usually did.

Sally and Leah looked at each other, each wondering what to do. They knew that if Geoff and Annie reacted like that, and Nicole just blurted it out, then there would be trouble ahead.

"We will be with you all the way, no matter what happens." Sally said and Leah nodded, in agreement.

Miles looked at his sister and then to Leah. He smiled.

"Thanks." Miles said softly.

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Chapter Twenty-Three

"Why did you go and tell everyone about us?" Roman shouted.

"Just because I felt like it," Nicole shouted back, crossing her arms across and staring at Roman coldly.

"Oh, just because you felt like it?" Roman asked. Nicole nodded, a determined look on her face.

"Right...and now tell me the truth!" Roman stared back. Nicole blinked and stared back at Roman. They stared at each other for a few more moments, before Nicole looked away.

Nicole looked down to the ground, sadly. She looked like she was about to cry, and Roman got worried. He stepped forward and Nicole rested her head on Roman's chest as he wrapped his arms around Nicole.

"What's wrong?" Roman asked, softly.

"Everything," was the reply.

Roman stroked Nicole's blonde hair and waited for her to continue.

Suddenly Roman heard sobbing and he let go of Nicole. He stared at her in surprise.

"Come on, sit down..." Roman led Nicole to the sofa. "What's wrong?"

Nicole sniffled and looked up to Roman.

"You will leave me..." Nicole sobbed. "Just like Mum."

Roman frowned, he didn't understand.

"Your Mum left you?"

"Not in the way you think..." Nicole wiped the tears away. "She met a man and suddenly she didn't have time for me."

Roman suddenly understood.

"Nicole, look at me," Roman demanded and Nicole slowly looked up. "I won't leave you. I want to get to know you. You are my daughter."

"Wh...what about Miles?"

"Miles?" Roman looked surprised and when he thought about it, it suddenly dawned on him. "Oh, Nicole." Roman hugged Nicole tightly.

"I will make time for you...you are my daughter, no matter what." Roman whispered.

"You won't leave?" Nicole said quietly.

Roman smiled and shook his head. "No."

"Do you love Miles?"

"Yes, but I love you more..."

Nicole and Roman stayed like that, hugging each other and staying silent, each thinking about things. Finally Nicole spoke.

"I'm sorry."

"That's alright," Roman said. "Will you be okay about me and Miles?"

"I will be...eventually," Nicole made a small nod. Roman sighed a sigh of relief. He kissed Nicole's forehead as Nicole got up to go up to her bedroom.

Before she went up the stairs, Nicole called out to Roman to tell him that she will apologise to Miles.

Roman grinned as he went into the kitchen to call Miles to tell him what happened.

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Finally, I updated! Yay! :D

Chapter Twenty-Four

Summer Bay High

Nicole leaned against the wall, outside a classroom, waiting for Miles' class to be over. When the bells rang and the students came out of the classroom, Nicole got off the wall and walked in.

Miles looked up from the other end of the classroom as he collected the papers to be graded. "Hey."

Nicole made a small nod and hopped up on the desk. "I wanted to apologise for what happened at the dinner the other night."

Miles smiled as he walked towards Nicole. "That's okay. Your father told me what happened."

"I'm sorry," Nicole said as she jumped off the desk. "I was just worried that you would take Roman away from me."

Miles put a hand up and looked at Nicole. "I won't do that, Nicole. You are his daughter and you're more important to him than I am."

Nicole looked down to the ground. "I hope so." she whispered, quietly.

"I'm sure."

For the next few moments, they stayed in an awkward silence before Nicole spoke up, "I gotta go." Miles nodded and made a small wave as Nicole left.

Nicole walked down the corridor. If he thinks I am going to accept it, he's wrong! Nicole chuckled and not seeing where she was going, Nicole bumped into Geoff.

"I'm sorry, Nicole," Geoff cried out as the books fell out of his hands. He got to his knees and picked them up. Nicole went down, too to help Geoff pick the books up.

"Are you Geoff? We met at Miles' dinner...." Nicole asked. Geoff stared at Nicole, trying to think if he has seen her before and then he remembered that Nicole announced at the dinner the other night about Miles and Roman. He shuddered at the thought of them together like that. Geoff couldn't understand why people of the same sex decide to have a relationship. It's against God's word. He made some disapproving noises, not realising that Nicole was trying to get his attention.

Suddenly Geoff jumped as he felt a hand shaking his shoulder gently. He looked up and saw Nicole. He groaned, embarrassed that he has forgotten about Nicole.

"I'm so sorry! I was wandering away," Geoff apologised. Nicole smiled, sweetly. "Don't worry about it."

They got up and walked to Geoff's locker. "Care to tell me your thoughts?" Nicole asked, innocently. In fact, she felt she knew what Geoff was thinking about. She was hoping that Geoff would help her in her plan to break Miles and Roman up, and get Roman all to herself.

Geoff turned to Nicole, wondering whether if he should tell her and after thinking about what happened at the dinner, it dawned on him that Nicole didn't like the idea of Miles and Roman being together either. So, Geoff poured everything out to Nicole, explaining to Nicole about his religion. Nicole looked interested in hearing about Geoff's religion but in realistically, she actually was bored. But Nicole knew that she had to be patient with Geoff.

The Diner

Roman was in the kitchen, with Irene. They talked about what happened at the dinner the other night.

"I couldn't believe that you and Miles got together," Irene exclaimed. "It was so unexpected."

Roman's eyes widened and tried to shush Irene, in case Colleen was hanging around. He knew that Colleen could be a gossip sometimes and he didn't want his relationship with Miles spread around the Bay...not yet.

Irene chuckled. "It's okay, darl. Colleen is not on rota today." Roman sighed in relief. "So how did it happen?"

Roman frowned at Irene. "We met, fell in love, then got together. What else can I tell you?" Irene rolled her eyes and glared at Roman.

"Darl, please!"

Roman laughed. "Okay, okay, I will tell you about it then!" And so, for the next ten minutes, Roman told Irene all about how they met and everything that happened since then. If Roman had to be honest, he was glad to have found someone to confide in about him and Miles. Miles had Leah, but he had nobody else to turn to and now Irene seemed to accept the relationship between him and Miles and he was glad.

They didn't realise that Geoff and Nicole were outside, and have heard everything.

Nicole turned to Geoff. "I want to go," Nicole said, tearfully. Geoff nodded and put his arms around Nicole's shoulders. "We will go down to the Surf Club."

Nicole nodded and Geoff led her out of the Diner and at the same time, Roman came out to see Nicole leaving with Geoff. He frowned, he didn't realise that Nicole and Geoff were on friendly terms. He sighed. He hoped that Nicole wasn't up to anything bad.

Roman sighed deeply as he took the dishes to a table.

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