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Summer Bay's Shock

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Chapter Four

Inside Roman's camper van, Miles is laying on the air bed. Roman sits on the floor, legs crossed. He is concerned for Miles, and wonders what have upset Miles so much, that he had to run out of the house.

Slowly, Miles wakes up, confused about where he's supposed to be. Taking in the surroundings, he realises that he is in a camper van, and turns to see Roman smiling at him. Miles sits up, horrified.

"You okay, mate?" Roman asks. Miles shakes his head, "I will be...How did I get here?"

"You ran into me, and collapsed. I had to take you in, and you fell asleep almost straight away." Roman explains.

Miles puts his hands up to his face, and hangs his head in embarrassment. "I'm sorry. I better go..." and was about to leave, when Roman stops him.

"Don't apologise. Just sit back down. Do you want to talk?" 'Roman asks. Miles sits down, again, and looks at Roman.

"Why are you being nice?" Miles asks, wary. Roman smiles, "Why not?"

"You don't know me!" Miles says. "Yes, but I'm hoping to get to know you better." Roman replies, "And also, it would be good to have a friend around here."

Miles frowns, not understanding what Roman means. Roman grins and tells Miles that he has just moved here, so he doesn't have any friends around the Bay. "And because I know nobody here, you can tell me what's happened."

Miles thinks it over, and realises that what Roman said made sense. It would be good to tell someone else, to get it off his chest. It has been a while, since he talked to anyone.

"I-I just wanted to tell Sally the truth...but she doesn't recognise me...doesn't remember me! For god's sake, she thought the bear's name was Milco! I gave it to her!" Miles is babbling. Roman tries to make sense of what Miles is saying, and finally gives up. He decides to let Miles talk.

"I remember, when we were little, and hiding from our parents, when they were arguing. I remember trying to protect her from hearing them arguing." Miles pauses, to breath, and then continues, "We often played tea parties. She was always the one who made me sit down at the table with all the dolls. I didn't like it, but wanted to keep her happy. She's my sister...my twin sister."

Roman gasped, now he realises what Miles was talking about. It seems that Sally is his twin sister.

"So are you saying that Sally doesn't remember you? What's this about Milco?" Roman asks, to try to bring Miles out of the trance of babbling. Miles looks up, he had forgotten that Roman was there.

"Yeah...she doesn't remember me." Miles replies, "Milco is a name Sally has given me. She couldn't say Miles properly and always ended up with Milco." Miles smiles, as he remembers.

"Oh, right..." Roman says, quietly. "So what are you going to do now?"

Miles shrugs, he doesn't know what to do next.

They sit in silence, as Miles thinks about what actions to take next. Should he go and tell Sally the truth or disappear from the Bay?


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(sorry it has taken me a while to update! Been extremely busy with work!)

Words in italics and purple is flashbacks.

Chapter Five

Miles is at the door, about to knock, when suddenly it is opened.

"Oh! Sorry, mate." Alf says to Miles. "Sally is inside, if you need anything. I need to go down to the Surf Club. See you later."

Alf leaves and Miles goes inside, to find Sally and Pippa in the kitchen.

"Hey..." Miles says, nervously, with hands inside pockets. Sally looks up and smiles. "Pippa is making chocolate cake, and I'm helping."

"Oh, right..." Miles grins, "I'm actually here to apologise for the picture. I will pay for any damage."

Sally shakes her head, "That's okay...what happened?" Miles looks torn between telling her the truth or lying. Luckily, at that time, Pippa exclaims, "Mummy! Look!" and points to the oven. Sally goes over to the oven, and takes the cake out.

Pippa is jumping, excited, wanting to put the chocolate icing on the top of the cake, but Sally tells her that the cake needs to cool down.

"Why don't you go and get your colouring pad, sweetie?" Pippa nods and runs past Miles to upstairs.

"Sorry about that..." Sally says, wiping her hands clean with the tea towel. Then she leads Miles over to the dining table. They sit on the opposite sides. Suddenly, Miles is not sure where to start.

"What happened yesterday?" Sally asks, "Did I upset you or...." when Miles interrupts, "Oh, Sally, no you didn't upset me!"

Sally looks relived, but is puzzled. "What then?"

Miles looks at his twin sister and takes a deep breath before he speaks. "I should introduce myself - I'm Miles Copeland...."

Sally frowns at Miles. She seems puzzled, as if she was supposed to recongise the name, but nothing comes to the mind.

"Am I supposed to know you?"

Miles sighs, and stands up. He walks over to the picture he dropped yesterday. Miles points to the teddy bear, "I gave that to you."

"But...that's impossible! My foster brother found it and gave it to me!" Sally exclaims. Miles shakes his head, and walks over to Sally. "I gave it to you...when you were 5 years old. It was the last time I saw you, before you went with your foster parents."

"What...are you saying...that we knew each other when we were little? Were we with a foster family or...." Sally is confused.

"No..." Miles says and then takes a sharp breath before saying, "I'm your brother...twin brother."

Sally stands up, the chair falls on the ground. She steps back from Miles, and tells him to get out.

Miles looks wounded, so Sally didn't really remember. He is sad and walks out...but before he leaves, he turns to Sally, "Milco was the name you gave me, Sal."

* * * * *

Sally looks at the picture, at a loss, and trying to make some sense of what Miles told her. She looks at the teddy bear, and suddenly she has a flashback.

The little boy was shy, and he was hiding something behind his back.

"What're you hiding?" Sally giggled. She tried to look, but the boy turned away from Sally.

"Milco! Show me!" Sally pouted and the boy - Milco - laughed. Slowly, he brought a teddy bear and handed it over to Sally.

"He'll look after you." Milco said, sadly.

Sally looked upset, and asked where Milco was going.

"I'm going with Dad, sis." Milco said. "You need to go with your other family."

A man came up to them, and took Milco's hand. Milco turned and waved to Sally.

Sally sobbed as she watched them leave.

Back in the present, Sally gasps and drops the picture on the mantle. "Oh, my god!" Sally cries, "It is true!"

She was about to run out of the house, when she remembered that Pippa is upstairs. She sighs and sits down at the table, feeling excited and confused at the same time. She have to wait for Alf to arrive, before she can go and find Miles.

She just hopes that Miles doesn't leave the town.

* * * * *

At the bus stop, Roman and Miles stand, shaking hands.

"Are you sure, man?"

"She doesn't remember me..." Miles tells Roman, sadly. "I can't stay around here, if she doesn't remember. It hurts to see her and not being the brother that I should be. I couldn't do that."

Roman nods, understanding. "Good luck, mate."

Miles smiles and thanks Roman. He squeezes Roman's shoulder, and then picks his duffel bag and hangs it over his shoulder.

The bus arrives, and Roman nods. Miles is putting a foot forward on the bus' first step when he hears his name being called out.

He turns to see Sally running towards him.

Sally is breathless, when she arrives at the bus stop. She looks at Miles, smiling.

"I remember now."

Miles drops the bag and runs up to Sally and embraces her in a tight hug.

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Chapter Six

A month later...

Miles comes in the Diner, and sees Sally and Pippa sitting at the sofas. He comes over there and sits down.

"Hey, Sal, Pippa." Miles says.

"Uncle Milco!" Pippa says, running to Miles and hugs his leg. Miles laughs and lifts her and gives her a huge hug before putting her down. Pippa giggles and turns to the table, and show Miles a picture. "Look! Mummy, me and you, Uncle Milco."

Miles grins and looks at the picture, "That looks good, but where's Granddad Alf?"

"I was going to draw him next, silly!" Pippa states, and Miles tries to not laugh, as he apologises to Pippa. Pippa smiles, and returns to the picture.

"You're good with her, Miles." Sally smiles. Miles looks up, "Well, Pippa is my niece, I have to be the best uncle for her!"

Sally laughs, but she notices something in Miles' eyes when he is looking at Pippa. There seems to be some sadness in them.

It was a few crazy weeks, for Sally and Miles, talking and discovering things about her past and her parents. Sally was sad to find that her parents had separated, and that her mother took her away from Miles and her father. But, as fate would have it, their mother died, and Sally went back. But, their father couldn't cope, so he decided to send Sally away to a foster home. Which is how she turned up in Summer Bay, with Tom and Pippa, her foster parents.

Sally looks at Miles, and grins. She feels lucky to have found Miles again. It feels right to have him here in the Bay and to be part of a family again. All of her foster family has either died or left the Bay.

Miles notices the smile and asks what Sally is thinking about.

"Nothing, just looking back on the last few weeks..." Sally tells Miles. "Yeah, what a few crazy weeks, eh?" So far, it is only Roman and Alf who knows that Miles is Sally's brother. Sally and Miles wanted some space to get to know each other, and to get used to each other.

However, Sally is planning a party for later tonight, where she will introduce Miles to the rest of the Bay, and she couldn't wait. She has a surprise planned for Miles too.

Just then, Leah comes in from the kitchen. "Hi, Sal. What time you want me to bring the food over tonight?" Sally replies, "Around six?"

"Yeah, that's fine." Leah says, and turns to Miles, "Are you looking forward to the party?"

"Yeah, it's going to be awesome." Miles says, running a hand through his curly hair. "Save a dance for me!" Leah blushes and giggles, "Sure...no probs!"

Miles laughs. Miles found it easy to settle in the Bay and quickly. He was lucky to have Roman and Sally and Alf for support, but it turns out that he didn't need any support as the rest of the Bay took to him with no problems. He often went out with Roman, Jack, Charlie and Martha down at Noah's or out in the city.

Just then, Roman comes out with an apron on him, and carrying plates over to the sofas.

"Here's your burgers, guys." Miles and Sally takes the plates from Roman. Miles asks if Roman have some time to sit down for a chat.

Roman looks at his watch and then to Leah. "Yeah, that's okay. Irene should be along shortly. Go ahead, I'll get you a coffee." Leah says to Roman, gesturing for him to sit down.

"Thanks, Leah." Roman says and he sits down next to Miles. He looks over Pippa's head to the picture, and asks what she's drawing. She shows up a picture of Miles, Sally and her and a half-drawn Alf. Roman nods, appreciatively, "That looks good."

Pippa giggles, "Thank you, Rom"

Roman, Sally and Miles laughs at the name, Pippa seems not able to get Roman's name right.

Miles turns to Roman, "How's it going with Irene?"

"Not so good!" Roman says. "She's still suspicious of me. She seems to think that I'm trying to take over the Diner, but I'm not!"

"Irene will see that you're a good man, eventually." Sally says to Roman. Roman nods, "I hope so! I really want to buy Leah's part of the Diner, but if Irene won't budge, then I'll have to move again..."

Miles suddenly looks distressed at the mention of Roman moving away. He doesn't want him to leave the Bay. Roman is his best buddy, and he finds it easy to talk to Roman. Roman never makes any judgements and always listens.

"I hope not..." Miles says to Roman, who smiles and puts a hand on Miles' back. "Let's hope it doesn't come to that, mate!"

Miles laughs, weakly and turns away. Roman frowns, and looks over to Sally, who shrugs. She also finds it strange to see Miles acting like a lost boy.

Abruptly, Miles gets up, "I better go...see you later."

Then Miles leaves the Diner.

"What was that about?" Roman mutters. Sally looks at the door, wondering what has just happened.

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(is anyone reading this? I need love and comments! :P Anyway, on to the story...)

Chapter Seven

The party was just getting in the swing, when Sally stood under the archway between the kitchen and the living room, and called out to her friends and family for their attention. They were still chattering, but when Miles put his fingers and whistled, everyone stopped and turned to look at Sally and Miles.

Sally grinned and thanked Miles, who was tense and nervous, wondering how his new friends would take the news.

"I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for coming and to welcome Miles to the Summer Bay." Everyone clapped as Miles made a small gesture of a wave to everyone, blushing.

"However, I'm sure some of you were wondering why I wanted to have a party for Miles, since I don't know him very well..." There was a small pause, as everyone nodded in agreement, but smiling.

"Well, Miles came here to find his sister...twin sister and he found her." Everyone gasped, apart from Alf and Roman who already knew. Suddenly, they were asking who was she. Sally finally had to quieten everyone down.

"Settle down, everyone. I'm proud to announce that I'm Miles's sister." Miles stood next to Sally, looking so happy and proud. Sally put her arm around Miles and pulled him close.

"Oh, my god..." Colleen Smart said, as Irene came up to them. "Darl! Wow...what great news!" Irene hugged Sally and then Miles. Leah and everyone else came up and gave their congratulations and hugging Sally. Jack patted on Miles' back, telling him that he had kept this a secret very well. He didn't expect this, not at all. Miles grinned. Martha and Rachel were squealing excitably, telling Sally that she had to tell them all about it. Sally laughed.

Miles looked at everyone, smiling and laughing. He felt tension leaving him, as everyone seemed to take the news well. He sighed with relief, and wanting to be alone, Miles slipped out to the back.

Roman watched Miles go out to the back, and frowned. He was concerned and wondered if Miles was okay. Suddenly, an image flashed in his mind, and he jumped in shock. He knew now where he had seen Miles before. He decided to follow Miles, and after taking a couple of beers out of the fridge, Roman went out to the back.

Miles was standing, staring into the stars, hands in pockets, when he heard Roman come up from behind.

"Beer?" Roman asked, holding the bottle up. Miles grinned and took the bottle. "Just what I needed. Thanks, mate."

Roman patted Miles on the back, smiling. "You alright, mate?"

"Yeah - just overwhelmed, and glad for Sally." Miles replied. Roman nodded, and pointed to the table and chairs in front of them. "I need to tell you something."

"Sure." Miles sat down, and Roman sat on the chair opposite. He looked at Miles, suddenly unsure where to start.

"Remember the day we met on the beach?" Roman asked. Miles laughed, quietly. "Yeah, mate. Don't remind me!"

Roman grinned. He knew what Miles was talking about.

"I didn't tell you then, but I thought I recognised you from somewhere before."

Miles frowned, puzzled. "What do you mean?"

Roman leaned forward, and looked at Miles, sadly. "I know what happened to you...." when Sally came out and interrupted them. Roman sat back, in exasperation.

"Sorry, but I have to take Miles in. I want him to meet someone...a surprise!" Sally giggled.

Miles stood up. "We will talk later, mate." Then Miles and Sally went into the house.

Roman got up and followed them in.

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