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Summer Bay's Shock

Guest Scotcaz22

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Story Title: Summer Bay's Shock

Type of story: Short/Long fic (undecided)

Main Characters: Miles, Leah, Irene, Roman, and some other characters

BTTB rating: T/A

Genre: Romance / drama

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: References to sexual context (but not too graphic) possibly swearing language

Summary: One unlikely couple fall in love and it shocks the people of the Bay. Will they be able to accept the blooming romance or will they try to spilt them up?



Miles Copeland is on the beach. He is wearing old and scruffy clothes. There is dirt on his face. He sits, legs crossed, watching a young woman with a little girl building sandcastles behind the sun. Miles seems to be absorbed in watching them.

Roman Harris is driving along a road, and sees the sign - "Welcome to Summer Bay." He thinks that Summer Bay might be a good place to settle down. He drives into the Summer Bay and takes in all the beautiful sights. Roman parks the camper van by the beach, in front of the new Diner.

Irene Roberts is in the Diner, busy with the food, and serving people, when Leah Patterson comes in. Irene looks relived as Leah puts her apron on and helps Irene.


Which two people falls in love? Why does it shock the Summer Bay? And will they be spilt up by the Bay's residents?

Who are the woman and her little girl that Miles is watching on the beach?

Watch out for this space!


PS just changed Miles' last name - always thought it was Copper for some reason - ops!

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Chapter One

Roman stands at the front of the Diner on the pier, looking over to the beach and the ocean beyond. It is the first place that he felt at home, so settled instantly. He has been travelling all over Australia, never finding one place to settle in. It was always jumping from one place to another. Until Summer Bay.

He decides to walk down to the beach. Roman wanted to feel the sand in between of his feet, so he takes the shoes off, before stepping in the sand. It feels good, to stand there on the beach, taking in the breezing wind from the ocean. He gives a heavy sigh.

It has been a while since he was on a beach. While he was travelling, it was always in cities, never by the sea. Summer Bay is the first place which is right by the ocean. He wonders what it is about Summer Bay which brings him here.

Roman thinks about what brought him to travel the country. He had been in the SAS, but resigned under strange circumstances. What happened prior to the resignation was so awful that Roman wanted to leave and travel around the country. Roman shakes his head, 'What made me think about these times?'.

Roman gives the ocean a last look, before walking back up the beach. He saw a man sitting, legs crossed. He looked like a tramp, Roman thought to himself. He walks over to the man.

"Hey there. You alright?" Roman asks. The man jumps, startled and looks up. Roman thought the man looked familiar, but he couldn't place him. He gives a mental shrug.

"I-I'm okay." the man splutters. Roman grimaces as he notices the tore clothes and the dirt on his face.

"You hungry?" Roman asks. The man nods his head, slowly. "OK, wanna come with me or wait here while I get some food?"

The man looks surprised, but he is suspicious. "Why are you doing this?" Roman shrugs. "Just wanted to help."

In fact, Roman feels drawn to the man, that he doesn't know why he is helping the man out. Roman feels the urge to get to know him a little better. And it is also bothering him that he couldn't place the man, he knew that he looks familiar to him.

"I'll wait here...thank you..." the man tells Roman. Roman smiles. "I'm Roman." He holds the hand out, and the man shakes the hand, "Miles."

"OK, Miles. I won't be long."

* * * * *

In the Diner, Irene and Leah are extremely busy. The Diner is almost full, with people demanding food. There are only two of them. Colleen has phoned in sick, although Irene is suspicious that she is off bowling with her friends.

Roman comes in the Diner and waits at the till. He hears crash from the kitchen. He ponders what to do, should he go in and help or wait? Eventually, after nobody comes out of the kitchen, he decides to go in the kitchen.

Roman steps back, in shock, as he sees a young woman with black/brownish hair on the floor, and she is sobbing. Roman debates whether to go back out or help the woman. He is not one to step back and not to help so Roman gets on his knees next to the woman and puts a hand on her back.

Leah is startled as she feels a hand on her back, and looks up. She sees a handsome man with blonde hair.

"Oh, god...I'm sorry!" Leah wipes her tears away, and quickly gets up. Roman follows, and smiles at her. "It's okay. I heard some crash, and thought I would see if I could help."

Leah is horrified that a stranger had to come in, instead of Irene. She wonders where is she. Leah blinks as Roman starts to clear the broken dishes on the floor.

"I'll do that!" Leah tries to brush Roman off, but Roman smiles and waves her off. "It's okay. I want to help. And besides, if I help, I will get some free food..."

Leah feels better and chuckles. "OK...I'll let you clear it away. I'll get you some food, stay in or take away?"

"Take away, please. Hamburgers and fries for two. Coffee as well." Roman replies and Leah nods. She gets to the cooker, and starts to cook the burgers for Roman. Leah suddenly realises that she doesn't know the stranger's name. She turns to the stranger and asks for his name.

"Roman Harris." Roman smiles. Leah wipes her hand with a towel, and shakes Roman's hand, "Leah Patterson."

"Nice to meet you, Leah." Roman takes the broken pieces and wraps them with newspaper and then puts them in the trash can. He waits by the doorway as Leah cooks the burgers.

"I never seen you around before." Leah says. Roman nods, "I just moved here. I've been travelling around the country in my camper van."

"Camper van? Wow, an interesting way to travel!" Leah says and before Roman could reply, Irene comes in.

"Strewth, what happened here?" Irene exclaims, and before either Roman or Leah could reply, she turns to Roman, and asks, suspiciously, "What are you doing in here? Staff allowed in here only."

"Don't be rude! Roman only came in to help me, he heard some noises." Leah tells Irene.

"I better go." Roman says. Leah shakes her head.

Roman goes to sit at a table, waiting.

Irene looks at Leah, in the kitchen. "Who is he?" Leah glares at Irene, and doesn't bother to answer as she focuses on the burgers and fries. Irene gives a heavy sigh and goes back out. She glances at Roman and frowns. What is a stranger like him doing around here? Irene thinks to herself. Not good, I betta.

Leah brings the hamburgers and fries, along with the coffee out to Roman. Roman takes them and thanks her.

Roman returns to the beach, but he doesn't see Miles anywhere. He sighs. He is probably not surprised. Miles must have thought that he was never coming back, as it has been a while since he has gone to get the food. If only, he didn't go in and help Leah. He shakes his head, and walks over to his camper van.


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(A/N: Some of you might recognise how Roman met Miles and the scenes between Sally and Miles - which are obvious, eh? But eventually, things will go in a complete different direction, perhaps almost an alternative universe from the tv show. ~winks~)

And now to the story:

Chapter Two

After Roman goes to get the food, Miles looks back to where he was watching, and finds the woman and the little girl gone. He gets up quickly.

Miles runs up and down the beach, trying to find them. He finally gives up and collapses on the beach, the water going up and down, making his trousers wet. He hangs his head in his hands, and gives a deep sigh.

After a few moments, Miles reluctantly gets up and was about to return, to wait for Roman, when suddenly, he catches a sight of the woman and her little girl. He hurries up to the road, and begins to follow them from a distance.

Miles sees them disappear into a caravan park. He follows them in. Miles couldn't see them, but he notices a block of showers, and debates in his mind, whether to slip in and take a shower, or to look for them. He is walking backwards, looking at the block, thinking, that he bumps into someone.

"I'm sorry..." Miles turns to find the woman - the same one he saw earlier on the beach - and trails off.

"That's okay." the woman says, carrying a basket of clothes. Miles glances at the woman, in shock. He doesn't know what to say next.

"Are you okay?" the woman says, concerned. Miles snaps out of the trance, and smiles, sadly. "I'm okay. Sorry, I should let you get on with it." He is about to run off, when the woman calls out to him.

"Do you need a shower? Some food, perhaps?"

Miles turns to the woman, and smiles, awkwardly. "If that's okay, madam?" The woman smiles, and gestures for him to follow her. "But I have no money..." Miles tells the woman, nervously.

"That's alright. You don't need to pay for anything." the woman replies and then introduces herself as Sally. Miles nods, he already knew her name. Miles doesn't give his name. Sally takes a mental note, and says nothing.

They go up to the house. Sally asks Miles to wait outside, and goes in to get some towels and fresh clothes. She looks at the clothes, belonging to Flynn, her late husband. She is sure that Flynn won't mind his clothes being given to a complete stranger - although, he didn't feel a stranger to her. Sally felt a bond between her and the stranger. She wonders what is it about him which makes her feel comfortable around him.

Bringing the towels and the new clothes to Miles, Sally tells him to come back for some dinner. Miles nods and thanks Sally.

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Ouh... Different Direction? :ph34r:

Enjoying this so far...

More please



Yep - in a very different direction, perhaps not one you would expect it to go...unless I make it too obvious!! LOL!!

Thanks for the comments!

I will try to update this each day...maybe every two days. Depends on my muse and the ideas it's giving me! Got a rough idea of where it might be going, in my mind! ~wink~

Hope you will enjoy!

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(lucky you to have two updates in one day! This has been on my mind all day and I had to write it, hence the second update!)

Chapter 3

Roman is still in his camper van, when he hears a knock on the door. He opens it slowly, and looks out.

"Flaming hell, what is this?" the man bellows at Roman and gestures at the camper van. He steps back, and frowns.

"Sorry, sir...is this wrong?" Roman asks.

Alf Stewart stares at Roman. "You can't park here!"

Roman flinches and tries to smile, as he steps out. "I'm sorry. Where should I go to park the camper van, sir?" Alf is rather taken aback, he expected Roman to be rude. Instead Roman is being polite and he is now feeling bad for bellowing at him.

"You can park at the caravan park. They should have a space there." Alf replies. Roman nods, and asks for directions to the caravan park. To Roman's surprise, Alf offered to go with him and show him where it is.

"I live up at the house." Alf says, after introducing himself.

* * * * *

Miles comes out of the shower block, feeling afresh and clean, and in clean clothes. He feels strange, the style of the clothes are not to his taste, but it is better than nothing. He carries his own clothes up to the house. On the way, he sees a camper van coming and recognises the driver as Roman. He waits for Roman and someone else to get out of the camper van. They walk towards Miles.

Roman almost doesn't recognise Miles. He opens his mouth in shock, as he sees a different and clean Miles in front of him. He looks different from earlier, when Roman met him at the beach.

"You look good!" Roman remarks. Miles grins. "Thanks, mate." Roman introduces Alf to Miles. Miles explains that Sally has given the clothes to him and allowed him to take a shower. Alf nods. He recognised the clothes, they used to belong to Flynn. Perhaps Sally is finally getting over Flynn's death, not that she would forget him, no way, Alf thinks to himself.

They walk up to the house together.

Once the introductions are made between Roman and Sally, Alf goes out with Roman to show him where he can park the camper van, and to discuss payments.

Miles and Sally are alone in the house. This is the first time that Miles has stepped into the house. Sally is about to say something, when she heard her daughter call out to her.

"I'm sorry, I must go and see to Pippa. Can you wait a few moments?" Sally asks. Miles smiles, "I'll wait."

Once Sally is gone, Miles walks over to the fireplace. He saw pictures on the mantle earlier, and wanted to take a closer look. Now he has an opportunity to see who's who in the pictures.

His heart beats quickly and Miles takes in a sharp breath, as he recognises one of the pictures. He picks it up. In the picture, Sally is a little girl with a teddy bear in her arms. Miles knew the teddy bear pretty well. He was the one who gave it to her.

He doesn't hear Sally come up behind him. "The bear's name is Milco." Sally smiles. Miles recognises the name and flinches, and turns to Sally. He stares at Sally, in shock.

Sally steps back, in confusion and starts to be wry of Miles. Miles shakes his head, and runs out of the house, dropping the picture. Miles couldn't handle seeing his twin sister again after a very long time. He couldn't believe that Sally didn't remember him.

Miles doesn't see where he is going, and bumps into Roman. Roman takes one look at Miles, and realises that Miles is upset. He leads Miles to the camper van, to try to calm him down. Miles is sobbing uncontrollably in his arms.


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