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Summer Bay's Shock

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Warning: some mild mention of sexuality and cursing.

Chapter Thirteen

Miles tugged at the collar; he was wearing a black suit with a black tie, and wasn't used to it. He stood in Leah's kitchen, waiting to take Leah to the charity ball.

When Leah appeared, Miles went, "Wow, you look beautiful!" Leah was wearing a ivory white slim dress with a V strap at the back.

Leah blushed, "Thank you." Miles grinned and put his arm out, and Leah put hers under the arm.

* * * * *

At the Sands, Tony and Rachel were dancing and laughing. Sally and Brad were at the buffet table, when Miles and Leah came in. Sally saw them and waved them over.

"Oh, Leah! You look lovely!" Sally exclaimed. Leah flushed, "Thank you. You look nice too. I love the dress you got." Leah told Sally, who was wearing a black with silver glitter dress. Sally beamed at Leah. Sure enough, they started to talk about where they got the dresses and exchanged notes on fashion, etc.

Miles rolled his eyes at the girl talk between his sister and Leah, and turned to Brad. "How's things, mate?"

"Pretty well, thanks. Got some news from work." Brad said. Miles raised an eyebrow, "What news is that?"

"I got promoted to principal." Brad told him. Miles patted on the back of Brad's and gave his congratulations.

"Sally said you were a teacher?" Brad asked, curiously. Miles nodded, confirming that he was a teacher. "Because I'm promoted, there is a job available for a teacher for Social Studies. Thought of you, would you like the job?"

Miles was surprised, and told Brad that he would have to think on it. Brad nodded, telling him to get back to him as soon as possible.

Sally and Leah turned to the boys. "I hear congratulations are in order for your promotion, Brad!" Leah said to Brad. Just then, Rachel and Tony arrived.

"Brad!" Rachel cried, "You never told me!" Rachel hugged her brother. "I was going to tell you..." Brad laughed.

Miles asked Leah to dance with him, leaving Sally, Rachel and their respective partners behind.

Sally smiled and whispered to Rachel, "They make a nice couple." Rachel nodded, smiling. They looked on as Miles and Leah danced away under the chandelier in the grand hall.

* * * * *

Later that night

Miles and Leah walked to Leah's house. Leah invited Miles in for some coffee. Miles accepted.

They were in the living room, talking about Brad's promotion and the job offer.

"It's great that Brad offered you a job." Leah grinned.

"Yeah, I was surprised. It has been a long time since I taught at school. The last time I was teaching was just before..." Miles trailed off, looking sad.

Leah knew what Miles was talking about, and put a hand over Miles', and told him that he would make a good teacher. Leah stared at Miles, who smiled, and was about to say something, when suddenly Leah leaned in and kissed Miles on the mouth.

Miles pulled away from Leah, in shock. "What the hell are you doing?"

Leah put a hand up to her mouth, and gasped. She looked away in embarrassment. "I'm sorry! I thought - all the time we spent together..."

Miles gave a heavy sigh, and put an arm around Leah, and pulled her close. "I enjoy spending time with you. You are a good friend. Hell, you know more about me and my past than Sally does. I just don't see you in that way." Miles was apologetic.

Leah rested her head on Miles' shoulder and sighed. "I guess I needed comfort." Miles understood how Leah was feeling. It wasn't that long since Dan died.

"You were lonely. I totally understand, but this is not the way to go...believe me!" Miles said.

"You...were lonely?" Leah asked, afraid of the answer.

"Yes..." Miles sighed. "Just after my wife and Amber died, I was distraught. I was feeling lonely and had nobody to turn to. I met someone, not long after, and we slept together. I regret it ever since."

"Oh, Miles!" Leah was upset for him, "Who was she? Was it someone you knew?"

Miles shook his head, "No, I didn't know him." Miles didn't realise that he said 'him' till Leah sat up and looked at him, shocked.

"You - you said 'him'?"

Miles frowned and then suddenly realised he slipped up. 'Oh, crap!' he thought to himself. Miles sighed again, and looked at Leah. "Yeah."

"But...but you were married!" Leah cried.

"Yes, I was. I'm bi, Leah." Miles said.

"Oh..." Leah said, quietly. "Did she know?"

"Yeah, couldn't keep it from her. She was brilliant about it, although. When we got married, I stopped seeing other men...I wanted to stay faithful to her all through our marriage. She was a great lady. I loved her very much - the love of my life." Miles explained to Leah.

"She must have been awesome, if she accepted your sexuality..." Leah told Miles.

"Yeah, she was..." Miles nodded, slowly. Miles looked down at Leah, and asked, nervously, "Does this bother you?"

"No - no! I was just surprised..." Leah said. She just realised something else. Leah always thought that Roman and Miles seemed to be very close. Suddenly it made all sense to her. "Are you in love with Roman?"

Miles gasped; his mouth hung open and his eyes widening. "Please..."

Leah grinned and shook her head. "I won't say anything."

Miles relaxed with relief. "Thanks."

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Chapter Fourteen

"Where are you going!" Roman exclaimed from inside the house.

Miles was about to knock on the door, when he heard Roman and was puzzled as to who he was talking to. He heard a female voice shouting back, "Out! Away from you!"

Miles was gobsmacked. He didn't even know that Roman was seeing anyone. He was about to leave, when suddenly the door opened, and a young woman with blonde hair came out.

"Who are you?" the young woman asked, sharp.

"I - I..." Miles struggled to answer, but the young woman shook her head and turned to Roman, "Don't wait up!"

"Nicole! Come back - now!" Roman cried out, but Nicole ignored him and disappeared into the street. Roman rubbed against the temples, and sighed. Suddenly, he looked at Miles, surprised.

"What are you doing here? Thought you were out with Leah." Roman snapped.

Miles was taken aback. "I was, but dropped by on way home, to see if you fancy coming out for a drink..." Miles said. He gestured a thumb in Nicole's direction. "But I see you are busy."

Roman stared at Miles, before realising that Miles thought Nicole was his girlfriend.

"Oh...that...you got it wrong thing about her...." Roman said. Miles raised an eyebrow and ran a hand through his curly hair.

Roman sighed and gestured for Miles to come in. Miles stepped in and followed Roman into the kitchen. He took a couple of beers out of the fridge and handed one to Miles.

He gulped most of the beer in one go, and Roman sighed, heavily.

"That bad?" Miles was bemused as he watched Roman.

"Like hell!" Roman responded. He gestured for them to sit down.

"That girl you saw - she is my daughter." Roman came out with it. Miles choked on the beer, and looked at Roman, looking for any small of grinning, but all he saw was seriousness on Roman's face.

"I didn't know you had a daughter." Miles finally said.

"Yeah...we were young when she was born. I had just signed up with the SAS." Roman explained. "The last time I saw Nicole was when she was 3 or 4."

"Oh. And her mother?" Miles asked, suddenly afraid that Roman will tell him that he is seeing her mother again.

"Oh, we are not together. Hell, it was just a one-night stand. Let's just say we are not suited to each other." Roman said.

"Oh...sorry..." Miles said, not knowing what to say next.

"Yeah, well."

They drank their beers in silence.


(There you go, Tele. Is that enough for you to update ER? ~grins~)

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(There you go, Tele. Is that enough for you to update ER? ~grins~)

Let me see... if I say no then will you give me another update???

hee hee! The only thing I can promise is that I will update first thing tomorrow morning! (gotta go and watch a dvd!)

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Warning: some m/m kissing :D

Chapter Fifteen

"So, Nicole is here to live?" Miles said, after Roman explained that Nicole's mother has thrown her out and told her to come to the Bay and stay at his. He told Miles, that when he dropped by, Roman and Nicole were arguing about why she was thrown out and that she refused to tell him.

"Looks like it." Roman hung his head in his hands. "Why me? Couldn't I have a simple life?"

Miles coughed, quietly. "I would give anything to have Amber alive."

At that, Roman looked up, blushing. He forgot about Miles' daughter. "God, I'm sorry, Miles."

Miles put a hand up. "It's okay. I understand...but be grateful for what you've got, mate."

Roman nodded, slightly ashamed that he complained about having his daughter to stay, when Miles wished for his daughter to be alive. He gave a heavy sigh.

"Want another?" Roman indicated to the empty bottle in Miles' hand. Miles shook his head, as he got up. "I have to go."

Roman was taken aback. "Wait, you didn't tell me how it went with Leah!"

"Nothing happened, Roman." Miles told Roman, suddenly angry. Roman was confused. How did it happen? What made Miles angry with him all of sudden?

"Whoa...why are you angry?" Roman glared at Miles, who glared back.

"Just...fed up with you complaining and whining, when you've got everything you wanted and I don't!" Miles finally blew up.

Roman looked at Miles, sadly. "Not everything...I want someone..." Roman whispered, quietly.

Miles' neck cranked so sharply at that and looked at Roman, holding his breath. "What? Who?"

"I want that person but they can't give it to me." Roman told Miles, shakily, not believing what has happened.

"Why can't they give it to you?" Miles asked, equally shaking. He moved closer to Roman.

"Because they are straight." Roman answered, almost quietly, very quiet that Miles almost missed it, but he did hear and looked into Roman's eyes. His heart was starting to beat fast, as he asked, "What if you found out they were bisexual? What if you found out they felt the same way as you?"

Roman stared at him, shocked. Suddenly he understood what Miles was trying to say, at least he hoped he did.

"I would do this." Roman leaned in and kissed Miles softly. Miles moaned and put his arms around Roman, and he felt Roman relaxing into Miles. They kissed a few more times, before breaking away.

Shyly, they looked at each other, grinning and beaming. They didn't know what to do, what to say next.

Roman was about to say something, when the front door slammed shut with a loud bang and Nicole called out, "I'm home! Now I'm going upstairs. Do not disturb me!"

They heard footsteps on the steps.

"I - I best go and see Nicole..." Roman said, awkwardly. Miles nodded, "Me too. Sally must be wondering where I am."

Miles followed Roman to the front door. Miles was about to leave, when suddenly Roman pulled him back and planted a quick kiss on Miles' lips. "This is not over, Miles." Roman whispered.

Miles could only nod as the door closed.

Humming happily, Miles left and walked home.

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Chapter Sixteen

Miles came downstairs, just as Brad was leaving.

"G'day, mate." Brad said. Miles waved a hand; "Hey, Brad."

"Have you thought any more about the job?" Brad asked, lingering at the front door. Miles shook his head, "Not yet, but I will make a decision later, and let you know. Just need to talk to Sally about some stuff."

Brad nodded, and after saying goodbye, he left.

Miles went into the kitchen to make some breakfast, when Sally came downstairs.

"Hey.." Miles called out to Sally, who turned and smiled.

"Enjoyed last night?" Sally asked. Miles nodded, grinning. He wasn't thinking about the charity ball, but about the kiss he shared with Roman. He sighed, happily.

Sally noticed and grinned.

"Did anything happen between you and Leah?" Sally teased.

"Eh? We are just good friends!" Miles exclaimed. Sally nodded, but she looked like she didn't believe him. Miles sighed and shrugged, there's nothing he can do at the moment, anyway, not till he talked to Roman, properly.

"You got some time to talk, Sal?" Miles asked.

"Yeah, sure..." Sally looked at her watch, "I got half an hour at most, before I go into work."

Miles grinned. He bought through some coffee and toast to the dining table. He gestured for Sally to sit down with him.

"Right. I need to tell you something, Sal." Miles said. Sally was curious to what Miles wanted to tell her. She was quiet, although and indicated for Miles to start.

"I was married." Miles said. Sally gasped a little, not expecting that. "We met through work; she was a teacher at the same school I worked at, and we fell in love. We got married after a couple of years together and had a daughter. Her name was Amber." Miles wanted to get it out as quickly as he could. But Sally could hear the tremble in Miles' voice, and knew that something bad had happened to them. She put a hand over Miles' hand to reassure him, and to encourage him to continue.

Miles smiled at the soft touch. He sighed, heavily. His eyes were starting to water, as he thought of his wife and Amber.

"We went on holiday, when Amber was 5. She was so excited." Miles chuckled at the memory, and then shook his head. "We were at a resort in Phuket when the tsunami hit. We were on the beach, when the alarm sounded." Miles closed his eyes, and he was shaking.

"We heard it and I carried Amber as we ran back to the hotel, but..." Miles choked, tears streaking down his cheeks. "...it was too late. When we got on the roof, Amber slipped out of my arms, and I wanted to dive right back in, but I froze. I didn't know what to do. My wife and I were heartbroken and oh..."

Sally was crying by now, and she went over to Miles and put her arms around Miles' neck and hugged him tightly.

"We saw the SAS arrive. When the helicopter hoovered over us, and they dropped the ladder. Some of the soldiers came down. They helped us up the ladder, but...Louise found it difficult to climb and she was struggling. She fell off the ladder. I put a hand out to try to catch her...but it was too late."

Sally's heart tightened. She might have lost Flynn to cancer, but at least they had some time together and made the most of it before he died, but what Miles had gone through was devastating. She couldn't imagine what Miles was going through at the time. She suddenly realised that it was why Miles was poor; that he was down in the dumps when he came to the Bay.

"I don't know what to say..." Sally whispered. Miles just looked up. "Just be here for me."

"I will be, Miles."

They sat in silence, the sound of sobbing echoed around the house.

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