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Belle Departure Feature

Guest Dan F

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Our Belle Departure feature is finally online on the main site.

It brings with it a complete update to her profile, detailed summaries of her romances and 2 of her main storylines, an hour long video showing her best moments, 4 new locations all related to Belle, a special photo album, your thoughts and artwork (including comments from Bevan Lee), aswell as a look at most of the cancer storylines in the history of the show

A small group of us have worked tirelessly on this for weeks and weeks, so we hope you enjoy it and we'd appreciate any feedback which you may have! :wink:

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Completely Fantastic!! :D Immense thanks to ALL involved with this,you've done yourselves and the site,incredibly proud!! I love Irene's photo album,I can sort of hear her when I read it......

Moving On! :P

I can't imagine that it was easy to chose the various member posts that you did,there must've been so many! I look forward to downloading and watching the video that Karen put together,those are always such a fitting tribute and Bevan's words summed up Belle and Jess perfectly!

I think this feature will go down in BttB's history as one of it's finest! :)

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Bloody hell, you guys have done an awesome job..

Thank you . Its so fantasic. No wonder it took you guys a long time to do this. Its one of the best Goodbye features. I have read.

I was even crying, while reading Belle's profile. So can you imagine what i was like loking at Iren's album.

I have had a quick look at the others stuff. as there is so much. I wanted to look at it all, at once.. lol

Just downloading the video's, Can't wait to see them, I'll prob cry again.

Thanks again guys.. :)

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Drying my very wet face, cried like a baby again..

Just watched the Belle's Journey video's - wow!! The memories, and how much Belle changed her fashion sense. lol

Even though she let people in, she was still very much an independent young woman right up to the end. I'm so going to miss the feisty,loving character she was...

Thanks again for all the hard work guys :)

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I know how hard you have all worked to put this feature together. It has come together perfectly and is so amazing. It is going to take me a while to read it all, though :P. I'm downloading the videos right now! Awesome job everyone, and thank you! :D

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That was just amazing.

Thank you to every single person who worked on it. It was truly fantastic, and moving, one of the best departure features.

Irene's photo album was a lovely touch, and the artwork displayed was outstanding.

Again, thank you to every one who worked on it. A truly magnificent job that had me in tears, and a moving tribute to a beloved Summer Bay resident.

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