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Belle Departure Feature

Guest Dan F

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thanks Karen.. I just thought I should mention it, because the wedding was very important for Belles character during her last 6 weeks on the show. :rolleyes:

And by the way, I have really loved all your departure features. They are really great!! Its so good to have a detailed summary and flash backs to the storylines the character has had. When they are on the show for a few years it's really difficult to remember all the storylines the character have had during his/her stay in the bay. The features are like a tribute to the character and actor (and the writers of course). :D

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I haven't looked at the whole thing yet but I think the feature is really good and it is obvious that a lot of work has been put into making it, so thanks! It's a really great way to remember Jess/ Belle's time on the show.

Irene's photo album is definitely my favourite thing so far.

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