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50 all-time Home and Away characters

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1.Irene Roberts

2.Leah Baker

3.Matilda Hunter

4.Pippa Fletcher

5.Ailsa Stewart

6.Beth Hunter

7.Hayley Hunter

8.Sally Fletcher

9.Cassie Turner

10.Belle Taylor

11.Charlie Buckton

12. Ruby Buckton

13.Bobby Marshall

14.Carly Linch

15.Floss Mcphee

16.Morag Bellingham

17.Colleen Smart

18.Celia Stewart

19.Gina Austin

20.Martha Holden

21.Lynn Davenport

22.Marilyn Fisher

23.Shelley Sutherland

24.Sophie Simpson

25. Chloe Richards


1.Hugo Austin

2.Angelo Rosetta

3.Jack Holden

4.Dan Baker

5.Ric Dalby

6.Lucas Holden

7.Aden Jeffries

8.Alf Stewart

9. Tom Fletcher

10.Drew Curtis

11.Matt Wilson

12.Steve Matterson

13.Neville Mcphee

14.Matt Wilson

15. Frank Wilson

16.Donald Fisher

17.Ken Smith

18.Tony Holden

19. Scott Hunter

20. Kim Hyde

22.Peter Baker

23.Xavier Austin

24.Barry Hyde

25.Robbie Hunter

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