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50 all-time Home and Away characters

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1) Belle Taylor

2) Aden Jeffries

3) Sally Fletcher

4) Irene Roberts

5) Matilda Hunter

6) Amanda Vale

7) Peter Baker

8) Ruby Buckton

9) Tasha Hunter

10) Rachel Armstrong

11) Angelo Rosetta

12) Geoff Campbell

13) Roman Harris

14) Hayley Lawson

15) Jack Holden

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1. Kane Philips

2. Danielle Sutherland

3. Kirsty Philips

4. Flynn Saunders (the original one)

5. Amanda Vale

6. Angela Russell

7. Shelly Sutherland

8. Roman Harris

9. Alf Stewart

10. Morag Bellingham

11. Charlie Buckton

12. Donald Fisher

13. Jade Sutherland

14. Jesse McGregor

15. David Gardner

The first six were relatively straightforward although I really couldn’t decide who I liked more out of Kane and Dani and Kirsty has gone down because I don’t particularly like what they’ve done with her character since she returned. The rest were really difficult for the simple reason being I found it a lot harder to decide how much I liked some of the past characters compared to the present/recent ones. If I were to watch a lot of the older episodes no doubt this might have been different.

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There has been a voting extension to Midnight on Friday night, so get everyone voting, every point counts and I will include some feature information on trivia, pictures and character strength and weaknesses. So, get your mum, dad, cousin, baby brother voting, voting and more voting

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