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50 all-time Home and Away characters

Guest adelle09

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1.Irene Roberts

2.Leah Baker

3.Matilda Hunter

4.Pippa Fletcher

5.Ailsa Stewart

6.Beth Hunter

7.Hayley Hunter

8.Sally Fletcher

9.Cassie Turner

10.Belle Taylor

11.Charlie Buckton

12. Ruby Buckton

13.Bobby Marshall

14.Carly Linch

15.Floss Mcphee

16.Morag Bellingham

17.Colleen Smart

18.Celia Stewart

19.Gina Austin

20.Martha Holden

21.Lynn Davenport

22.Marilyn Fisher

23.Shelley Sutherland

24.Sophie Simpson

25. Chloe Richards


1.Hugo Austin

2.Angelo Rosetta

3.Jack Holden

4.Dan Baker

5.Ric Dalby

6.Lucas Holden

7.Aden Jeffries

8.Alf Stewart

9. Tom Fletcher

10.Drew Curtis

11.Matt Wilson

12.Steve Matterson

13.Neville Mcphee

14.Matt Wilson

15. Frank Wilson

16.Donald Fisher

17.Ken Smith

18.Tony Holden

19. Scott Hunter

20. Kim Hyde

22.Peter Baker

23.Xavier Austin

24.Barry Hyde

25.Robbie Hunter

I love your list, but please can you minimize it into 15 names, its the only way I can use my current point system :cool:

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1. Rocco Cooper

2. Sam Holden

3. Angel Parrish

4. Peter Baker

5. Dani Sutherland

6. Aden Jefferies

7. Selina Roberts

8. Sally Fletcher

9. Chloe Richards

10. Gypsy Nash

11. Ric Dalby

12. Josh West

13. Charlie Buckton

14. Angelo Rosetta

15. Jazz Curtis

That was difficult, there are about five others who I would love to add to that list. I'm also not sure if the order is right. 1 to 6 are correct, but the rest are just placed randomly on the list, because I love them equally.

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1. Miles Copeland

2. Johnny Cooper

3. Brodie Hanson

4. Shelley Sutherland

5. Ruby Buckton

6. Charlie Buckton

7. Sally Fletcher

8. Leah Patterson-Baker

9. Rachel Armstrong

10. Jude Lawson

11. Will Smith

12. Noah Lawson

13. Aden Jefferies

14.Dani Sutherland

15. Belle Taylor

It's hard to get it in an exact right order because you like them all for different reasons so it's hard to compare, but that's a rough estimate. I tried to think of it in a way like .. 'if i had to throw one off a cliff who would it be' and have them last.. then do it again and have them next and next haha!

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1. Tony Holden

2. Beth Hunter

3. Rachel Holden

4. Leah Patterson-Baker

5. Jack Holden

6. Lucas Holden

7. Alf Stewart

8. Bobby Simpson

9. Flynn Saunders

10. Noah Lawson

11. Hayley Lawson

12. Pippa Fletcher

13. Ailsa Stewart

14. Dan Baker

15. Morag Bellingham

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1.Sally Fletcher

2.Pippa Ross

3.Alf Stewart

4.Don Fisher

5.Miles Copeland

6.Natalie Nash

7.Melody Jones

8.Kit Hunter

9.Annie Campbell

10.Matilda Hunter

11.Ric Dalby

12.Tony Holden

13.Shannon Reed

14.Jai Fernandez

15.Geoff Campbell

Had a hard time narrowing that down and an even harder time choosing the order to put them in...

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1.Noah Lawson

2.Peter Baker

3.Kit Hunter

4.Melody Jones

5.Hugh Sullivan

6.Johnny Cooper

7.Roman Harris

8.Aden Jefferies

9.Gypsy Nash

10.Angel Parrish

11.Shane Parrish

12.Chloe Richards

13.Selina Cook

14.Robbie Hunter

15.Ric Dalby

They stopped being in order after the top 8.I'm sure i love Robbie more then that but oh well...

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As you will be able to tell by my avator who my top two will be. The rest in no particular order.

1)Jack Holden

2)Martha Holden

3)Beth Hunter

4)Matilda Hunter

5)Tasha Hunter

6)Scott Hunter

7)Sally Fletcher

8)Morag Bellingham

9)Aden Jefferies

10)Irene Roberts

11)Peter Baker

12)Hugo Austin

13)Hugh Sullivan

14)Alf Stewart

15)Jazz Curtis

Sorry had to delete Colleen and add Jazz. Please come back.

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