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50 all-time Home and Away characters

Guest adelle09

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1. Aden Jeffries

2. Charlie Buckton

3. Angelo Rosetta

4. Roman Harris

5. Ruby Buckton

6. Belle Taylor

7. Ollie

8. Xavier Austin

9. Lucas Holden

10. Brendan Austin

11. Jack Holden

12. Peter Baker

13. Robbie Hunter

14. Cassie Turner

15. Xavier Austin

I had a hard time because I generally have a top 5 /6 favourites, 15 was hard!!

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1. Charlie Buckton

2. Noah Lawson

3. Hayley Lawson

4. Angelo Rosetta

5. Amanda Vale

6. Roman Harris

7. Peter Baker

8. Ruby Buckton

9. Ric Dalby

10. Geoff Cambell

11. Tony Holden

12. Aden Jeffries

13. Nick Smith

14. Jack Holden

15. Xavier Austin

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1. Sally Fletcher

2. Charlie Buckton

3. Rachel Armsrong

4. Ruby Buckon

5. Gypsy Nash

6. Kirsty Sutherland

7. Leah Patterson

8. Flynn Saunders

9. Vinnie Patterson

10. Jade Sutherland

11. Dani Sutherland

12. Sophie Simpson

13. Matilda Hunter

14. Annie Campbell

15. Belle Taylor


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I love your list, but please can you minimize it into 15 names, its the only way I can use my current point system :cool:

Okay sure you must be putting a lot of hard work into this, so I will limit it to 15. It's not going to be easy but it'll make it easier for you.

Sorry it took me so long to limit it, I haven't had enough time to do it until now.

1. Irene Roberts

2. Leah Baker

3. Hugo Austin

4. Angelo Rosetta

5. Matilda Hunter

6. Pippa Fletcher

7. Jack Holden

8. Ailsa Stewart

9. Beth Hunter

10. Hayley Hunter

11. Sally Fletcher

12. Cassie Tunner

13. Belle Taylor

14. Dan Baker

15. Ric Dalby

It was very hard to narrow it done to 15. So when you going to tell us who top 50 characters ?

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I don't know if you still want lists, but I only just saw this thread so here goes:

1. Robbie Hunter

2. Kim Hyde

3. Corey Henderson

4. Ric Dalby

5. Lucas Holden

7. Tasha Andrews

8. Mattie Hunter

9. Aden Jefferies

10. Morag Bellingham

11. Belle Taylor

12. Josh West

13. Jazz Curtis

14. Josie Russel (I'd say Angie, but I saw more of Josie and was more attached to her)

15. Roman Harris


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I live in Ireland and have been following the storylines from September 2007 (AUS time) but caught up on episodes from June-August (AUS time) I missed Drew's early days (July-May) Was he in the show much in this period, if so, is the period worth watching on youtube or whatever? was it good?

1) Geoff Campbell (June '07-November '08)

2) Jonah/Michael Abraham

3) Trey Palmer

4) Melody Jones

5) Drew Curtis

6) Jesse McGregor (i remember him from around 2001-04, i'm only 17)

7) Rhys Sutherland

8) Alf Stewart

9) Lucas Holden

10) Seb Miller)

11) Colleen Stewart

12) Morag Bellingham

13) Eric Dalby

14) Josh West

15) Mama Rose

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