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Summer Bay High

Guest gazzalovesu

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Title: Summer Bay High

Author: Me

Category: Long Fic

Genre: Romance/Drama/Angst/Funny

Main Characters: All the school & tachers and randoms

Rating: A

Summary: What really happends at SBH

Summer Bay High

Teachers: Kirsty Phillips, Miles Copeland, Martin Bartlett,

Students: Ollie Phillips, Annie Campbell, Geoff Campbell, Nicole Franklin, Jai Fernandez, Ruby Buckton, Colleen Smart, Trey Palmer & Some Guy starts with a X

Day 1:

Summer Bay House

Kirsty: I cant believe that my Ollie is starting High School Today.

Miles: WTH! He is only 3.

Kirsty: Well Ollie is really smart for his age. And Plus anyone can go to Summer Bay High.

Miles: Well i guess so, I mean we got jobs teaching and you were kinda stupid, and i was a hobo.

Ollie: Milk

Miles: Ollie someone else is starting school today.

Kirsty: Who


Kirsty: We have to start locking the doors.

Miles: We do but she still gets in somehow.

Ollie: Milk

Colleen: Ready for our first day Ollie

Ollie: Where's my Milk

Summer Bay High

Annie: Is it me or is this school getting smaller.

Ruby: Well we only have one classroom.

Jai: Its looks big to me.

Trey: Everything looks big to you.

Nicole: Wait! Wait! Wait!

Geoff: What?

Nicole: Are we missing someone?

Ruby: No.

Bartlett: Take your seats.

Nicole: OMG he is so hot

Geoff: Who?

Nicole: Bartlett.

Bartlett: can i help you Nicole.

Nicole: [Gets up from her seat and starts singing and dancing sexy] Send me to detention, Tell me that im bad, I kinda think its sexy that your older than my dad.

Bartlett: Students leave.

Ruby: We Have Cheerleading Class anyway

Annie: Do we have to do those splits? I'm a Christian.

Outside the Guys Gym showers

Colleen: [after catching Kirsty peeping on the boys in the shower] OK, I have to turn you in, cause this is wrong.

Kirsty: No, no, no, no, wait, wait, wait, wait. Colleen, wouldn't you like to know everything there is to know about the mysterious, the debonair... Geoff?

Colleen: Get rid of that fog.

Lezzy: What in the name of Jesus is going on here?

Kirsty: It's her fault. She slipped me a ruffie!

Lezzy: I got an idea

Kirsty: I got a better idea, Lezzy. When the lunch bell rings, why don't you ??? me?

Trey: I cant believe that Nicole left me for Bartlet

Ollie I cant believe that after all this time i still dont have Milk

Trey: OMG you are so smart, seen any hot girls you like.

Ollie: Im three i like lego

On the next story Annie & Geoff realize that online dating can lead to incest, accidentally, Colleen becomes head cheerleader, Will Ollie have his Milk, Will Kirsty find someone better than Miles, Will Ruby realize that X is really her boyfriend.

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Oh my god.That was the funniest thing ever.Especially the references to someone beginning with X (yeah, I keep forgetting him as well)and the complete lack of qualifications most of the teachers have. And the fact any sane person would bolt the doors and hide if Colleen came round.And cheerleaders?If only there were illustrations.Except of Colleen.

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Oh Gazza as soon as I saw you write this I knew it was going to be hilarious :lol:

I loved Kirstys "I was kinda stupid and you we're a hobo" line it was hilarious but not as funny as Kirsty suggesting they keep Colleen out by bolting the doors :lol:

and oh Annie with the splits haha

The song that Nicole sang about Bartlett was so FUNNY. "Send me to detention, Tell me that im bad, I kinda think its sexy that your older than my dad." :lol:

I so can't wait for the next part and Annie & Geoff's online dating :lol:

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Here it is sorry it took ages i kept on getting writers block

Part 2

The Beach

Ruby: How is Jai now that you left him.

Annie: I dont know But i really had to He was never there for me like God was.

Ruby: We are the best cheerleaders ever

Annie: Idk As a Christian, I'm just not comfortable with Guys hands touching my bits, propelling my butt heavenwards.

Ruby: Thats the best bit.

Annie: Im going on that Bible online dating thing tonight

Ruby: Why dont you just do what i did jump the first person you see.

Annie: Yeah and u cant even remember the dude.

Ruby: I know him i just dont want him to know i do.

Annie: OMG what is she doing?

>>Moving Image Link

[Kirsty Miles & Ollie are also at the beach, Miles is eating another hot dog what a big fat fatty]

Kirsty: Colleen is such a retardo. Im so glad that i bolted the doors.

Miles: Yeah but she means well, I really miss Leah and her talks.

Kirsty: Its a shame, But the cops needed her, The cell's got too packed, Now they just bring Leah in than they die. I mean she wasnt doing anything else,

Miles: I dont know what to say to her when i see her, how do you tell a parent that you ate their only son.

Kirsty: Its easy just do what i did when i run over Martha I got so sick of that *itch she was stealing my thunder and i wanted it back.

Miles: That was you? Why?.

Kirsty: I needed a new hip.

[Aden & Geoff are talking about something big]

Geoff: I wish Belle was here

Aden: So do i man, Do you know how hard it is to be with a dead person.

Geoff: I dont know but you should talk to Leah about that.

Aden: I will.

Geoff: Got to run got to chat online with the babes.

Christian Chatline

Imnotgaylikeadensays: Hi What you into?

Jesuslovesme: Hi im into being a good girl and all things jesus related.

Imnotgaylikeadensays: Me too well when it suits me.

Jesuslovesme: Jesus rocks

Imnotgaylikeadensays: What do u look like?

Jesuslovesme: Well im a girl with long brown hair and thats all i know i dont really like looking at myself.

Imnotgaylikeadensays: Well im young hot and my pants are way to low.

Jesuslovesme: ok.

Imnotgaylikeadensays: I will send you a pic of myself.

[imnotgaylikeadensays: sending pic]

Jesuslovesme: What the hell is that?

Imnotgaylikeadensays: Turn on your webcam and i will show you more.

Jesuslovesme: Ok

[Cut to Beach house & Aden House Screams come from both house's]

Outside Summerbay House

[Colleen walks up to the door and see's what Kirsty did]

Colleen: That is so mean, No one does that to Colleen Gertrude Cookie Smart née Hickey Hollingsworth

Summerbay House

[Kirsty is on the phone with some Guy named Ross? And Miles is eating with the others]

Kirsty: Look i dont know who you are? But I draw the line at amputation ok goodbye.

Miles: Who was that.

Kirsty: Some loser that wanted my leg.

Ollie: Mum Miles is looking at me like im a hotcake again.

Kirsty: Ollie run up to your room and lock the door, mummy will be up soon.

[Colleen smashes the through the door]

Kirsty: What the hell was that.


Kirsty: Maybe i should get a shotgun

Colleen: I got news i cant look after Ollie anymore because im the head cheerleader.

Jai: What i thoght that Annie was.

Colleen: Anyhoo My dad is so happy.

Kirsty: Your dad's still alive? the poor bloke.

Aden's house

Aden: You did what to Annie.

Geoff: I didnt know it was Annie.

Aden: That is so funny.

Geoff: Its not funny i did things.

Aden: Ok well its not like she is going to get Pregnant.

Geoff: What am i going to tell Irene?.

SummerBay House

[some guy walks inside the house and see's Kirsty]

Kirsty: Well well well havent seen you since forever, and thats not long enough.

On the next story Who is Ross? and what does he want with Kirsty, Annie must tell Geoff about something, Who will be Colleen's new beau, Death moves into summerbay, Where is Miles,

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