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Amanda Vale - Holly Brisley

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Since there isn’t an Amanda thread yet I’d just thought I’d start one to discuss Summer Bay's former resident Super B*tch. Personally she was one of my all time favourite characters (and I especially loved the relationship with Belle) but I’m interested to know what people think of her. Did you like her, love her, hate her etc?


Please share your thoughts…

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Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. One of my all time favourite Home and Away characters.

I liked evil, bad Amanda better than when she turned all good before she left.

Always loved her relationships with Belle and Peter. Yes, she made mistakes and had her faults but don't we all?

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I too loved the “bad” Amanda and believe it or not I actually liked the lying, sneaking around, using people etc. She was purposely brought in to do that, to stir things up, to be hated and made out to be the villain of the piece. I think the turning point was when she returned from Europe with Ryan and Kitty arrived and we discovered that she had miscarried her baby when she was 14 :unsure: which was of course a lie fabricated by her mother to cover up the fact that Kitty sold her. We could see the pain Amanda was in and when she discovered that Belle was her daughter tried to make amends (so at least we began to see a different side to her). I know she slept with Drew and you could argue whether she should have forgiven her in such a short amount of time (let alone forgiven her at all) but they had to progress that storyline and since it is Soap Land that was the natural thing to do. Belle couldn’t carry on hating her forever. One of my favourite episodes with them was when Belle was holding the sour milk and Amanda pushed the two containers spilling it all over Belle (because she knew Belle was going to do it first) - “You know you really should be more careful”. And then later on Belle told Leah she had to go home and get changed and she let herself in to Amanda’s and poured the stale milk all over her new rug. Upon finding out Amanda stormed into the Diner and confronted her: “That was a $15000 rug you just ruined”, “”Well you ruined my 15$ shirt!”.

I forgot to mention first time around that I absolutely loved Amanda and Peter together. They were one my all time favourite couples. And I actually think her being with him did her the world of good. It was he who helped her efforts to become a better person more permanent and made me love the “good” Amanda just as much, if more than the bad one. And as I said before I was so happy to see them leave together.

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I think when Amanda first arrived they weren't quite sure how to play her - she went through her "bad with seemingly no motivation" phase when she killed Leo and covered it up, then went through a "I'm only bad because of Josh West phase"....then they tried to make her a bit of tragic anti-heroine, being in love with Dan but not able to have him. Then when she returned after a short break and they put her in the mansion she became more a cartoony bitchy "lady of the manor". Then I think she completely lost her way after she found out about Belle, as she was apparently trying to make everything up to her but still found time to sleep with Belle's boyfriend. Completely out of character given the place she was at. After that they did tone her down a bit, putting her with Peter and such like....and the I sort of lost interest during the Kelli Vale stuff and (not just for that reason) tuned out for a few months.

Though, although she seemed to go from phase to phase without any real connection and was written primarily to suit exactly what they wanted to do with her as oppose to what she would do as a character.....I still can't help but like her. She was at her best when trying to balance her evil deeds with being a good mother to Ryan and I think they could've done so much more with that. My all time favourite Amanda scene is a pretty small one from late 2005 that I doubt anyone remembers - she was playing with Ryan, dressed up as a witch, and he asked her why she can't be a normal mummy, and she struggles to explain to her son why she does what she does - would've liked more of that.

She was a lot better when she returned for Dan's funeral (though I think pairing her up with Jazz only highlighted how under developed she'd been) and I'm expecting good things from her current retunrn.

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First I hated Amanda. Then I liked her and then I didn't like her again and now.. She's great! She's probably messing up more than normal people should, but she always wants the best. That's why I love her! She's only a human, with all the mistakes :)

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