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  1. Esther is doing a great job playing Charlie
  2. I really like Amanda. She's a great character
  3. Michael Jackson - I'll Be There <3
  4. If A Song Could Get Me You - Marit Larsen
  5. Does anyone know if Sony Ericsson Z770i is a good phone?, because I'm thinking of getting one
  6. hehe, sorry i did not no where do ask this question
  7. Does anyone know if Sony Ericsson Z770i is a good phone?
  8. here`s the picture http://www.hilarie-burton.com/gallery/disp...618&pos=150
  9. I know this has nothing to do with home and away, but could someone pleas make me a avatar of this picture ?
  10. Does anybody know a really good movie i can watch?
  11. Nice work Barbara Can i ask what program you use to make those avatars?
  12. Does anyone know what episode Jonah tells Martha that he loves her? Thanks
  13. They're all fantastic, Jen!
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