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Two More Leaving

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Are you sure about this?There was a rumour about Elle leaving last year which turned out to be journalists making it up.I agree, I love Elle and Lucas together, so I hope it's not true.Or at the very least that they leave together.

Dan's a bit bland so I probably won't even notice he isn't there.

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I dont watch Neighbours anymore really, but poor Libby!! I wonder if they'll kill of Dan. :unsure:

Libby's like Leah in Home and Away :lol: Cursed in love!

Drew died, then Darren left and now Dan is gonna leave! I wonder if her next boyfriend will be called Damien or Darrell, keeping in trend with the D's :lol:

Sorry i'm in a funny mood just now.

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I got it off the nieghbours forum!

I'm so pissed off, a die hard Libby Dan fan. :(

Ha Kirsty you are right about Leah being like Libby! I wonder what they will do now!? They will either kill him off or recast and both ideas are horrible. It really is a lose lose situation. :(

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