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Two More Leaving

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Rest assured, Libby will NOT be leaving. Kym Valentine has said in countless interviews that she plans to stay on Neighbours indefinitely and have Libby become the next Helen Daniels... or was it Anne Robinson? No idea. One or the other. Either way you can count on her staying with the show :)

Anne Robinson?The presenter of The Weakest Link?If you mean Anna Robinson, she was dead before the show started so it's probably not her either.Anyway, Kym's already left once so pinch of salt frankly.

Nope, I meant Anne Robinson. Her name wasn't Anna. But the woman Kym referred to was Helen Daniels. And I realize Kym has left before but this interview was done after she returned. She also talked about how she had missed the show when she was gone and loved being back, so I'll take her word for it :wink:

You're...sort of right.Here in the UK we've just got up to the point where they've started mentioning her and they're all calling her Anne.But I swear back in the '80s and early '90s she was almost always Anna. They even had a storyline where Jim dated a woman named Anne and they made the point that it was almost the same name as his wife but not quite.

I dont remember her being refereed to as Anna, ever really. They definitely were calling her Anne during the early 90's, especially when they found her letters revealing Jim wasn't Julie's real dad.

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