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St Patricks Day

Guest sportzgal82

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Im not sure of the time differnce if it was yesterday or tommorow Ireland time but right now in Oz its the 17th of March which is of course ST PATRICK'S DAY!

for all our Irish born Aussies and Irish HAA fans I hope your day is a good one :lol:

Happy St Patrick's Day!

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Its St Patricks day here now!!!.....

Sexyluc just noticed you are a fellow deise (i.e. from Co Waterford for all you unfortunates who do not have the pleasure of living there :P ) did you go into town to watch the skyfest on Sat night?

Wahayyyy up the deise!!!

No I didnt get into see the Skyfest :(

Did you go in ? I heard there were loads at it !!

Whereabouts are you living ?

Cant believe theres a fellow deise person here :D

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