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Getting too scared to post a topic around here

Guest iggy

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This place is getting too strict,

it's supposed to be fun discussing spoilers but at the moment every thread that hints on a spoiler is closed, I like this site or i did i know this will be closed in about 10 mins, but i can't be the only one saying WTF, nothing worse than a forum where the Moderators all seem to be on some weird power trip.

It was never this bad before

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5 closed threads i see on this page alone, i posted it here because it seems worse in this forum, i enjoy the banter in the threads but it's not allowed anymore, i'm more of a reader than a poster myself, while while nobody should be allowed to get insulted or abused, moderation has started to go too far, people will leave

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Most spoiler threads are closed because the topics are already being discussed. The mods close them so that other, different topics don't get bumped off the first page by numerous doubles. It's also confusing for members to know where to post their opinion about an issue if it's being discussed in three different threads.

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I've moved this to the suggestions forum because that's the right place to discuss things you don't like or suggest where you feel there is room for improvement. I'm not moving it because I'm on a power trip but because by having it posted in the right section it will get the attention of the people who need to read it and it won't be occupying a space on a forum thats intended for another purpose.

I'm sorry if you feel we're over-moderating. I closed the threads today in the spoiler section because there was already threads discussing the topics in question and we had members complain that they didn't like having to discuss the same thing in more than one place. The point of closing a topic and directing you to a place where it has already been or is being discussed is so that all the discussion is in one place rather than all over and to keep the board tidy.

I agree that all the closed threads look messy but what would you have us do? The board rules clearly state that you should check if there is already a place to discuss the topic before you post it, we have to leave the original threads and the links to them for the people who've already posted there and might wonder where the topics have gone.

We never give warnings for posting things in the wrong place or starting multiple topics, we never ban people for doing things like that and we always give an explanation of why threads are closed and an alternative place to talk about them. I don't see why anyone should be scared of posting something, if it's in the wrong place we'll move it for you, surely that should help you not worry about posting because if you do get it wrong we'll sort it for you.

In this thread we're being accused of over-moderating, in another thread in this forum we've had at least suggestions of putting the whole forum on mod preview, ie. being more moderated. I really feel like we can't do anything right at the moment.

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same here.

What happened to freedom of speech??????????


It's a question of tidiness and keeping all the discussion about the same thing in the same thread so that people can find you to enjoy bantering with you without having to search through a whole heap of duplicate threads.

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