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Australians should ALWAYS host the Oscars!

Guest *Maddie*

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It's only been on for 10 minutes, but I already have tears in my eyes from laughing. Hugh Jackman is awesome, and he's not afraid to sing it out loud:


I haven't seen any of the movies or performances that have been nominated, apart from Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight, but I know most of the nominees and Hugh Jackman is hilarious so I'm watching the awards anyway. They seem to have past winners presenting the current categories. That's neat. Hehe, Whoopi Goldburg: "It's not easy being a nun -__-" :D

This is already my favourite Oscars. (I suppose it helps that I can't remember the other ones :wink:)

Steve Martin and Tina Fey presenting for writing!!! Ah!!! This is awesome!!! WHY AM I ONLY ALLOWED TO HAVE FIVE EMOTICONS *SHOCKED AND SAD FACE*!?!?!

Oh I HAVE seen In Bruges - Go this!!

Oh it didn't win, Milk did. GO GAY RIGHTS!!

Now Jennifer Aniston and Jack Black are giving props to the animated movies of 2008 - can this BE anymore awesome!?

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No, it's still hosted in America, but it's being hosted by an Australian, Hugh Jackman. I don't really think it should always be hosted by Australians, I just said that because of Hugh Jackman doing a wonderful job. I'm really enjoying it :)

Now they're showing a bunch of popular movies that wouldn't normally rate a mention at Oscars, like Twilight, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, HSM, Mama Mia, etc... Fun movies that probably aren't dramatic enough to win the big awards, but that are just as deserving to their fans.

They're doing it so much better than it's ever been done. It's so inclusive!

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How great was it that Ben Stiller paid out Joaquin Pheonix. That gave me a good laugh.

Took me a while to realise who he was doing, but now I remember THAT Letterman interview :lol:

Mmm Beyonce singing musicals... I do got chills, and they are multiplyin\' :wink:. I was impressed the people from HSM and Mama Mia too. For some cynical reason, I tend to assume that people singing in movies won\'t be that good in real life, but they were. Good for them :)

Heath Ledger won Best Supporting Actor. And now I\'m gonna cry... He was such a beautiful person, and a brilliant actor. I hate that he was taken away from us so tragically, but I love that he\'s left us with such enduring performances and characters like The Joker. Rest in peace, Heath, and know that you truly deserved this win.

Hehe, best song went to

\"Jai Ho\" from Slumdog Millionaire.

I knew I liked the sound of it for a reason :P

And channel Nine just ran an ad for Underbelly, but they forgot to take down their \"Live\" logo. I knew Kate Ritchie was good, but performing in Underbelly live to air is pretty impressive :lol: (Joking, by the way...)

Oh no, tribute to those who have died. Sigh, here come the tears again...

Michael Crichton... Vampira and Shaft... no Heath though... odd.

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I have only seen highlights of the day, just some of the speeches etc. I would just like to say that the fake smile of the day award DEFINITELY goes to Angelina Jolie when Jennifer Aniston waltz onto the stage looking AMAZING in her gorgeous dress. I love Angelina, but the fake smile was.........WHOA.

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I never watch the oscars and I know I should because I love Hugh Jackman (Wolverine & musical star :o) but I just want to add...

Mickey Rouke should have won best actor.

I am more inclined to think that he missed out because he is different from the others. He pulled one hell of a comeback out of the bag and showed how good he is, yet is passed over. So wrong :(!

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I haven't seen the movies, as I said, but I was glad that Sean Penn won for Milk. It seemed like a political statement that the Academy was making. I don't like it when they do that, in theory, but the writer was just so so happy that the story was validated like that. He was crying in the audience while Sean was speaking. It felt important that this movie got recognised, same with Slumdog Millionaire. They're both on my to-view list.

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Missed hugh's opening number but he was awesom everywhere else


So happy for SDM, Heath's familiy and Kate Winslett - her speach was the best of the night

When heaths' family spoke they shot around the crowd and various actors and everyone was crying :( you can tell hes going be missed

LOVED the montage of the people who passed away - Queen Latifa sung so gracefully and classy...very fitting

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