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  1. Let us know if you get in. I'll watch out for you I'm looking forward to the new movie too - Sylar and Kim, together at last!! The last movie I saw was technically P.S. I love You, but I was half asleep and didn't make it to the end so I don't know if that counts. What I saw of it was good. Before that, it was Cry_Wolf - I've seen it before, but I wasn't sure it was out on DVD here. So when I saw it in the video store, I had to rent it, even if it meant staying up all night to cram it into the middle of a movie marathon with my friends. Totally worth it. Before that, we watched The House Bunny. I was very concerned for the first 20 minutes or so, I thought it was going to be one of those things that was supposed to be so stupid it's funny, but just ends up being stupid... but then it got funny The embarrassingly over-confident animal-like girl was my favourite
  2. *Maddie*

    All Saints

    Ohhh wait a tick. I think I know who he is. I'm watching classic All Saints at the same time as the current series. I *think* that Adam is a kid who Von took in for a while, but then he went to jail or something... maybe EDIT: Just did a Google search and found this on another message board: Years ago in All Saints when Mitch had the drug clinic etc. A woman suffering from heroin addiction came to the clinic with her teenage son, his name was Adam. Von tried to help them out, and he smashed up her car, then eventually Von got thru to him a bit. I have a feeling that its the same Adam, all grown up and now a Doc! The woman who played Adams Mother (addict) was the woman suffering from emphasyma in last nights episode. So, maybe thats how they're going to tie it all in. :-) So there you go!
  3. *Maddie*

    All Saints

    I think they said something like that, but I think it was a joke... or something...
  4. *Maddie*

    All Saints

    I don't recall him being her son They do need to clear that up though. Or at least show him naked again
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  6. Fair enough . Another line you could use is, "I don't enjoy Martha being devastated, but if Martha HAS to be devastated, I might as well enjoy it!"
  7. ^lol, nice thing for someone with a Martha av to say, looking forward to if it means getting Angelo back. Traitor
  8. *Maddie*

    All Saints

    Tonight's ep feels almost normal again. It was blessedly hospital based, with lots of Von and Gabby and Frank and Charlotte, and Bart admitted that he should never have slept with the she-demon. "I don't LIKE you!" Hah! Such an awesome thing to say to someone he's just slept with I even learned Hayley's new name, Claire. Claiiiirreee... Claire and Adam... Claire. And. Adam. Claire and Adam... I don't like Steve, but I appreciate Gabby getting more of her past revealed through him. I was rolling my eyes when I thought that it was going to be all about Steve and his random friends, but when I realised they were Gabby's relatives - only after she was actually on the phone to Steve about it, because I wasn't listening before - I was suddenly all ears. To me, it was a good twist, because I'd failed to connect the dots up until that point. It also goes without saying... Bart has a cute little butt
  9. Angelo-71 Charlie-45 Hugo-11 Leah-32
  10. I miss Angelo too. Charlie is just too hot all on her own not to be getting even hotter with some pretty young thing like Angelo or Roman or Martha
  11. If you don't count the gift-voucher-induced shopping spree I had at Dusk, the last three things I purchased with my own money were... 1. socks 2. a Garfield toy for my friend's car window 3. training weights
  12. Hot Shots. It's so simple, and makes me so happy
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