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Left Behind (by Eli) - comments


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From a unbiased view, I loved that especially the way you explained in complete detail how he felt. You tied in Beth's death and Jacks' and the devasting way he found about both and made them really good reading, I always love reading your work & I hope you write more like this :D

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Great story, nice to see something about another character who isn't Aden/Belle [even though I do like them].

I'd forgotten how much loss Tony has suffered in his life. No wonder he isn't a loud, confident, in yer face type person. This story reminded me of someone I know who lost their dad, big sister and one year old son within a few years- how do people cope with all that?

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Eli, I always enjoy reading your one-shots. It was just so simply written but captured all the turmoil in Tony's life. It is true that he always seems to be the one that is left behind. Even when is family doesn't die, but Lucas is off at uni and Mattie and Ric in Perth. All those people who he was close too seem to leave. It's so sad really :(.

But still, I really liked the ending. Tony/Jazz is awesomeness! :P

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