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Left Behind (by Eli) - comments


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Nice to have you back in the fanfics, Eli! :) You don't seem to have written anything for ages - or if you have :unsure: I've missed it. I don't get much time for reading most stories on here but this being an Eli one-shot I had to check it out and I wasn't disappointed. Well, I nearly was about something but I'll tell you more about that nearer the end of this review.

There were some really great lines. I've picked out my three faves from the first part of the fic:

No roof is big enough to contain that kind of deep, dark despair.

Because with her death it suddenly became a lot harder not to allow myself to touch that dark, definite and painfully final feeling called acceptance.

Sometimes floating around and bumping into coincidences sounds a lot safer.

But this was my very favourite part of the fic:

As I walk up to her house, I can hear music from the other side of it. She's probably on the balcony, enjoying her life; bathing in sun rays and listening to songs she discovered in her youth.

Well written tho this was, I thought it was in danger of being too gloomy and introspective and, yes, that was despite the glimmers of hope about acceptance. But I got to that part and wow! :D The fic was lifted right out of the heaviness and became a great story. I love that those two sentences came so unexpectedly and, not only that, it was an instant image. Very, very cleverly done.

Well done, Eli, great one-shot and the last line about Tony taking a chance was perfect. :)

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Thankyou so much, guys :D

ILM, you're right, I haven't written anything in ages, but a few days ago I decided I HAD to break the writer's block, because I really want to write some more fanfics again, so I wrote this piece. Hopefully I have more stuff coming up, I'm thinking possibly a Charlie oneshot next. Anyways, I'm glad you like it, thanks for the review :)

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