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title - Archie

type of story - long fic

genre - drama

rating - A

starring - Archie, Melody, Jai, Geoff, Annie, Nicole, Ruby, Xavier, Freya

warnings - language, sexual refrences

spoilers - yes


While on the streets of Melbourne Melody met Archie. And they became friends,now he's in Summer Bay to start their friendship again.


Melody was making a sandwich when there was a knock on the door

"Archie, what are you doing here" Melody said seeing him standing at the door

"I was in the neibourhood" he replied

"You live in melbourne" Melody said

"Well it's a neibourhood" he replied

He stood at the door and raised his eyebrows

"Are you gonna invite me in" Archie asked

"i'm making a sandwich do you want one" she asked

"Wont say no" he said "But can i make it myself"

"I'll show the how to make the best sandwich ever" he continued

"First instead of butter on one piece of bread you use mayo and on the other tomato sauce, then tuna never use the chili tuna though because that burn going down and it's worse coming out" he told her

"I didn't need to know that" she said

"I was giving you very good advice, anyway on top of that add tomato then fetta cheese and lastly salt and whola" he said cutting it in half

"Want half?"

"No it sounds gross"

"Hey this is my dads recipe"

"Where is your dad, seeing you said you didn't get along with your stepdad" Melody asked

"He's not around anymore" Archie told her

"Sorry" she said


In chapter 2, Archie makes an enemy in Geoff

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Melody wa sitting on the couch reading a magazine while Archie on the couch asleep with Melody's lap

"Hey Mel" Geoff said standing at the door

Melody got up and moved Archie's head slowly trying not to wake him.

"What's goin' on" Geoff asked

"Nothing really"

"Who is that?" Geoff asked

"Mel you can't just bring strays in your house" Geoff told her

"I can hear you" Archie interupted sitting up and rubbing his eyes

"And Geoff it's none of your business who he is" Melody told Geoff

"You think it's best if you leave and leave Melody alone" Geoff told Archie

"Ok i'll go, Mel soon as i find somewhere to stay i'll call you" Archie told her

"No, you're not going anywhere" Melody said greabbing hold of his bag.

"Geoff doesn't even live here and he's the one who can leave"

Geoff stood there

"I'm looking out for you Mel, you don't even know what kind of person this guy is" Geoff said

"Archie looked after me in Melbourne so i have a pretty good idea now go" Melody told him


In chapter 3 Miles offers Archie a place to stay


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