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  1. As there was no Sasha and Rosie lesbian romance why does this have a thread of its own
  2. What are your thoughts on Tabitha? To me she's nothing we haven't seen before. She's very much like Charlie McKinnon who was obsessed with Kim Hyde.
  3. Probably because he's now completely under used and just a background character or a character they use when they're desperate to use someone in a storyline
  4. To me Phoebe screams bad example for young girls jumping in and out of different a men's beds (even going on to flirt with one of them's younger brother the morning after) getting pregnant and knowing who the father is (because she had sex with her ex boyfriends mate 5 minutes after broke up with her) who is writing this character? Can't they see how bad it looks?
  5. I hope they don't make him the next Kyle (only available for cleaning glasses until they remember the character is there when they're desperate to write someone into a storyline)
  6. At the moment this guy I the only character I can't get enough of, others have high points and low points plus he even brings out a good side in Phoebe and I didn't think that was possible
  7. The more I see of this guy the more I like him
  8. If it's witness protection I'm pretty sure it'll only be a fake last name
  9. What do think of Justin MY THOUGHTS: it difficult for me to pic to imagine James as another character other than Jake Barton from Packed To The Rafters, those thoughts aside he screams mixture of Brax, Andy and Ash to me, mostly Andy. I'm going to say I like him at this this stage but my opinion may soon change
  10. What do you think of Brody MY THOUGHTS: one things is certain, this guy is freakin hot and I'm not just talkin hot I'm talkin fifty shades of grey hot, no seriously the character Brody came across as a likable enough guy the most grounded and mature of the brothers, l look forward to seeing where the writers take this character (please do not stuff him up).
  11. What do you think of Mason MY THOUGHTS: for me Mason seemed like your average younger character I do hope he's not just a replacement for Josh Barrett because we really need one
  12. What are your thoughts on Tori ? so far I like her
  13. Usually with characters like Hunter I can get on board with (Ric, Aden, Johnny, Brax, Heath, Casey, Kyle, Andy, Josh) to see what they do with the character and where this anger or attitude is coming from however they've gone way too overboard with Hunter, and I just don't see a way back from it.
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