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Official Home & Away Collector's Edition Magazine

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There are more than 130 pages packed with exclusive interviews, brand new, never before seen photos, a complete timeline of events at Summer Bay and much more.

Plus there are 12 bonus pin-ups and a GIANT double gatefold poster inside.

The Home & Away Official Collector's Edition will be in store January 28, 2009, at all major newsagents and supermarkets



What does everyone think of this? Do you really think they are going to cover 21 years in 130 pages or it will predominantly be from 2000 onwards as everything else they put out seems to be? :angry:

Where are they now seems promising. I'll be buying a copy or 2 :P

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From what I know, they have indeed tried to make it a comprehensive guide to the 20 years as much as they can, which is a nice change...

It was originally meant for last year, but they put the release date on hold so for a year so that they could include the 20th year in full.

I actually helped out the writer with a few things that neither him or Seven were able to find.... remember to check the Acknowledgements :wink:

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Ooh cool, yeah it's funny how they have to get fans knowledge on their own show but in the end it ends up being a lot more extensive then what they could come up with.

I bet they also got Andrew Mercado to help too.. He wrote that Aussie Soaps book.

I just hope there's at least 10 pages from my favourite era 1994-1998 :wink:

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