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Jess Tovey & Esther Anderson on Sunrise

Guest **Julie**

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No they didn't, they did not reveal anything we didn't know. Small hiccup with the live cross and Kochie being an idiot and calling Esther "Charlie" and congratulating her on her promotion. They just talked about Kane's car crashing into the formal and about the Miles/Kirsty/Kane and I quote from Jess "Biggest love triangle" or something similar.

That's it really. It will be available on www.yahoo7.com.au/sunrise under videos after about 11am this morning Australian time.

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I'm pretty sure Jess gave away a little too much during that interview. She was being all cagey at the start but for those who don't read spoilers they wouldn't know that it was


car that ran into the side of the hall. Just a little slip up there. Jess also saying that KK/Miles is the "ultimate" love triangle or something similar was a bit of overkill, but it was funny to see them all panic when they lost the connection :P.

Bring on tonight!

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