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  1. I'm currently watching Home and Away
  2. Friends (which I'm watching now),before that was Neighbours
  3. Pair of black boots, Dharma and Greg S2 DVD and Coke Zero
  4. OK Magazine, WHO Magazine and a bottle of water.
  5. I saw The Wrestler on Wednesday, fantastic movie although rather gruesome at times. Mickey Rourke is an amazing, amazing actor, played the character superbly. I saw 17 Again yesterday it was quite a good movie, some very LOL moments.
  6. Who and OK magazines and an raspberry and white-chocolate ice-cream.
  7. I saw Confessions of a Shopaholic yesterday, I loved it, Isla is hiliarous.
  8. Sex and the City: The Movie Photo Book, Coke Zero and a mathematics pad
  9. Vitamin Water, and two magazines -Who and OK
  10. Two Magazines: OK and Who, and Vitamin Water
  11. ^ I saw that (He's Just Not That Into You) as well, saw it this morning. I really enjoyed it, it was really good
  12. Three magazines this afternoon- Who, OK and Cosmopolitan
  13. I've seen it, the film was amazing! The film totally deserves it's 13 Oscar nominations! Brad Pitt , OMG he was incredible, his acting was brilliant.
  14. Happy Birthday for the 2nd! Hope you had a good day :)

  15. I saw it on Sunday, it was a totally amazing, brilliant film. Yeah Kate and Leo were fantastic, very true- they were born to work together.
  16. I saw Bride Wars last Sunday, Hotel for Dogs on Wednesday and I'm going to go see Revolutionary Road on Sunday
  17. Thank you for the birthday message :)

  18. Yeah I received a fan card from Todd this morning also
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