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  1. New update for my fic: Unexpected

  2. Hey. How are you? I've added you as a friend, hope you don't mind. :)

  3. I'm currently watching Home and Away
  4. Friends (which I'm watching now),before that was Neighbours
  5. Hi, please check out my new fic: Et Je T'Aime Encore

  6. Pair of black boots, Dharma and Greg S2 DVD and Coke Zero
  7. OK Magazine, WHO Magazine and a bottle of water.
  8. I saw The Wrestler on Wednesday, fantastic movie although rather gruesome at times. Mickey Rourke is an amazing, amazing actor, played the character superbly. I saw 17 Again yesterday it was quite a good movie, some very LOL moments.
  9. Who and OK magazines and an raspberry and white-chocolate ice-cream.
  10. I saw Confessions of a Shopaholic yesterday, I loved it, Isla is hiliarous.
  11. Sex and the City: The Movie Photo Book, Coke Zero and a mathematics pad
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