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The abuse that shocked the nation.

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The family of tortured and murdered toddler Nia Glassie are to visit her killers' marae, where the extended Curtis family will express their sorrow and shame.

Family kaumatua Toby Curtis said the relatives of brothers Wiremu and Michael Curtis, convicted of murder by a Rotorua High Court jury this week, would host the Glassie family at their Lake Rotoiti marae after Christmas.

"Everyone's going through pain but in our case, it's also one of deep shame," Mr Curtis told The Dominion Post.

The brothers killed Nia with kicks to the head at the home they shared in Rotorua.

In the last weeks of her life, the three-year-old was slammed on the floor in wrestling moves, swung on a clothesline, dangled above a lit fire, forced into a clothes drier, and had her head smashed against the corner of a door.

Nia died from bleeding between the brain and skull on August 3, 2007.

Five people were found guilty of charges relating to her death. Nia's mother, Lisa Kuka, was found guilty of two counts of manslaughter.

Two others were found guilty of child cruelty charges.

William Curtis, the father of the murderers, faces his own trial over child abuse allegations relating to Nia.

Toby Curtis said his family would tell the Glassies how sorry they were and offer to team up with Nia's grandparents and father Glassie Glassie Jr to "see what we can do".


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Someone should be feeling bad about it!! Those 2 smug idiots deserve everything that's coming to them. And don't even get me started on her pathetic excuse for a mother!! What kind of mother doesn't know that's being done to her own child! It was happening for weeks! Probably months. Stupid, stupid woman.

The amount of child abuse going on in this country is absolutely disgusting. So much for Sue Bradford's "anti-smacking" bill. It's made no difference at all! There was no justice done in the Kahui twins case either. Absolutely disgusting.

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I was listening to the radio the other morning and people only recon that they will get 10 - 15 years, our country has such a slack justice system. I think they should be put in prison for life. But like that will ever happen.

I can't believe her mother didn't know what was going on, she did, but 'apparently' her love for one of the accused, she decided to ignore it. She shouldn't be a mother. Also on the news the other night it says she has to live with the guilt for the rest of her life, so she bloody well should, her daughter is dead and she did absoultly nothing to prevent it.

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She knew exactly what was going on. I heard something like what you heard Katie. It showed a clip of her in the interragation room and she said that her loyalties lay with the accused (I think it was Wiremu) not with her daughter and that's why she didn't take Nia to the hospital straight away. The stupid woman deserves just as much time in jail as the other two...it was her own daughter

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Was it the "mother" (I use that word in the loosest form possible) who said that Nia was ugly??

EDIT: No, it was the sister of one of the brothers.

Nia's fits 'ugly' murder accused's sister tells court

12:53PM Friday Oct 31, 2008

By Juliet Rowan

Nia Glassie. Photo / Supplied

The sister of two brothers accused of murdering Nia Glassie has described the 3-year-old as "ugly" when she saw her lying unconscious and fitting in a bed at a 21st birthday party.

Hoana Curtis, 17, has just given evidence at the trial of her brothers Michael and Wiremu Curtis at the High Court at Rotorua.

During testimony this morning, Hoana said she saw Nia lying in a bed when she went to Michael's 21st party, which was the day before Nia was admitted to hospital in a coma.

"How was she?" Crown prosecutor Fletcher Pilditch asked.

"Ugly," Hoana replied.

"What do you mean?" Mr Pilditch asked.

"She was just ugly," Hoana said. "Her arms were doing the fits."

Hoana said Nia's arms were moving left to right and she was not awake.

Nia's eyes were "open but closed" and her breathing was "out of it".

"[she would] sort of stop breathing, then breathe," Hoana said.

The 17-year-old said she checked on Nia three or four times during the day to see if she was breathing but claimed she did not speak to anyone about Nia's condition.

When Mr Pilditch put it to her that she had spoken to her brother Michael and he had told her to "keep it quiet", she denied the conversation.

She said police had made up information contained in a signed statement she made three days after the party.

She allegedly told the officer: "We had to keep it on the hush as only that house and me and Willie [the Curtis' siblings' father William Curtis] knew about it. Michael Curtis told me to keep it quiet."

The trial continues.

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Oh wow, thats awful. :( There are some very sick and twisted people in the world to be able to treat a young child like that. Its disgusting! It reminds me of Baby P, another child abuse case from the UK.

And the most shocking thing about that is the doctor that didnt notice he had 8 broken ribs and a broken back! is still working! :angry::angry:

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Oh wow, thats awful. :( There are some very sick and twisted people in the world to be able to treat a young child like that. Its disgusting! It reminds me of Baby P, another child abuse case from the UK.

When I saw the title I thought it was referring to Baby P.But its so sad how people can do this to a poor innocent child.

I seriously dont know what this world is coming to,if its not people shooting each other its people beating innocent children to death,I mean it is just revolting to be honest and makes me feel sick.When I read about the torture Baby P suffered I couldnt hold back the tears,it was just heartbreaking how that poor boy lived that kind of life where people punched him until his ribs and back were crushed and he was punched in the mouth and it crushed one of his milk teeth and went down his throath.

And his mother ,one of the monsters who did this to her child spent Halloween in prison and enjoyed a party dressed as a ghoul and screecheed out Michael Jackson's thriller while her little boy was dead from the abuse she inflicted on him.

The doctors and social workers who failed to give him the help and medical help he needed are still working away which is truly dreadful as they are most likely passing off other children like baby P as healthy and safe when the reality is they are propably not.

The saddest thing is the child still loved and smiled at his mother right up until the day he died and was always a happy child.

I hope he is safe and in peace now because our world couldnt give him the protection and love he deserved

Reast In Peace Baby P

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