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I haven't seen that many episodes with Angelo yet but does he remind anyone else of Vinnie? I mean I loved Vinnie and I don't think anyone could actually replace him but Angelo does remind me of him a little.

Completely agree. From his first scene I thought there was a Vinnie-esque vibe to him, Charming, Flirty, Charismatic, doesn't take himself too seriously and so funny. Although there can only be one V-Man, Angelo is so very, very similar.

Anyway what am I doing in here?? This is the 2nd Anti thread that I have posted in where I have zero hatred feeelings towards the characters. Forgive me Angelo(and Aden) for doing that. :lol:

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^ :blink: I hated Vinnie with a passion. Love Angelo though :wub:

Wow seriously? You hated Vinnie? Lol you must be the first person I've heard say that, with the risk of going off topic can I ask why :) ?

I just thought he was an idiot. He was closer to Martin Dibble than he is to Angelo, although I liked Martin, but he had that "lay-about, do anything for a quick buck" sort of streak.

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