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Back to the Future

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Story Title: Back to the Future

Type of story: Medium/long fic and (undecided)

Main Characters: Aden and Belle.

Other Characters: Roman, Nicole, Geoff, Irene, Annie

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Romance, Drama, Angst,

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: SC, L, V

Summary: 5 lines max - Aden's journey from dispare and disillusionment, to the life he dreamed of having.

Back to the future


After a long journey, I’m finally where I want to be. The life I always wanted, yet never truly believed I could have, is mine. Getting to this point was difficult, there were more ups and downs than a rollercoaster and as many twists and turns. Yet out of the pain and betrayal of the past, the life I now have was forged. Like many people I have tried to hide from my past, run from what is too painful. In time I realised one simple truth, sometimes going back is the only way to go forwards.

My name is Aden Jeffries, this is my story.

Chapter 1

ESCAPE! He had to escape. Twisting and jerking he tried to free himself but he was trapped, unable to move. Panic rising fast he tried to find what was pinning him but couldn’t, tried to shout but he was choking. Nooooooo…….

“Huh what?” Aden’s eyes snapped open and he sat up in bed, his hands reaching for is throat as he fought to breath. Becoming aware of his surroundings, he rubbed his face with hands that were still shaking and tried to relax.

The nightmare, it was the nightmare again! The same one which had been haunting his sleep for weeks, leaving him drenched with sweat and feeling sick. He’d used every method he could think of to avoid them, from milky drinks to sleeping pills, but nothing had worked. Night after night the dream returned, always the same one, relentlessly destroying his sleep.

Edgy and still fighting off the remnants of the dream, he knew that further sleep was impossible. Glancing at the clock on the table he saw that it was 5 o’clock, maybe a run would clear his head. Rolling out of bed and snatching a pair of running shorts from the near by chair, something caught his eye in the corner.

A photograph, taken at one of the few really good times in his past. His one and only love, stolen from him by circumstances and the actions of others. Man he hated the screwed up cess-pit that was his head, hated the fact that nothing he cared about ever lasted, hated his life. How he wished he could erase the last few weeks.

Dawn was beautiful, the brilliant colours of the rising sun reflected in the deceptive calm of the ocean. Her favourite time of day, when there were few if any people about and the only sounds were those of animals and the wind. Walking along the coast path after another restless night, she looked out over the ocean and remembered what had been. What could never be again. Her eyes fell on the lonely figure running on the beach below her, as he slowed and stopped her breath caught in her throat. There he was, as if conjured from her memories. With a strangled sob she turned and walked away.

Returning home after his run, he was greeted by Roman in the kitchen. It was strange how he come to think of Roman’s place as home, come to respect Roman and trust him. Shaking off the thought Aden returned the greeting and grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge.

“You’re up early again, tough night?”

With a bitter half laugh Aden turned around,

“You could put it that way.” The response came out with snarling sarcasm, he instantly regretted it. “ Sorry! I’m still having the nightmares, I was up at 5 o’clock today.”

Roman kept his expression neutral but he was worried, Aden just wasn’t recovering the way the doctors had predicted. Of course medicine was not an exact science and the human body was complex enough, never mind adding psychological trauma to the mix. During his 18 years the boy had experienced more than his share of trauma, so from that perspective it was no wonder he was having problems. But there was only so much that one person could survive, there was a limit to the physical and emotional hell that any one person could recover from. He’d seen it too many time during his years in the forces; strong, honourable men reduced to shadows by one trauma too many.

Aden’s strength had astounded him in the months he had known him. Sure he’d had his problems, but he was basically a good kid. From the day he’d moved in with Morag and himself, he’d had no reason to rue his decision. The change that a little responsibility had wrought was astonishing! With a job at the diner and a basic set of expectations fairly applied, Aden had matured into the kind of young adult any man would be proud to call his son.

The accident at the old diner and the issues that had arisen during his recovery had been difficult on everyone, but in time he’d dealt with them…or at least most of them. Then finally, just as everything had been working out, fate had stepped in like a wreaking ball. The aftermath had cost Aden his girlfriend, his father and almost his life. Roman could only hope that time would heal the mental wounds this time as well.

There was the clatter of feet from the main room, feet shod in high heels and both Aden and Roman looked around. Nicole!

“Hey dad, morning handsome.” Nicole looked again at Aden, he looked tired and annoyed. “You don’t seem to be your usual flirtatious self today, what’s the problem? Any thing I can help you with?” When she didn’t any response, never mind the one she was after, she walked over to him a put her hand on his shoulder. Aden moved, dislodging her hand in the process.

“Do me a favour and keep your hands to yourself princess, I’m not interested. I’m going for a shower.”

With that parting shot he left the kitchen and headed upstairs, with the aim of preparing to face the day.

This starts off pretty dark, but it does change...I promise

Comment welcome.

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That was amazing.

Roman kept his expression neutral but he was worried, Aden just wasn’t recovering the way the doctors had predicted. Of course medicine was not an exact science and the human body was complex enough, never mind adding psychological trauma to the mix. During his 18 years the boy had experienced more than his share of trauma, so from that perspective it was no wonder he was having problems. But there was only so much that one person could survive, there was a limit to the physical and emotional hell that any one person could recover from. He’d seen it too many time during his years in the forces; strong, honourable men reduced to shadows by one trauma too many.

Just... wow

XD Update ASAP

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Thankyou for all the lovely comments, Here's the next bit.

Chapter 2

Unbeknownst to Aden, someone else was also experiencing the ordeal of preparing to face the day. They were similarly enthusiastic about the hours ahead, sharing as well in his desire to turn the clock back.

“C’mon missy, get yourself moving! You’re going to be late.”

Irene’s distinctive tone penetrated the bathroom door and Belle groaned, she hadn’t had anything close to enough sleep! Seeing Aden on the beach this morning hadn’t helped either, whenever she thought of him it tore her apart. Splitting up had been the right thing to do, there was no doubt about that. After what had happened their relationship had become impossible, neither of them had been in a place where they could help the other through the turmoil. Between the physical injuries both had sustained and the truth of how they had sustained them, it had been a choice between splitting up amicably or hating each other or hating each the permanently. Some choice, since she was hurting anyway.

Belle shook her head, trying to shake off the melancholy at the same time. Moping wasn’t going to help anyone.

“I’m coming Irene, won’t be a minute.”

Dressing quickly, Belle hurried out of the bathroom and grabbed the bag she’d left outside her door. She went into the kitchen and accepted the glass of juice that Irene held out to her.

“Thanks Irene, I have to get going.” She drained the glass and left it by the sink as she snagged her keys and left. Irene kept a cheerful smile on her face until Bell was out of sight, then walked slowly into the main room and sank down on the couch.

Dropping her head into her hands, she tried to think of what else she could do or say to help. Belle’s pain was obvious, hanging over the house like a dark cloud. Irene shook her head in despair, it seemed that the essence of who Belle was had been killed that night as surely as if she’d actually died. With no idea of what she could do Irene did the only thing she could, went to the diner to start her day.

At a little before 3pm Irene saw Belle heading for diner, she actually had a semblance of a smile on her face and Irene was intrigued. She’d known that Belle had had an appointment in the city, but the girl had stubbornly refused to tell her what it was about. Whatever had happened, there was obviously some good news to share.

“Ok girly, are you tell me what’s put a smile on your face?”

Belle’s smile widened a little, it was good to have nice news for a change and this could be the start of her dreams coming true - professionally at least.

“I’ve been offered a job with Slickpix.”

Slickpix was a photographic company with a growing reputation, their photographers were in demand for every area of photography imaginable. To even get an interview had been an achievement, especially since she had no formal training and only slightly more experience. When the director had offered her a training position there and then, Belle had been stunned. They really wanted her, they liked her work and they would sponsor her through photographic training at art school. She had longed for a chance like this and it felt good, but it was still hollow. Laughing slightly she looked at Irene, the expression on her face was priceless.

“What? When?”

Putting her hands on her hips she fixed Belle with her trademark glare.

“Now just a minute, are you telling me you arranged an interview with the company of your dreams and didn’t tell me?”

Belle didn’t even attempt to hide the chuckle.

“No Irene, I’m telling you I’ve been for an interview and they offered me a job.”

Irene shook her head and rolled her eyes in exasperation, then folded Belle into a huge hug.

“You young ones! How am I supposed to keep track of you all? Oh well done love! I’m proud of you, I really am. Now sit yourself down and I’ll bring you a coffee…ah, don’t argue girly, sit down!”

Belle’s attempt at a protest died before it had really begun, it was her turn to roll her eyes but she nabbed a seat and settled down. Maybe things were starting to look up for her, perhaps at last she was getting her life back on track.

Irene put the coffee in front of Belle, smiled when Belle thanked her and disappeared back into the kitchen. Glancing at the clock she saw that school would be out soon, this was often busy and she didn’t know who was on the roster to cover the shift. A sound of movement behind her caught her attention and she turn around, Aden was stood in the entrance.

“What are you doing here?”

Aden hadn’t worked at the diner since his release from hospital, he had been under strict instructions to take things very easy. The doctors had not wanted him to work for at least two months, wanted him to have time to heal physically at least.

“I’m down for this shift, I thought Roman told you?”

He made it a question even though it was pretty clear that Irene hadn’t the faintest idea that he was supposed to be working.


Irene opened her mouth to speak just as Roman rushed in.

“Sorry Irene, I was supposed to tell you that Aden would be starting back today but I got sidetracked. Principle Bartlett phoned, Nicole was in trouble…again!”

“Alright. Aden, are you sure you’re ready to come back?”

“Sure sure. Don’t worry Irene, I’m fine and the doc said it was fine.”

There was a trace of a cocky grin, the one that had been as infectious as it had been infuriating. She was almost glad to see it, the kid had had a tough ride and it was good to see him back.

“Well, you’re not here to take root! You know where your apron is!”

The half grin flashed again and he got to work.

Meanwhile, Irene turned her attention to Roman. Her hands were back on her hips and the expression she was wearing fairly screamed ’don’t mess’.

“What has she done this time or is it better not to ask?”

Roman sighed and leaned back against the wall, his much loved daughter was driving him to distraction!

“Cutting class. Apparently maths is ’boring’ and ’so not cool’, but I think shell decide it’s better than two weeks of detention and being grounded indefinitely.”

“Oh the joys! You head on home Roman, you’re not due in ‘til 5 o’clock and you could probably use the time”

She smiled, she hadn’t much liked Roman at first but he was a good guy.

Groaning slightly as he stood up, Roman concurred.

“You got that right! How’s Belle doing?”

A shadow crossed Irene’s face.

“To be honest, I’m not sure. She got a job today, one she’s wanted for a while. It’s the first time in weeks I’ve seen her smile. What about Aden?”

“I don’t know! He’s still having nightmares, still very down but I think he’s glad to be back at work.”

A look of horror crossed Irene’s face, she’d completely forgotten that Belle was in the diner. Seeing Aden was the last thing she needed. Rushing to the door she heard Belle sob and saw here leave, completely forgetting her portfolio.

“Oh God!”


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