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Back to the Future

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Ok...WOW! Thanks for the awesome reviews, I always love to read your comments but it's extra special when you've had to work hard on a chapter to get it to work. :D

I'm hoping to update again pretty soon, maybe tonight (if not then at the weekend).

Happy reading - and in case I forget to say it again, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to my loyal readers...your loyalty is seriously appreciated!

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Wow, i love this fic it is amazing =D

I cant believe you just left it there though :o

You said that some of the chapters were the build up to other ones and i wanna read them other ones lol :(

And i wanna know why Simon caused the explosion, why he wants to kill them, what hes going to do next, a flashback to the explosion :P - i need one lol, and if Simon gets caught/ someone dies, is injuried... and the aftermath.

So if you were really nice you'd unabandon this fic and carry on, wouldnt you :D

*edit* or maybe not seeing as you havent been on this board since january :(

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