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Back to the Future

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I keep forgetting to thank the people who leave comments for me, which is really remis.

I LOVE getting comments and send a HUGE thankyou to the people who take the time read what I've written and comment on it.

Chapter 5

When Aden got home from school, he noticed an envelope on the mat. Picking it up, he dropped it on the kitchen table without looking at it and went to the fridge for a drink.

“What’s this?”

Aden jumped at the sound of Roman’s voice, he hadn’t heard him come in. He shrugged,

“Dunno! It was on the mat when I got in but I haven’t looked at it, who’s it addressed to?”

Roman picked up the envelope and turned it over, his eyes widening in surprise when he saw the very feminine handwriting.

“That would be you mate.”

Aden took the envelope that was held out to him and looked at it. His name was the only thing on it, written in a script he would have known anywhere. He looked at Roman,

“It’s from Belle, but why would she be writing to me?”

“How would I know? If you read it you might find out though.”

The dry humour in the last statement pulled a half laugh from Aden, he took the letter upstairs with him and put it on his bed. Leaving it there, he headed to the bathroom for a shower - taking care to lock the door. The one time he had neglected to lock it, Nicole had walked in despite the shower being on. The was no way he wanted a repeat of that thank you very much, her suggestion that she could join him still made him cringe!

Stepping under the spray he tilted his head back, enjoying the feel of the hot water pounding against his skin. Running his hands through his now wet hair, he thought about the letter waiting on his bed. Why would Belle write to him? She had carefully avoided any contact with him since they split, so what had changed? Maybe it was about yesterday, about her being so upset, but it made absolutely no sense.

Finishing his shower quickly, he wrapped a towel around his waist and returned to his room. Nicole was sat on his be with the letter in her hand, her expression openly curious.

“Who’s this from then?”

Already felling slightly ill at the thought of opening the letter, he didn’t want to deal with Nicole and her incessant questions as well.

“None of you business, now leave will you? I want to get dressed!”

Nicole gave him a slow, deliberate once over. Her eyes caressed every inch of exposed skin, her expression turning suggestive. Standing up, she ran a finger down the centre his still damp chest.

“Now why would you want to do a thing like that? We could have so much more fun if you didn’t, it really ought to be a crime to cover up a body like yours.”

Nicole watched him for a few moments, something was definitely off. There was something about that letter, something that he was not entirely comfortable with. However, he clearly wasn’t in the mood to talk about it! Aden held the door and waited for Nicole to leave, her suggestive tone tuned his stomach. His uninvited guest eventually got the message and, with a roll of her eyes, sashayed past him out of the room- he shut the door behind her.

A few minutes later Aden was on his way out with the letter, as yet unopened, in his jeans’ pocket. Nicole watched him leave, she wished she could get his attention but it just wasn’t happening. He was clearly still hung up on his ex, but she hoped to change that in time.

“C’mon Nic!”

She tuned to see her dad stood behind her,


Roman rolled his eyes,

“How very articulate! You’re helping me in the diner this evening remember? Let’s go!”

She started to argue but gave up, sometimes her dad could be such a bore and seriously uncool. He could also be a slave driver; this evening for example, all she had wanted was a quiet night in front of the tv but he was dragging her to work!

On the way to the diner she started thinking about the letter Aden had received and how strange he’d seemed, which reminded her of his comments the previous evening about her dad. Maybe…shaking her head she dismissed the memories, what did he know about her relationship with her dad?

Aden headed for his favourite place, he wanted to be alone to read the letter and this spot was well hidden. Overlooking the ocean and sheltered from prying eyes by bushes, the only person he’d brought here was Belle. Dumping his jacket on the ground, he took the letter out of his pocket and sat down to read.

Dear Aden,

I’m writing this letter because I couldn’t tell you this in person. I know that makes me little more than a coward, but after what happened yesterday I know I’m not strong enough. I wanted to apologise, my running out of the diner must have hurt you and that was not my intention. I just couldn’t cope! Seeing you, hearing your voice again, it brought back so many memories. The good times and the bad, the laughter and the tears, the joy and the pain. I have survived the last few weeks by not feeling, suddenly there was too much feeling - so I ran away. I was running from myself, not you! There’s so much more I want to say, need to say, but I can’t find the words. How do you explain things that go beyond what words can describe? I don’t know, but all I can say is this:-

Know that I never meant to hurt you and that whatever happens, whatever paths our lives follow, a part of me will always love you.


Aden read the letter again, never noticing the tears streaming down his face. How long he sat there he didn’t know, staring out towards the ocean with unseeing eyes. Thinking about the letter, Belle and the time they had spent together. Eventually he stood up, groaning a little at the stiffness that said he’d been sat for too long without moving. He walked for a time remembering the good times, the laughter, the look of amused exasperation she’d frequently aimed in his direction. She didn’t hate him, he was sure of that now. Letting the cool breeze sweep away some of the self-loathing that had been like acid in his gut for weeks, he headed for home. Somehow he knew, that the nightmares wouldn’t visit him tonight.

The following morning at the beach house, Irene noticed that Belle wasn’t up. A look at the clock told her that it was after 8 o’clock, for the first time in weeks Belle had slept through the night. Smiling, she quietly congratulated herself for suggesting the letter. Writing about some of her feelings, had obviously been what she’d needed to do.

Thud! Clatter! Bang! Belle groaned and opened her eyes, she had no idea what time it was but someone was creating a racket. She looked at the clock, blinked twice, and looked again - 8.30 am. Yes is really was half past eight! How on earth had she managed to sleep for that long? She must have been beyond exhausted. Rolling on to her back in a half threat to get up, she felt something brush against her hair. Moving further over in bed, she levered herself up onto her elbow and looked more carefully.

On her pillow there was a plain white envelope; no name, no markings, nothing! It had obviously been delivered by hand. Sitting up in bed she picked up the envelope and opened it, smiling when she saw what was inside.

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oh, oh, it's from Aden! Open it,

the look of amused exasperation she’d frequently aimed in his direction.
ahh, it's oh so true...

Aden read the letter again, never noticing the tears streaming down his face. How long he sat there he didn’t know, staring out towards the ocean with unseeing eyes. Thinking about the letter, Belle and the time they had spent together. Eventually he stood up, groaning a little at the stiffness that said he’d been sat for too long without moving. He walked for a time remembering the good times, the laughter, the look of amused exasperation she’d frequently aimed in his direction. She didn’t hate him, he was sure of that now. Letting the cool breeze sweep away some of the self-loathing that had been like acid in his gut for weeks, he headed for home. Somehow he knew, that the nightmares wouldn’t visit him tonight

^^ That bit was really really good!

update soon! i want to read the letter :D

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Once again, thank you for all the comments. This chapter has been a nightmare to write and I'm still not sure about it, if there are any suggestions please send them my way. Here we go then...

Chapter 6

Belle hugged her knees to her chest looking at the card she had taken from the envelope, there was a picture of a dove on the front. On the back there was a single symbol, a question mark. She dropped her head to her knees, sighing with relief that he’d accepted her apology. The peace dove was so like him, he may never do what you’d expect him to…but at least he didn’t hate her. One question still remained though, how had the card made it onto her pillow? Out of the corner of her eye she saw the curtains move and the answer was clear, he’d come through the window!

“Oh Aden, what am I going to do about you?” Belle murmured softly, shaking her head. She really didn’t know!

Tucking the card into a draw, she decided it was time to get up. A brisk shower cleared the post sleep fuzz from her brain and she strolled into the kitchen a few minutes later.

“Mornin’ Belle.”

She looked around to see Geoff coming down the stairs, he was clearly unsure about how she was going to react so she sent him a re-assuring smile.

“Hey Geoff.”

She looked at the clock on the wall.

“Aren’t you going to be late for school?”

“I have a free first thing, Annie left a while ago.”

Belle started laughing,

“So that’s what all the noise was then, you want some juice?”

Geoff was confused, not two days ago Belle had been crying her eyes out and hiding in her room. Come to think of it, she’d pretty much been hiding in her room since she got out of hospital. Now she was laughing and asking him if wanted juice! Girls confused him, he didn’t think he would ever understand them.

“Uh yeah, sure…thanks.”

Belle passed him a glass and sat down with her breakfast, Geoff followed and sat down next to her.

“So, erm, are you ok? You seem… I don‘t know… kind of different. ”

Belle laughed again,

“You mean I’m not moping in my room, hiding from the world and crying sporadically?”

Geoff blushed, scarlet heat rising up his neck and face like a tide. He ducked his head, not daring to meet Belle’s eyes. Watching his reaction, Belle suppressed the desire to tease him further. If a picture truly was worth a thousand words, then the picture Geoff was painting right now would surely have been a classic! Standing up she put her hand on his shoulder, he glanced up.

“Don’t worry about it Geoff, you’ll never understand girls!”

With that she cleared her breakfast things and went to her room for her camera, she needed to practice her landscape shots for Monday. Maybe she’d go out to the spot that Aden had taken her to, the views from there were excellent.

The lunchtime rush was in full swing by the time Aden sauntered into the diner, heading to the counter to check the roster. He narrowly avoiding being run-over by Colleen, who coming out of the kitchen backwards and at pace. He plastered himself back against the wall until she passed him, rolling her eyes and muttering about ’the youth of today’. Peeling himself off the wall, he leaded his shoulder against the door frame.

“Good afternoon Colleen.”

The greeting accompanied by a full blown grin. Colleen looked at him again and went to deliver the meals she was carrying, she was still shooting him distrustful glances on her way back. His grin just got wider as he watched Colleen bustle past him into the kitchen with a humph. As the door was swinging closed, her overheard her talking to Roman

“That young Jefferies boy, he’s out there grinning like I don’t know what. I tell you Roman, he up to something! Mark my words he…”

The door closed on the rest of her words, but the opportunity was too good to give up. He poked his head around the door,

“I was only checking the roster Colleen. What dark and devious things did you think I up to?”

Colleen just stood there, gaping in disbelief. With another grin he made a hasty retreat, leaving Roman to deal with Colleen’s bluff and bluster. He wasn’t working until tomorrow so he had a free evening, maybe he’d head back to his favourite hid-out again.

Roman smothered a laugh, Colleen Smart speechless wasn’t something you saw too often. Something had changed since Aden had got that letter and whatever it was, he was pleased to see it. The kid was obviously feeling better, he’d even showed an interest in hitting the gym again - always a good sign in his opinion!

Geoff dumped his school bag in his room and threw himself down on the bed, talk about a nightmare day! The most boring lessons ever, a Nicole Franklin induced lunchtime detention for the entire class and footy practice being cancelled was NOT a good mix. Rolling onto his back, he stared up at the ceiling.

“What the heck is with that girl?” He wondered out loud.

Maybe a swim would make him feel better, he changed in record time and headed to the beach. An hour later, Geoff raced back up the beach and vigorously shook his head to get some of the water out of his hair.

“Hey! Watch what you’re doing bible boy, I’m all wet now!”

Running his hand though his hair to push it out of his face, Geoff looked at the owner of the indignant voice. He knew who it was of course, there was only one person who sounded like that!

“What are you doing here Nicole? I’d have thought you’d still be in detention.”

“Bartlett cut us loose early, something about an important meeting.”

Geoff just nodded, he had even less of a clue when it came to Nicole than he had with Belle. Picking up his towel, he dried off and put his t-shirt on.

“You’d better head home Nicole, or you’re gonna get in more trouble than you are already.”

“How did you know about that? Did my dad tell everyone?”

Geoff started laughing at the look of indignation on her face, he closed his eyes and prayed for patience.


The single word was drawn out, Nicole crossed her arms and tilted her head.

“But? I know there is one, I can hear it so you might as well tell me!”

“I was in the diner when you were…ah…discussing your punishment with Roman.”

Nicole looked at him with confusion.

“What’s that got to do with anything?”

“Well, everyone in the diner could…um…sort of…hear the punctuation marks in your discussion, your side of it anyway.”

The look of horror that crossed her face surprised Geoff, it seemed that Nicole wasn’t quite as brazen as she made out.

“I’ve gotta got.”

Nicole hurried away, leaving Geoff alone on the beach. Shrugging, he picked up his things and headed home.

Sat on the bluff away from prying eyes, Belle watched the exchange with interest. Geoff and Nicole…now that would be an interesting - if concerning - mix. The ultimate good boy and the bay’s resident bad girl, hmmm!

Aden walked out to his favourite place, he’d already arranged to go to the gym with Roman tomorrow. He was allowed to start working out again, but it was going t be some time before he was fully fit again. Slipping around the bushes that hid his hideout, he stopped in shock. Belle!

“I know it’s you Aden, so don’t just stand there. I’d recognise you anywhere!”

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