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Back to the Future

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Once again, thank you for the comments. I'm really glad that people are enjoying this fic.

Here is the next chapter, I hope you all enjoy the calm before the storm.

Chapter 7

Aden winced when Belle spoke, he hadn’t expected her to be here and he couldn‘t exactly cut and run now.

“You mind if I sit down?”

Belle shrugged and gestured him forward, her eyes firmly fixed on the horizon. Every instinct she had demanded that she run but she couldn’t, it wouldn’t be fair. Aden moved toward the edge of the bluff and sat next to Belle, careful to leave some space between them. The tension was palpable, for a long time neither spoke a word. Eventually, Aden broke the silence.

“You know that we are going to have to talk about it don’t you? We can’t ignore it for ever!”

A sound that was a half laugh half sob escaped from Belle, she nodded slowly.

“Yeah I know, I also know that you’re not looking forward that conversation any more than I am!”

Aden stretched his legs out and crossed his ankles, lounging back on his elbows and tipping his head right back.

“You got that right!”

The comment was almost too soft to hear, as if he was talking to himself. Looking over at him, Belle sent him a sympathetic smile. He returned the smile, gradually allowing it to change to a hint of his ‘bad boy’ grin. Belle’s smile widened in automatic response, he’d always had that effect on her. Even at his most exasperating, he could always make her smile. She made herself look way, forcing her eyes back to the horizon. Aden sat up and turned a little towards her, hitching his knee up towards his chest so that he could lean his arms on it.

“Just because we have to talk about it sooner or later, doesn’t mean it has to be today. I mean, it’s not like there’s nothing else we could do instead.”

The grin he shot her was frankly cocky and totally Aden, Belle shook her head and tucked her feet in as if preparing to stand.

“You can’t help yourself, can you? You are unbelievable! I can’t…”

“Relax Belle, I was joking.”

She stopped talking when he interrupted, fixing him with her ’what do you think you are doing’ look. He’d been looking for a reaction and she’d certainly given him one, she should know better than that by now. Irritation warring with amusement, she packed away her camera and made as if she were going to leave. Aden put his hand on wrist.

“Belle, wait! I was only joking, you know that right? Sit down, just for a while…please?”

She hesitated, it really was a bad idea to hang around here any longer. Looking over at Aden just then was a mistake, his expression melted her and her resolve snapped.

“Just for a bit then, but no more funny boy comments or I am so outta here!”

Aden grinned, he’d managed to get his own way.

“It’s ok Belle, I get it! No more flirting…at least for today.”

Belle growled and Aden’s laugh broke free, it felt good to just be around her again. It gave him hope!

“So, you gonna tell me who you were watching when I got here?”

She glanced over at him, wondering how long he’d been watching her before she’d noticed.

“Geoff and Nicole as it happens, they were down on the beach - talking.”

Aden’s eyebrows rose so high they just about met his hairline.

“Bible boy and the bad girl? Do tell me more!”

It was approaching dusk when Aden and Belle headed to their respective homes. Nothing more had been said about nightmare they had both shared, both content to enjoy spending some time together just talking. Aden’s take on the Geoff/Nicole issue had made her laugh, so much so that she was still chuckling as she entered the kitchen of the beach house.

“Someone’s in a good mood!”

“Hey Annie, yes I am in a good mood. Why wouldn‘t I be?”

Annie looked at her in total disbelief, this wasn’t the Belle of the last few weeks! What had happened? She was completely confused, time to go!

“I’ve got homework.”

Annie vanished upstairs with a comparable level of noise to how she’d left that morning, the painfully timid girl who had first moved into Irene’s was slowly changing. Geoff looked up from the dining table where he’d been working, watching as Belle swung past him to go to her room. A few minutes later she came back to where he was sat, looking over his shoulder at what he was doing before sitting down herself.

“You and Nicole were deep in conversation this afternoon, I didn’t know you were so friendly with her?”

Bell made it a question, figuring that she was more likely to get a response that way.

“Well…erm…I’m not…we’re not…”

The tide of embarrassment was rising up his face again, he dropped his head into his hands hating the ease with which he blushed.

“Something you want to tell me Geoff?”

Geoff moaned at the undisguised amusement in Belle’s voice, he tried to rescue himself.

“It wasn’t like that. I’d just been for a swim and she was walking back from school along the beach, we talked for…like…a couple of minutes before she rushed off. I think she wanted to avoid any more trouble, Roman is already making her scrub dishes this weekend since she‘s grounded.”

He looked up at Belle’s amused face, she so wasn’t buying this.

“How did you know about that anyway? I didn’t see you on the beach.”

“Ah, now that would be telling wouldn’t it? Anyway, you and Nicole…I didn’t see that one coming!”

Resting his elbows on the table, Geoff leaned forwards to look directly at Belle.

“I hardly know her Belle and she’s so far out of my league that it’s not even funny, not to mention that we are so completely different.”

“I notice that you’re not denying that you like her.”

Geoff wished that he could deny it, but he couldn’t lie. He often wished that he could hide his feelings better.

“No I’m not denying it, but I’m not dumb enough to do anything about it either. I‘m not going to set myself up like that with someone like her, I‘d either get hurt or become a laughing stock - neither appeals.”

He sounded so defeated, that Belle felt sorry for him. The whole guy/girl dating thing could get to anyone, add to that the clear differences between Geoff and Nicole and…well…what more could you say? They were polar opposites in every sense and to be honest, she couldn’t see any way a relationship between them could work. On the other hand, if Roman was going to have Nicole scrubbing dishes tomorrow as part of her punishment maybe she’d call in the den for a while. After all, she hadn’t caught up with Leah for a while.

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Great! Even before I read the chapter your little warning made me sad!

But it was an awesome chapter! I see you're still not telling us what happened between them, but I guess it wasn't that bad seeing as they're still talking and joking.

Update soon please!

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Great! Even before I read the chapter your little warning made me sad!

But it was an awesome chapter! I see you're still not telling us what happened between them, but I guess it wasn't that bad seeing as they're still talking and joking.

Update soon please!

Don't be sad, sometimes you need a good storm to clear the air.

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Yeah, that's true... you just made me smile! But you better make that storm come and go pretty quickly!

Oh, and how does the title of the FF tie into the story? Or is that too much to give away? =D

The choice of title will become very clear at the end of the fic - although you should see a theme developing over the next few chapters.

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OMGGGGGGGG. Why oh why didn't i read this fic before.

Why didn't i see this fic.

I am really happy i have read this fic. It is bloody amazing.

I really really love this ficccc.

Its in my top favourites.

I love it sooo much.

Awwww. The Letter. Was fantasticly written. And the emotionas Adelle are feeling are great.

Fantasticly written chapters.

I have one little thing.


Cant wait for moree.

Keep up the great work.

Love Jess


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