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Olympic Cliffhanger 2004 or 2008?

Guest Kevkehaa

Which one do you prefer?  

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I voted 2004. 2008 was better when it comes to involving several storylines into a lot of different cliffhangers, but neither of them were as shocking and exciting as the 2004 cliffhanger.

2008 has been the best season since 2004, and the olympic cliffhanger was great and all, but the 2004 olympic cliffhanger was just incredible. They built up everything around that one episode for months, and the pre-olympic cliffhangers (Sarah at the institution talking to herself and saying she was going for revenge, Irene getting the call about Sarah escaping, and Sarah showing up at the palace and surprising Scott and Dani) just made it even more exciting.

The acting, the build-up, the storyline itself and just the amazing character Sarah Lewis was made that one of the best moments of H&A history. So even if the 2008 olympic cliffhanger was great, it's not good enough to compete with the 2004 olympic cliffhanger :P

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What was the 2000 cliffhanger again? I can't say I remember it...

It was that storm and then a mudslide happened and crushed Aisla, Duncan, Jade (and I think Shauna) in the Stewart house.

I chose 2004... Eli pretty much summed it up for me... It was just amazing. The story on the overall lasted for months and months, and I guess you could say years, because if the whole thing with Sarah never happened, many of the after events wouldn't have happened (the stalker, many characters such as Dan, Amanda etc wouldn't have arrived and so fourth)... Although there would have been a great oppurtunity those things would have still happened, but it was that story which created many great things.

2008 was OK... I was expecting more tension of some sort, if there was no promo I wouldn't really be hanging out for more... Martha flatlining doesn't realy interest me... We know she's going to live... It was a good episode, but I think I also prefer the 2000 to 2008.

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