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Should the Sutherlands return?

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Should the Sutherlands return?  

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I think you could get a bit of value out of Jade returning. She's not as self-centered and dramatic as Dani, but she is pretty judgmental and self-righteous, which could play well against characters like Geoff and Annie. I wouldn't mind if she visited for a very short time.

Max would probably fit in with the rest of the teens - I think he'd be around their age and he was always pretty random, which they all seem to be too. I think he'd do well. I never had anything against Max anyway - he was a cousin wasn't he? Not a real Sutherland -_-

The rest of them I would be willing to keep away with pitchforks and flaming torches. Fire is the cleanser...

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To keep on topic, I would actually like to see them all return. In 2004, the Sutherlands were written out so quickly I don't think any of them with the exception of Kirsty got a proper exit. The only returns I see are from Jade and Max.

Max because, as mentioned above, he's around the age of the current teens and I feel he'd add originality and humor to the show as well. I see plenty of great scenes with Colleen! :)

Jade as I'd love to see her face to face with her "sister" after all these years. She's also my favorite character. :) If I didn't know Kristy was returning, I wouldn't see how she could be brought back, but I think it would have been great if she was brought back while Kit was still on the show.

I'd love to see Dani return. I still don't see the hatred for her. As the eldest sister, she had to endure a lot for her family, and in a teenager's world, it's not always fair. I think she did a good job managing and I could see her returning more responsible and sucessful. Perhaps even a mother? Of course, that's not happening, but it's still a thought.

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Ok so here is my opinion on the Sutherland Clan . . . .

Rhys - Whiny, sleezy, easy . . . Whiny because he was always on his kids back about the smallest thing EITHER one of them did wrong and TALKING to them about doing the right thing for the family . . .

BUT . . . In the end he was the main purportrayer that drove the family apart.

Sleezy because he just had that (look) about him and basically scared off anyone who got close to his family (mainly his daughters) unless he thought that they were good enough in HIS books for his girls . . .

Easy because it wasn't long after he moved to the Bay that he and Shelley and Rhys fell apart, he got with Beth and Married her . . . Thought he had a son to Angie Russel and then left Beth (who by the way was an amazing woman) for Shelley who freaking ended it in the first place.

Shelley - Self Ritcious, bitchy, up herself! . . . Self Ritcious because she was supposed to be the councellor but only made things worse between herself, Rhys and the family even after their marriage (till death do us part no doubt) only survived a couple of months from landing in the Bay.

Bitchy because she was always on Rhys's back to support the family but never done anything do stick by that herself and was always also on her kids backs all the freaking time and tried to keep that calm tone about her until someone wouldn't listen and then she's start her yelling and arguing.

Up Herself because yes she may have loved her kids but in the end,she ended up leaving Rhys because she didn't think they could work things out! Enough said there!

Dani - DRAMA QUEEN 101 - I mean seriously I have never heard a girl whinge as much as she did while she was in the Bay, and talk about moving around from guy to guy . . . and the whole Kane thing was basically her fault in my opinion because she LEAD HIM ON in the first place . . . And then she kept going on about her feelings after Kirsty got with Kane but didn't even ONCE consider what problems she would cause in the family because of her drama queen status and an attention seeker

Kirsty - A get around - Im only saying this because she went from Nick, to Seb, to Kane, back to Seb and back to Kane and not once considered Seb's feelings in all of this, and the fact that she and Kane done a runner the same day Beth and Rhys were to marry just PISSED me off . . . it was like she had no heart for Beth or Rhys's big day!

Jade Now Jade is the only one I don't have a problem with, I actually feel sorry for her because she spent her whole life believing she had a twin, a family and what ever just to find out she didn't . . . WHAT WAS WITH THE TWIN TELEPATHY when Jade was caught in the mud slide with Duncan and Kirsty some how knew she was in trouble . . . and then sticking up for Dani, Rhys and everyone with the whole Kirsty and Kane situation but also sticking up for Kirsty at the same time . . . that takes guts . . .

So in all that I'd love for jade to come back because I dont feel as if the whole switched at birth thing was explored properly . . . and I loved her

I totally agree !!!

Jade and Max were the only ones I actually didn't have a problem with xx

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