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  1. Well I caught up and I was very sad when Bobby died The whole week was so well done, everyone was shocked and upset. I am intrigued with this Kevin guy, looks to be very interesting with him in it
  2. rockstarrr08


    Same here Lynd, my tumblr is full of spoilers when a episode airs so I just watch it on the day.
  3. rockstarrr08


    Yep crossing my fingers it's soon.
  4. rockstarrr08


    Maybe in Feb they will air it? At least it's listed as a show in 2015 as you said, just when is the question.
  5. rockstarrr08


    Yeah normally Eleven used to fast track but for some reason nothing has been announced
  6. rockstarrr08


    Anyone still watch Glee lol?
  7. Thanks guys I'll do some more over the weekend just done a week's work experience so feeling very tired atm
  8. Well hello once again nearly two years later (doing so well haha) I'm really sorry for the lack of posts around the forum, life gets the way, was battling depression and anxiety last year so I was mainly on other sites, but I'm feeling much better, so I thought I'd try and get my passion for icon making by making some icons! Now these are spoiler free icons (I chose photos from a few years ago except for one Sophie one). I got them from Tarty Doris I hope you guys like them, and that they are still good after two years (I'm a bit rough atm with photoshop lol)
  9. I'm back hopefully more active haha

  10. Yes it did, I missed the start of the episode so its all good.
  11. Does 7Two show home and away again later on in the day. I ask as I have no power and so I will be missing today's episode because of it.
  12. I missed yesterdays episode, my foxtel didnt record it and 7two dont repeat them So can anyone tell me what happened Monday? I know about Shane telling Lou/Ryan he knows about them but I just want to make sure I didnt miss out on seeing other stuff.
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