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Britain's Got Talent

Guest Izzy H

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Britains Got Talent 2008 started last night so I thought I would start a discussion about it.

Now I have to say the person that stood out from last nights auditions was 13 year old Andrew Johnston who sang Pie Jesu.

A fantastic singer he is ..... and it was so sad when he was talking about the bullying he has suffered :(

And the guy who was doing the Boyzone thing .... I thought that was hilarious :D .... I would love to see what else he can do.

Those are the only two that I enjoyed from last night.

What did everyone else think?

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I can't wait to see who wins! :D

There are a few who I want to win, but the two main ones are Signature and George. They are just amazing! :) I do like Nemesis too, but I don't really think that they will win. :unsure:

I don't like Escala. :P I really hope that they won't win... but I have a feeling they might. :(

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Maybe they're not the best in terms of talent, but it's got to be Signature for me. I want something different from this kind of show and that's exactly what they are. There's no one else like them, they're totally innovative. And I think Price Charles would like them!

Also loved George and Nemisis (although there's never any excuse for bad spelling in my book :P). Escala are fabulously talented and probably should win it, but it's not my sort of entertainment. The young lad singer (Andrew?) and Faryl are obviously talented but do nothing for me unfortunately.

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It's a really tough choice. I'm not sure who gets my vote as there were quite a few acts that I thought were brilliant.

I really liked Signature and Escala - both are unique and offer something different.

George and Nemisis were amazing and so were Faryl and Andrew.

I have a feeling that Andrew or Faryl will win.

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I partially agree, claire_louise, and carmelle.

I loved George and Nemisis, too (although the bad spelling irks me!) :) Although there was something about George's dance in the rain that scared me slightly.

Andrew Muir, with 'Imagine', was whiny and the way he was bent over the microphone made him look like either a) an old man, or b) just a try-hard. To be honest, there's programmes like X Factor for him - I don't think Britain's Got Talent is the right place for him.

Kate and Gin are just weird. They're the kind of act that are fun to watch in the auditions, but as a piece in the Royal Variety Show, I think not. Amazing dog, though! :)

The Cheeky Monkeys reminded me of the kids that go up and do routines during holiday camps. They were weird. Cute kids, though.

Strike, although they're undoubtedly very, very, very hot weren't that entertaining for me, to be honest. :unsure:

Whilst Andrew Johnston is talented, he's a bit samey-samey. He's just a kid version of Paul Potts. While that might be an amazing thing in itself, I don't think the Royal Variety Show needs it two years on the trot. Britain might start to become stereotyped... :P

Faryl is also another talented youngster, but I think she needs to develop her voice more. Her pronounciation wasn't all that clear, so it, too, got a bit samey-samey after a while. Gorgeous sounding voice, though. And, is it just me or, does she look way older than she is? Apart from the cute gap between the two front teeth, of course!

Signature are like a novelty act that should be confined to kids' birthday parties and entertainment, to be honest, not the mass public. *ducks from claire_louise* Don't get me wrong, they are very entertaining, I just don't think they're very representative of Britain's talent generally.

Escala were amazing tonight, and I think they should definately win! They were a bit squeaky on a few notes, but that's to be expected being under all that pressure! They are fabulous, though, and would definately buy their album. :D

Edit: How on earth did Escala not make it into the top three?! Something's gone seriously wrong there... Oh well, I'm sure they'll get a record deal regardless.

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