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Unfulfilled Dreams (by Cerise) - comments


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Well, I think this is the first time I've ever read a fic from you :P I liked it, especially this part:

Innocently, Belle shook her head. Irene must have eagle ears, she thought, to have heard both her and Aden.

At that moment, Geoff came out of the bathroom, stinking horribly like aftershave.

"I'd cut down on it next time." Belle coughed.

It's so like typical that type of person that Belle is in this fic. Very fitting descriptions :P

I think I'm going to like the whole Aden/Belle relationship. I love relationship that starts like friends :D

And don't be so hard on yourself. This is quite good, better than anything I've ever written :P

More please!

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Thanks HM. :D See, I called you it, I was really tempted to call you by your full name because it's so pretty. :D

Chapter Two... Teaser.

Still laughing at Geoff's horrified expression when she had tactfully broken it to him that he smelled like someone she'd never want to see again, Belle walked up the pathway that lead up to the Jefferys' house. She was nervous because Aden's dad was home, and hoped it wouldn't be him who opened the door to her.

Unfortunately, it was Larry Jefferys who answered, swinging the glass door open so that belle was surprised it didn't shatter.

"What." he barked at her, spitting as he did. Belle took a smart step back. "Are you looking for Aden?"

"Yeah, I am..." she began, when he himself came out the door and barged past his father. "Come on." he said and they set off towards Summer Bay High School.

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I really like it so far.

Aden :)

I like the summaries you had of all the characters and how there all the same age.

The teaser for the second chapter is also intriguing as it gives us more insight into Aden's home life.

Post soon.

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