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Emma's graphics

Guest Emsan

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These are all just stunning, i love the style and the text and the colouring is gorgeous

Thank you very much for letting me use them

Thank you so much!

WOW....i love them!!! :wub: Coloring is great , effects are amazing....these avs are so nice and different from others, so i just love them...

Can i save 1,2 and...can i save them all??? :rolleyes:

Lol yeah you can save them. You make me blush, stop it!

Oh, I love your work! So stunning and unique, which is great! :D I love the ones with the flowers... how did you get that effect?
Thanks! I used some textures and played around with text and light.


Your new avs are amazing, can I use this one? Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next! :)

Thanks! Yes of course you can!
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And here's some another styles I came up with.


Those are absolutely brilliant. Mind if I save the Mattie And Lucas one? Will credit and upload. :D

Thanks! Yep sure, I feel so honored when someone wants to use my avs.

Your iconsa re fab! I really like that black and white style with the big borders. They are all so different! :D
Thank you so much!


:wub: That's all i have to say about this.

Oh and your work is excellent! Great borders and great colouring and cropping.

Keep the the awesome work! * Thumps up*

Tehe :P

Stephyy x :D

Aw thank you! You're making me blush lol.


Me being a bit creative, again.


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I love this one, the effects are gorgeous :D

Thanks, that's actually the one I like the least lol.

I really like the ones from the photoshoot at Jack and Martha's wedding.

And I love that style from your last update!

Thank you so much!


I just made some Grey's Anatomy icons. They are very simple, nothing special.


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