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Emma's graphics

Guest Emsan

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Emma!! It is the Emma from CS, isn't it.

Anyways, your graphics are amazing! Love the avs. And the sigs, amazing! I never can seem to find the right coloring for H&A caps. Keep p the great work!

Yep this is THE Emma from CS. Thank you for liking my stuff, but I did know that haha. I also think it's really hard to find the right coloring on H&A caps, it's something weird about them haha.

^Its not ugly, its lovely :D your work is fantastic :D
Seriously? Thank you, that really means alot.

I love them!!! They are my favorites so far! Sally is my absolute favorite character. Can I use one of the icons?? or if you take requests could you make one of Sally throughout the years? I could find and post the pics for you to make it easier.
Thank you so much! I love Sally too, she's the best and Kate Ritchie is the best actress ever. Yep you can use any of my icons, as long as you write in your signature that I have made it. If you want me to do a new one, just post some pics and I will do it for ya. :D

More updates will come soon. Hold on.

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