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Neighbours move to 5

Guest Zetti

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And of course in Oz you rarely hear the iconic tune now.

At least in International markets we get it at the end every night.

Five are moving their evening news to 5pm so I'm hedging my bets on a 5:30-6:00 showing - in any case I am in no doubt that it will be shown next to Home & Away - and that there will be some sort of "Australian" branding interlinking the two shows.

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Confirmed today by Five - they'll be showing Neighbours at 1:45pm and 5:30pm - with catchup episodes and a weekend omnibus on Five Life.

I guess that explains why BBC are replacing Neighbours with The Weakest Link - they know that any new show doesn't stand a chance with people heading over to Five at the usual time for Neighbours :P

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